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  1. Why the hell is there an argument about attendance at a one day showcase in Toronto? It's not about how many Torontonians show up to watch. It's a game against a good team that may be ranked. And we're arguing about how many people will show up there? Who gives a flying fuck? Let the organizers at the HOF worry about marketing it. Next are we going to complain that if Kent State doesn't sell out their shitty little barn when UB comes to town that it's a great disrespect to the UB brand? Get real. And they call my generation entitled...
  2. None of UB's players have any draft stock. CJ is the closest, but still isn't really on the draft radar in general. As best he and maybe Perk and/or Harris will be signed to play for an NBA team in the G League. Most likely they all end up with good gigs overseas.
  3. https://deadspin.com/another-coach-rejects-the-disaster-area-that-is-now-st-1834139046
  4. Hodgson went to JCC and is from Olean. He's a WNY guy.
  5. Meh, that's the dirty world of the NCAA. If you think whoever they do hire wasn't doing that stuff, I think you'd be mistaken. I like the Hodgson hire not only because of the recruits but also he brings the local ties like Lanier has that everyone seems to love so much. It's just not a sexy hire...but neither was Oats.
  6. I largely agree with on Hodgson this except for the season ticket holder quip. Listen, if you, or other STH are so damn fickle in your support that you would cancel your tickets because the coach you like wasn't hired...we can't count on your support anyway, so good riddance.
  7. I am from Buffalo. I went to UB. If I were were coach of UB and had Oats success and the choice to try and maybe build long term success at UB, knowing the institutions' issues and making 2 million + at Bama, UCLA, etc. I would also have left UB. Despite all my ties to the school. Loyalty, stability, etc is absolutely worth something. But the gulf between Bama and UCLA and UB in athletics so mind-bendingly massive that I wouldn't be able to ignore it.
  8. This is a bad comparison. If you can't see the difference between UB and Canisius and Niagara, it's not worth even having the discussion.
  9. IMO there are two proven models of success for a Mid-Major hoops program. 1. Get absolutely amazing for a couple/few years in a row and parlay that into a jump to a bigger conference (Wichita State, Butler, Davidson) 2. Become Gonzaga. There are no other models that I've seen that result in serious long term success. All other programs fall victim to the same mid-major issues around sustained success.
  10. As a UB alum that doesn't care about the rest of SUNY, yes, it's infuriating. However think of it from a state-wide standpoint. The goal of SUNY is to provide an EQUITABLE high quality education to NY residents. The classic Ohio-style model of one amazing school (Ohio State) and 10 shit ones (Akron, OU, Kent, etc.) isn't very fair or equitable to Ohio residents. If you want a top quality Ohio education you need to go to Columbus. If you can't afford that or your circumstances don't permit you to, well..here's your diploma from fucking Toledo, I guess. SUNY doesn't want that situation. The 4 university centers are spread across the state and SUNY wants a similar level of education at each of them, so no matter where you're from the state, you have access to a high quality public education at a major university. This is undoubtedly a more equitable, fair model. So if I put my UB fandom aside, I'm glad SUNY does it this way because it is ultimately better for the people of the state to have this setup. When I put my UB hat on though, fuck SUNY. I see it both ways.
  11. Just about every person on this board has expected since they became a UB fan that Buffalo would continue to be a middle of the road MAC school for the foreseeable future. MAYBE, decades down the line they would find a way to move up a conference or two. Our dream was always to just win a dang conference title or two and be one of the best programs in the conference consistently. In the last 5 years the men have won 4 conferences titles, won two games in the NCAA tournament vs. Arizona and ASU. Beat Syracuse in Syracuse. Beat WVU in Morgantown. Had a 32 win season with only 4 losses. Essentially went pole to pole in the AP and Coaches Top 25. Finished the season ranked #15 in the NET. In the last 5 years the women have won 2 conference titles and have been to 3 NCAA tournaments (1 as an at-large!). They have won 3 tournament games and made the Sweet Sixteen last year. They played the closest game UCONN has ever played in the round of 32 in literally a decade or two. The finished last season ranked in the top 25 and may again this year. Tell me with a straight face, that you ever thought those things would happen with Buffalo basketball. Not, "Oh I knew they were capable one day", but you legitimately though, yes, this should, and will happen. If you say you saw this coming, you're likely a liar. For me and I know many others, we obviously want to build on this success and make it more than a flash in the pan, but this was also our "one before I die moment". To me, this insane run UB has been on it damn near as important to me as a Bills Super Bowl or Sabres Cup win would be. There is your positivitiy. It's hard to have any for the future right now, but make a good hire, and it can happen. Let's see. But by looking too far forward we overlook what we just experienced.
  12. To be fair, no matter who we hire there will likely be a lot of negatively here too lol. The hardcore fanbase is rarely happy with a hire. I recall UB fans in general being quite upset with UB promoting Oats without looking for another splash hired like Hurley...I wouldn't really trust a fan's opinion as worth much of anything haha.
  13. I'm sorry, but this is a very bad, selfish, out of touch opinion. In no world are the emotions of the fans that live and die with a sports team that exists purely for fun and entertainment EVER...EVER worth more than the actual real world earnings of an human being providing for their family and their future. What you just said is essentially that your "fandom" is worth more than another human's actual financial life. That's absurd, and I'd encourage you to take a step back and think about that.
  14. A colleague of mine in higher education is extremely well connected in college hoops, especially the MAC. He just told me that the talk among many people in the MAC and UB circles is that the leading candidate is Rob Lanier, associate head coach of Tennessee and former head coach of Siena.
  15. You should watch the media scrum interview with Oats after he signed the extension. That is EXACTLY what he said. He is happy at UB, his goal isn't to leave and just springboard into any old P5 job. He would tell his agent to tell schools thanks but no thanks unless it was dream job/major offer you have to listen to. At no point did he lie or mislead anyone. He said, "I love it here, my family loves it here, we'd like to stay and build something here. We will do that unless a can't say no offer comes along that blows us away. That is exactly what happened and he was up front about that. People complaining that he lied or mislead are intentionally ignoring the times he said ON THE RECORD that he would entertain can't miss offers.
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