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  1. http://www.verbalcommits.com/players/pauly-paulicap A 6'8" / 220 power forward immediately eligible. Looks like he likes to block shots and rebound. Can score some - scored in double figures in both games against Canisius and Niagara. Not sure a fit- but I like the name - has a ring to it. 🙂
  2. FWIW, bartorvik.com has UNH ranked at 210. A game we should be favored, but should be an entertaining matchup. Similar quality opponent to Dartmouth and W&M from last season.
  3. Not sure if this belongs here (and if anyone will find it interesting - but I hope) - but took a look at the relationship in the MAC between experience level and conference win percentage since 2013 season. Here are two charts, the one on the left is the entire MAC with Buffalo highlighted in blue. The chart on the right is Buffalo's result by itself. Some observations - the R-squared on Buffalo chart shows that there is some correlation between team experience and win pct. However, other variables, like the coach, players and quality of the other MAC teams (as well as other factors) would account for differences in performance. The main take away from the chart on the left - shows how Buffalo has been one of the top performers in the MAC (which I know I did not need to do the chart to tell you). Given the current makeup of the team - it is looking like experience level will be around 2.80-2.90 (from Barttorvik estimates which do not factor in Malik - but I don't expect that to change average much). Given that experience level - the high bar was set by Oats in 2017-18 year with 15-3 record (0.833 win percent. Again this is not the only variable that should be considered, but I think 14/15 wins out of 20 would be in line with past performance. Hoping that there is a season to find out.
  4. https://watchstadium.com/ranking-the-non-power-five-ads-with-jeff-goodman-and-brett-mcmurphy-06-24-2020/ Danny White at the top of the list!
  5. Nigel John will begin his collegiate career at Clarendon College. Wish this young man success.
  6. He actually had quite a number of offers including Ole Miss and Wichita State. Not saying he is going to be a star - was just passing along information. My guess is he may contribute some off the bench - but I don't have a good sense as to how much change of scenery will be worth. https://verbalcommits.com/players/michael-wynn-ny
  7. I look forward to seeing Jeenathan's performance the next couple of years.
  8. Akron picks up 6'6 SF transfer from Wake Forest today. http://www.verbalcommits.com/players/michael-wynn-ny He averaged a little less than 2 points a game about six minutes per game in two years at Wake Forest. https://barttorvik.com/playerstat.php?year=2020&p=Michael Wynn&t=Wake Forest https://barttorvik.com/playerstat.php?year=2019&p=Michael Wynn&t=Wake Forest
  9. A lot in this guy's background that you got to like.
  10. Found this fun app on barttorvik.com. You can pick a grad transfer and see how they would impact the team. A couple of other items - you will notice that Malik has not been added yet. IMHO - they have a little low even without Malik factored in. Regards, Steve
  11. Maybe our pal Bobby H will be the fit.
  12. Crystal Ball for Oats taking advantage of his connection to the MAC.
  13. 6'7" PF who averages about 10 ppg and can shoot the 3 from Michigan (hometown) who won 6th man of year. What's not to like? Oh and he shoots 77% FT.
  14. Another Stony Brook transfer has made his decision.
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