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  1. I liked mballa off the bench the past couple games, one of the only guys that is a high energy guy on the team. Brewton should start over jack at this point Tonight the one announcer made a point of being surprised by how deep Toledo was going into their bench so early in the first half. It's like an opposing teams game plan right now is to wait out buffalo I've always like teams that go deep in the first 10 minutes or so of each game and kind of shrink the rotation as needed as the game goes on
  2. You just described a team that is tired Need to do a better job keeping guys fresh
  3. Might have been smart to get Perry blocker minutes in the first half
  4. Can't run out of gas. Gotta keep working
  5. Toledo to me is still Toledo. Great regular season team. Maybe this is their year who knows Ohio is just a very very solid team. Very consistent. Very methodical. Very well coached. One of the best teams in the mac I don't know the injury status of carter or wilson(is he still coming back?) But first week of the year I said that Ohio will struggle playing athletic teams and I stand by that. Still believe a match up between UB and Ohio favors UB As of today I feel the mac is Ub's or Toledo to win with Ohio just waiting for a screw up
  6. Good team defense. Especially mballa Poor team offense especially mballa Lol This was a game that showed why or how he won defensive player of the year last season
  7. Not a fan of the dunk Kent already conceded tye game by not fouling. Let the clock run out If Kent was fouling - by all means throw it down, hang on the rim etc
  8. I feel like it could be any minute before he hits 2 or 3 threes in a row Gotta on to this one
  9. Its worse than that. Think they had 30 with 6 minutes left in the first half
  10. Really reminding me of the Miami Ohio game
  11. They have been bad offensively for a long time in this game now. Too many 3s When youre up 9 and are 5 of 25 from 3. It should tell you that 2s are more your speed
  12. Like last season when they started playing bigger. Teams started having a lot of trouble with them
  13. Mballa shouldn't have 2 threes 8 minutes into the game But overall a good start. Look more closely to the team I thought we would see all season
  14. It was probably the timeout but once ub put in their normal guys, kent settled down and knew how to attack on offense More to this or just coincidence and the kent time out worked
  15. Great pass by skogman and great communication from williams to point it out
  16. Watched kent st vs Toledo. They are very physical Its a very stereotypical Kent team
  17. Also want to highlight brewtons defense the past couple games. Its been very solid Now to work on the offensive side of the game, which really is just getting him to calm down relax and trust his teammates
  18. Believe mading and Williamson were honored last year as well Gotta be a first to have 3 all American nominees on the same team for ub
  19. He keeps gaining confidence, saw him directing guys on both the offense and defensive side against wmu If he can develop as a threat offensively it would be a huge boost to this team Also very willing to take charges which has been a sight for sore eyes
  20. Just wanted to say that if the progress curtis jones has made from game 1 to the game the other night continues..... Look out
  21. Agree The team doesn't know how to do that and needs some help getting there When the team pressed and picked up the other team in the back court all of a sudden the whole team defense became more aggressive and better overall When this team plays with intensity and aggression I think only Ohio can play with them in the mac. The problem I see is that their attention and focus drift. Pressing and really playing defense the whole court against lesser teams looks like it would help
  22. Thought: these bad teams play too "slow" for ub but not slow enough like the non division 1 teams but slow enough where ub's pace and flow get screwed Press and force the pace
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