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  1. Dad is a Syracuse assistant........jimmy b would never have let him commit here lol But more seriously if his dad is in Syracuse good chance he has been on ub campus and knows the facilities, so trey may feel an official visit isn't necessary
  2. Maybe they need to dedicate an area or just shelf space behind some glass of alumni arena for alumni achievements for the basketball team Could put blue collar u things/pictures there as well as any MVP/awards/championships/draft picks etc from former ub basketball players as well
  3. Second offer to a regional kid this past week Nice to see offers going out to more locals early
  4. He might be in the future, the company he holds seems to think very highly of him I noticed that too in the huddles but really thats probably more normal than the casual fan thinks. He put a general idea down and the players adjusted based on the defense that was being played/who is and isn't switching etc. Plus at the end of the day its just like an adult league where coaching is kind of secondary in my opinion since its not a full season and players don't regularly play together
  5. According to tbt's wikipedia page it was 2 million in 17 18 and 19
  6. Thought I saw them do it, the cameras didn't track it though
  7. Also if you want to see what causal fans think of ub basketball read through the quote tweets Most like that buffalo will give them a good game and think highly of the team The buffalo basketball brand is solid
  8. the Hurley connection strike back up with uconn? Would be nice to play them more often, pretty close location wise and solid game both ways Like the schedule so far this season, hopefully this team surprises some people. Its got to be easier to schedule when you have zero returning players lol
  9. Opening a pipe line to 1Family and Darryl Hardin would be great for ub
  10. Ill always believe if ub doesn't play texas tech they are a final four team At least an elite 8 team minimum Truly believe tech was one of the only teams that could play at the speed ub could
  11. I don't believe he ever played in the g league He is definitely a tweener but he is kind of the deep bench guy teams are starting to go after. A guy that would specialize in certain line up combos (small ball or even a big line up) Other thing is I think he has gotten better from when he was in college
  12. I thought the same thing about Perkins, he looks like he should be on someones roster
  13. The increased backing could be in part that they are a regional site next year But mid major schools should really take advantage of this tournament, its a great way to bridge top players/teams from the past with your current team Not to mention the tournament takes place during a really good time for schools to use as team building/current players being able too network with pro's
  14. Wonder if it was injuries because he was at the games in Syracuse Or maybe couldn't commit on the dates right away
  15. They melted it for a couple graduations and the nhl combine earlier this summer But yeah ecc would be same location and already set to go
  16. Harbor center would be a potential spot if downtown is desired, think it would seat a couple thousand But got to imagine its alumni
  17. Yesterday during the game one of the announcers made mention that buffalo was going to be a regional location next year Have tried to find info to confirm that but have had no luck Was I just hearing things or did the announcer inadvertently say it Anyone else hear this or find info on it?
  18. Who ever does the social media for this team needs to hired by the University to do the same
  19. Played 16 minutes tonight 4pts 6 rebounds 1 assist and 2 turnovers The jazz got absolutely drilled Chet Holmgren looked real good
  20. This is big for Mac basketball as a whole A lot more people will be watching the league now
  21. They are promoting his son, would assume that players/recruits at least had an idea this may happen soon But who knows
  22. Bartovik leans very heavy on returning numbers, so it isn't a surprise to see ub rated so low. Its tough to project what a how a new player will play wither from juco or high school or a player that sat the bench the previous season The better projections will come from the Mac when they do their preseason stuff
  23. All tall and athletic If they have hustle and intensity they will be a team that mac teams don't want to see at the end of the season
  24. The talent/pieces are there, team needs to gel/buy in. Really need coaches to put these players in positions to succeed and players need to be ok with their role If they play a similar style of play as the past few seasons, I think this will be a long season If they play a team first/blue collar way think this team will surprise many people especially once they get used to playing together
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