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  1. A good out of conference schedule and good offensive/defensive metrics plus 4 or less losses in conference would do exactly that There are years where with a weak bubble they could sneak in
  2. When ub beats Michigan it is gonna get even tougher to schedule P6 schools
  3. Not a huge fan of the non d1 games but I do like the placement of both games, right after a tough stretch to begin the season which happens to before a tough bonnies game and then another near the start of conference play
  4. I don't understand the lack of support for the basketball team or why people in buffalo continue to put the sabres over ub basketball. Ub basketball since Hurley has been a good product. Fun entertaining and winning Not to mention cheaper too
  5. Solid adds basketball wise Wonder what Marshall(cusa is falling apart) and Temple(new travel costs) are thinking as well All been thinking leaving the Mac but maybe expanding/growing the mac is the actual answer
  6. Think its pretty lateral Think its a necessary move to get to even an AAC level though Also with cusa seemingly getting pillaged by the aac, would be interesting if a conference like cusa threw some weight behind Ub and went all in on making and growing ub athletics. Kind of taking a gamble on a huge state school and seeing if they can grow and be a pillar and flagship in their conference
  7. Honestly its pretty lateral in my opinion. It just was at one point much higher. But I do believe ub has a better chance to land in an actual good conference by being in cusa rather than the Mac. Unless of course ub becomes the gonzaga of the Mac in both football and basketball
  8. Will be interesting if ub gets mentioned for cusa once they get pillaged
  9. The bulls will still wipe the floor with them this season
  10. 60 is solid and realistic I'm higher than most but I think the team that cbs said they could be like (17/18) is the floor I have for this current years team. If developmentally the players continue on their path specifically skogman and hardnett. This team is going to be very very good especially if they get any sort of 3pt shot and PG depth from new comers or a returning player
  11. Also have delaware, Fordham, Duquesne, rob morris, navy, Monmouth, Towson, old dominion. Even grab an Ohio or Akron as well The key would be getting a Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Syracuse, Boston college Definitely a pipe dream but interesting to think about
  12. The north east could use a new conference. Could put together a solid challenger to the aac/cusa/sunbelt
  13. Isn't regions the basis of conferences? So conference usa is presenting the idea of regional conferences. But thats what conferences are? I don't really follow the point of this presentation unless its basically conference usa saying that the sun belt and aac are equal to cusa and its pointless to move
  14. Ub assistant Brendan Foley was an assistant for the head coach of Eastern Kentucky in junior college Also they play a very interesting/entertaining style. Would be a good match for our young guards and team learning how to handle pressure
  15. If buffalo and Ohio are having difficulty finding one last solid game, what would stop them from playing each other? Especially in a year they only play once in conference
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