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  1. I'll give credit on that, a couple really nice plays. Game on now! Let's bring it hard now.
  2. At least our defense decided to show up to start the game today.
  3. We can't even get in the endzone from the 7?? That play calling was trash and KVT is way off today so far, hopefully he can tune it up. With those calls, just bring in Myers and let him give it a go.
  4. Oklahoma seems to play to their competition and then turn it on late. Will likely bite them in the ass at some point. LL got his boys to believe at least for a while. Maybe they will win another game this season but future opponents may have the radar up and not sleepwalk thru the first half like OU.
  5. We have gotten to the point we are good enough to threaten the top teams no matter where they play, but not at a point where it is a big TV draw or will bring a large crowd. We need to keep the upward trajectory and hopefully in 4-5 years we can be considered a draw and a benefit for top tier teams to play.
  6. The school should invest in buses and make it an event, trip to Orchard Park, huge UB sponsored tailgate all for a reasonable price to students. Students from other schools seem to be able to travel.
  7. Why do these kids even bother? Is it for Twitter likes? Just wait until you are sure. It makes everyone (including yourself) look back. On to the next one, good luck to him. Must have gotten some chirpers in his ear that he can do better.
  8. Even with all of the new sports networks, the monopoly still controls the world.
  9. Can't get here soon enough! Our secondary needs some seasoning, hopefully Mo et al can turn it into a strength. Hudgens will be good and we may have some hidden gems, but that's a tough position in college. A lot of the best secondary guys are reformed WRs, but in college, a lot of these guys are hesitant to make the change since it's perceived as a less glamourous position.
  10. He’s making in game decisions assistant coaches want to make. Ultra aggressive at times. I’m expecting one of our best recruiting classes ever (a bowl appearance would certainly help that). Next year it needs to be game on. We will have returning veterans, a decision to make at QB and some holes to fill (notably James Patterson). We will see how it goes from there, but I expect us to be back on top.
  11. I assume Lance gets 1 more year, but they aren't even close to competitive. They were down 41-0 at home and score 14 garbage points in the last 52 seconds. I also don't see him getting the recruits he will need to get competitive. His strength is developing raw talent. He won't have time for that at KU. I see him getting cashed out and finish his career at a mid-level team ala Turner Gill. Can't blame him for taking the money. It's a shame that was the opportunity that presented itself and the timing blows. Plus now LSU, who started the whole fiasco is ditching their guy too. I wish I didn't care about college football.
  12. Thanks for the heads up, just ordered mine! I hope the best for her.
  13. I like that league, from my Mid-Atlantic location I could see a lot of Bulls games!
  14. I think most of us, myself included, thought Mo would pick right up where we left off last year and told ourselves that the gut job that happened wasn’t so bad and we had depth to cover it. I certainly know those thoughts were in my head. We’ve seen flashes but not 60 minutes of consistency yet. I still think it will come and hopefully soon. I also don’t seen Kent going undefeated in the MAC, so we need to take care of business this week and start a streak in the other direction. Go Bulls!!
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