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  1. fantastic and fantastic Great offensive line. Patterson is awesome great defensive line--good defense Vantrese was solid--some good passing great effort in an expected down year congrats to coaches and team go bulls
  2. Great young. man. Had the opportunity ot talk ot him at the Eastern game---bright, pleasant, don to earth and truly committed to UB. My son--who punted in high school had a great time with him It will be great to have him back go bulls
  3. What are expectations!!!! After beating --by a threat Towson and Missouri State we are talking about MAC championship and almost every player is a super star. We lose to an improving SEC team, so many are in despair. This is not least year's team. We are still quite new. We see many +'s and many concerns Let's see if ewe can come back and give us stronger hope against DePaul--looks like toughest game to date. We have to do better with shot selection, commit less fouls, have fewer turnovers and hit free throws--We are at a disadvantage at center-particularly when opposing team has more than one big fellow ---we will have a good season Still see 20+ wins and being very competitive in the MAC go Bulls
  4. Mississippi will get a from the south- knows how to recruit why would fleck leave Minnesota--totally unrealistic go bulls
  5. great win---good Buffalo basketball. strong backcourt--graves--segu--johnson--Jordan--saw the potential of Williams --want Brock to come back--help upfront lets go beat Connecticut. go bulls
  6. Can we please practice and practice We will lose several games this year just because we cannot hit foul shots---we will suffer losses go bulls
  7. COME ON - get real. What a bargain it is to go to UB sports--ticket prices are exceedingly low--Folks are complaining about ticket prices---drink less beer and you can go to a game. Folks are talking about losing interest to UB men's basketball because we lost to Dartmouth --we had a bad game and they had a good game--it is sports After what UB basketball has given us--both men and women over the last few years has been fantastic. I realize Buffalo is a not major metropolitan city but is a most reasonable size with large alumni base---stop with the excuses--go out to cheer on your team---I live four hours away and have been to 4 football games---hoping to drive up to see some great basketball go BULLS
  8. Good for all these guys We have had some really good players What about Kalil Hodge---no interest at any level--he was a great football player go bulls
  9. See what they did with Idaho great run defense overall great defense 350 yards passing 350 yards running Will be a very tough game I will be there I was at the Robert Morris game--hope to grow from these experiences go bulls
  10. wait to see--we are going on little information of new players We will evaluate on skills and chemistry. -can try run and play team ball--of cause lock down defense Given the coaching staff a a lot of credit We have done very well go bulls Happy 4th
  11. We are and will be a basketball power---attractive to other conferences --as well as women basketball. We will need to have a run--3-5 years to be attractive for football. Unfortunately, neither the Macchiato's or the American presents natural rivaleries lets have a god football season and surprise everyone with 7 wins go bulls
  12. any news---he was on campus for three days!!! Given Pitt is not longer in pursuit---who is the competition If we get him--great job go bulls
  13. WE DID GREAT We keep our entire team intact We got two bigs and both can be dudes. We got a good guard. UB did great ---we will have a great season go BULLS
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