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  1. Hopefully they build on this and do not do an EMU and have a massive letdown after a big win. Need to keep it rolling. D needs to watch the second half to see how they did well and try to keep that up.
  2. I'm greedy, I want 7 so there is no doubt and then the Bowl.
  3. Miami OH, Bowling Green, UMass. Time get this thing right.
  4. Hopefully the Defense gets some confidence from the last few drives and pull their act together.
  5. Notched a shutout in their first MAC game too. Things are looking bright!
  6. Me too, at least we took a little clock. The second guy that hit Marshall could have been called for a late hit. That was unnecessary given the location out of bounds.
  7. I just want to go on record that Cole Snyder is NOT our problem in any way, shape or form.
  8. Any idea why Logic Hudgens left the program? He started at Maryland and I even spoke to a couple of his relatives at the game. Now he is gone from the roster but not in the portal from what I can see.
  9. Our D has underperformed as well. Look good in spots then give up a massive play usually on poor scheme or mental breakdown.
  10. We should do the same. If you are going to start 0-3, grab $5 million
  11. It's also a sad state of affairs for the conference. If we are the bottom of a bottom conference, bottom 10 ranking is justified.
  12. They have that, it's called the Dome at Syracuse University. The only thing is nobody gets to play there except SU on the taxpayer dime. So much for a private institution. State taxpayers paid 56% of the original dome. Not sure how much for the $205 million renovation, but I'm sure it was a significant contribution.
  13. Winning consistently, regular bowl appearances (2 out of 3 years at least), competing for MAC championships and finishing between 7-5 and 9-3 annually, given the resources we should have at our disposal. That's what generates interest from non-hardcore alumni and current students. 3/4 of the people I know that root for Penn State (I live in a hot bed of those types of people) didn't go there or have any real connection to them other than they like the school and their tradition. At the Maryland game, which I attended in person, it was a sad environment (in my opinion) for a home opener for a "Big Time Conference" Team. Students were gone after halftime, stands were maybe 1/4 full at kickoff. It did fill in but then went down after halftime. By my count, there are 39 bowl games (not including the championship playoff semi-final and final), meaning 78 teams make it to a bowl out of 131 possible teams. Doesn't seem like a stretch to compete for that annually. I don't think that is a stretch or a pie in the sky dream. What Lance was building was a consistent winner with solid trench play and a reasonable roster turn that had graduates and some transfers, but the next group waiting in the wings. I don't think we have that now. Our secondary and WR core after this season will be right back to square one for the most part. I really want these guys to win and want the staff to succeed, but the regressions at the end of last season and so far this season have been hard to stomach.
  14. What a shame and potential waste of talent and opportunity.
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