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  1. Looks like he visited here as well.
  2. Was looking at the summer league schedule. Utah plays memphis on 7/7. This’ll be segu vs jeenathan. Hopefully they both get some minutes! Will be cool to see.
  3. Looks like Joquez will be committing Friday. Looks to be us and temple in his top 2 according to 247. Holds multiple power 5 offers. Will be a really good get if we land him. https://247sports.com/Player/Joquez-Smith-46117658/
  4. Dennis was pretty good for the team last year too. Pretty sure he’s friends with a lot of them, not just CJ. No idea where Lillard came into the mix. Will be neat to see Ford with this group as well.
  5. Saw rondo worked out for Milwaukee and memphis as well. Cool the guys are at least getting some workouts. Maybe a summer league invite?
  6. 6 ft 8 in power forward. Started his career at Umass before going to ISU. Seems like a pretty good get. Grad transfer
  7. Cole harrity WR from New Mexico State. Solid numbers last year 30 catches 238 yards. iesa Jordan transfer DB from Cincinnati. Former top 1000 recruit. Held offers from numerous power 5 programs. Seemed to not see the field last year.
  8. How are you going to be hard on a college kid about transferring to a new school. In the end they’re kids and just looking out for themselves. There’s some stat i saw that something like 35% of non student athletes transfer to a new school before finishing their degree. Are you going to complain about that? Some kids literally just might not like a school or are trying to find the right fit.
  9. Marks to the chargers, Josh Rogers to Seattle
  10. Awesome! I guess the kid looked unreal his freshman year and then dropped off last year. Was Mr. Basketball in Florida out of high school. Had some high major schools involved during his portal time it seemed. Lets hope he thrives here.
  11. Wonder if we circle back, similar to Kanye Jones.
  12. Good for Tra’von. Hope he finds a role on that team. Should hopefully compete for a conference title there and get back to the tourney.
  13. He’s going to be so good for them. Really disappointed he’s leaving but hard to blame him with the way whitesell is running things.
  14. Interesting he heard from Alabama and is visiting here now. Honestly, bama might not be able to fit him in or something, and Hodgson might point him in the direction of UB. I know Hodgson and Coach Q are really good friends still. Wouldn’t doubt that they help each other out on the recruiting trail. No intel at all, just guessing!
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