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  1. I was able to compile CJs career stats from https://basketball.realgm.com/ and can easily do others. What do people think of this 'Bubble Gum Card' back:
  2. 6' 7" SG from Rochester. Looks like his recruiting just getting started. Offers from Albany and Siena so far.
  3. Thanks. I guess I should have stated I am not on Twitter. Maybe shouldn't admit that - but it has not interested me enough to motivate me to join. That explains why I couldn't figure something so simple. Good luck in your bidding!
  4. This is great to see - I wish them much success with the auction. Excuse my tech ignorance - how would you DM (direct message) them - would that be via twitter as well?
  5. Definitely love the good rep that UB continues to get from this crew.
  6. https://basketball.realgm.com/player/Ronaldo-Segu/Summary/89961 Should be able to use this link to track his stats.
  7. You could also ignore the announcers trying to maintain interest when they said "...a couple of stops and a couple of made threes, get it down to six or less by four minute mark and you got a ballgame.' That wasn't that much of a stretch when it was an 10/11 point lead.
  8. First, we start a thread and then people add info /stories they feel are interesting. Realgm would be a great place to start to get some information on pro careers. But if someone wants to share other stories - this could be included - I expect keeping tabs on former players will take the collective effort of us fans.
  9. Thanks for your two cents - I will wait and see a few more people to offer their 2 cents - easy enough to start a thread. I already have some realgm links already to go for some recent players.
  10. I was thinking about this request this a.m. Do people think there is enough post-UB interest to have a separate subcategory similar to how we have a recruiting subcategory. Perhaps a 'Former Players' subcategory. Note I envision it does not have to be limited to tracking pro careers - it could be used for an update on any player that there is an interesting story to tell. What do people think - helpful or not? Is that possible with this site and does it need an admin to create? In meantime if anyone wants to search a particular players college / pro career, you can use this website: https://basketball.realgm.com/
  11. My expectation add two road games (quad 2?) and a D2 opponent. I think the overall OOC schedule would prep the team nicely for MAC conference play.
  12. I understood the 'name game' to be different...I guess I will hear about that and three other games all in due time.
  13. Anyone ask the right person that is in a position to share? I am guessing not. Seems like we are in better shape than last year in terms of scheduling as I believe there are only four games left to schedule, with one top D1 not officially announced among those four.
  14. Current review of schedule we have 4 H games / 4 neutral site games and 1 away game. My projection would be we add one D2 opponent at home to get to 5 home games, and 3 away games. I think the home games should provide some competitive games (3 of 4 comparable to mid-level MAC) but winnable games, St. Bona (174), Colgate (179), James Madison (199) and Canisius (315). The numbers in parenthesis represent the barttorvik.com rankings.
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