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  1. I think it’s fine. These kids know realize everyone comes and goes. Just introduce yourself to you teammates and play ball. Kinda like Y pickup basketball with better players.
  2. Other that, most business leaders don't have message boards pointing out every fault and misstep and those leaders aren't usually expected to document their day to day efforts on social media.
  3. You bring up very good points. Coaching has become even harder. Now you have to do the initial recruiting, then get the kids to buy into your system, get them to all play together in that system. Each year you then will be required to re-recruit them or show them each individual love so they don’t feel slighted. God forbid you have a good season because then your team is targeted for poaching (see any recent NFL Super Bowl team). They coach then needs to recruit new players as well. That’s a pretty exhausting task with 2-3 layers more than what has been required in the past. It’s a challenge for sure.
  4. It is really different. When I was in school, transferring any credits was a huge ordeal. I took a couple of summer classes (Gen Eds) at another SUNY school and they barely transferred. Now it’s really more of a free market society and you can just come and go. It’s mind boggling to me especially the last couple years when I was doing my “real classes”. Changing then would have been massively disruptive. I did engineering so maybe other program after different in that, not really sure. As for changing jobs, it’s like free agency out there for some things. You can get major salary bumps and perk bumps by moving to a new company and doing much the same work. If you stay with most companies you get your annual pay on the head and 3% raise. I’ve been with companies that pay a new person coming in more than current employees at the same position (much like football and baseball). Nutty scenario that I have personally benefited from recently. it’s just a different world.
  5. 6’8” point forward could be interesting. I like averaging a double-double.
  6. The other thing I like is that the last 2 recruits are both 40%+ 3-point shooters. Also, I think Hattie will be a matchup nightmare in the MAC.
  7. Rachel Rose is headed to Wofford. Interesting choice, but hopefully it's a good fit for her. Staying in SC, so maybe that was a key.
  8. Another Canadian import, incoming freshman building the future and really good size with some ballhandling skills. Looks like a solid pickup.
  9. I agree with that assessment. More upside than downside for Mballa, IMO. I also like that we are starting clean. It could be good, it could be catastrophic, who knows. I do think we have brought in good talent, the question is will the roster gel into a cohesive unit and can the coaching adapt to allow for a fun, free flowing offense, but perhaps put up a few more guardrails since our team is a bit younger and could benefit from some structure.
  10. Says he’s a Sophomore so that’s good for the future too. Cole can help recruit Rutgers, right?
  11. Any OL help is a good thing. Unfortunately his team last year was a bottom feeder. Hopefully he can help our unit.
  12. I stand corrected, maybe he fell into a good situation
  13. I don't see Ole Miss challenging for the tournament, but who knows. These big conference get 7-8 berths, so if they finish .500 in the league they will probably get in.
  14. Because the mid-majors don’t have boosters that care enough, so no pressure to change anything. Even mid-low level SEC schools and ACC schools have big, vocal fans and boosters plus get national attention. Just not there for the mid majors currently
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