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  1. Haven't quite figured out where his season will go. He has a couple of adequate outings in two quad IV games, but has struggled in the others. Could be a combination of better defense or him pressing a bit. Hoping he becomes a little more consistent and fits in a niche of 7-9 ppg with eFG in neighborhood of 50%+.
  2. Hopefully you got a dinner invite...maybe when they are cooking Swanson frozen dinner! Yum! 😆
  3. What are viewing options for game this Saturday? Not local - so a trip to Olean not an option.
  4. You had to mention Whitesell...this could spiral into another side battle about him...LOL This could get like the battle scene in blazing saddles spilling onto other sets!😆
  5. I was going to make a similar joke - this may prove to be the most commented win of the season!
  6. Fun fact: Dennis Miller, comedian, political and sports commentator graduated from Point Park. Also UCI, beat a good Santa Clara team on the road and now is ranked 58 on latest Massey composite. This turned out to be a very good home game.
  7. Looks like on ESPN3 as well, so I believe you can stream even without ESPN+.
  8. They are NAIA ranked 208 by massey and lost to Akron by 56 points. I will let you make your determination.
  9. Not saying it wasn't a blow opportunity, losing game to SFA, but that 'crap' team is hanging tough with St Louis.
  10. The defensive efficiency was not good, 90 points on 77 possessions, but I think once team was up big, UB was happy to swap baskets. Bottom line they had the key to victory...scored more points than the other team 🙂. Not sure who to credit but I know someone on the board said that was the way you win games.
  11. Also a little TCB...in the first half four turnovers.
  12. Was someone reading fan board...taking a charge
  13. As would many coaches. The question is not is he as good as Oats. Clearly he is not. If the team improves in problem areas (primarily turnovers, and rebounding) I can see this team still meeting my expectations of rank in 60s with 20-21 wins (ex non-D1 opponents). Now many are saying that winning the MACC is a must. As a fan it is a must for me, but if we lose a 50/50 contest to a very good Ohio team I would.be disappointed but hard for me to say fire a guy who has say 60th (subjective of course) ranked team in country. I have asked before, are you able to hire an Oats caliber coach every 3 to 4 years? However one big caveat, his recruits need to start showing something. If Skogman continues at this pace it does not bode well for next year. Would also like to see more minutes for Jones too. Perhaps some minutes for Mading/Blocker would be nice.
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