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  1. Segu putting in work. Shot looks more fluid and the hesi looks as deadly as ever. Seems like he has more bounce to.
  2. Some more videos Edit: These videos come from his coach who responded to this tweet
  3. From Minnesota to LA. Not too bad of a deal
  4. We would definitely be his best offer. Would fill a need to.
  5. We were on his "top 3" list even though he ended up going to a school not in his top 3
  6. Good news. The Buffalo News article on Nickelberry said that he is keeping in touch with Skogman and White trying to recruit them, which is nice to hear.
  7. Looking at their roster it looks like they already have 3 young centers. Hopefully the openness of the position here plays a role.
  8. Hopefully we can get an athletic 4 like Agee to pair with these guys (if we get them or course)
  9. Umass does have a great class coming in and had a good year recruiting last year. They will be on the rise in A10. Have you heard anything about guys we are looking at in Juco/HS?
  10. Would be an awesome get. Pretty sure he played with Noah Hutchins, another guard we offered.
  11. https://www.twitter.com/CoachDaneFife/status/1113990367731429376 Fife coming off as sort of an asshole here
  12. Could you imagine the hype if he actually brought Mannion to Buffalo
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