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  1. Very true, 5 years ago, we would be Bowling Green.
  2. Great stadium feels too, because both sides could be represented with most people being able to drive for a weekend game. Let's have the AD push for this!
  3. There are a lot of things I didn't think I would ever see happen (ie world shutting down, new normal for schooling, face masks for everyone, etc.), so this isn't nearly as far fetched as even 1 year ago. It makes a lot of sense really and finally gets to an equitable system that has a real playoff. Of course, over time, this would breakdown as the current conferences do and 3-4 of these leagues will rise to the top and become the new SEC, etc. but why not give it a shot and have geography play a role in the new normal and help everyone. Crazy yes, but no longer unattainable.
  4. I was thinking the same https://247sports.com/player/miles-cross-46085863/
  5. I’ve been happy with our ADs since and have kept the ball rolling, but this man never was appreciated as he should have been. Props to him for weathering the storm of naysayers in Buffalo that treated him so poorly.
  6. This May be our best and most complete recruiting class
  7. Looks like we are in his current top 5. 6’3” 290lb DT out of PA. Matthew Pajuste retweeted, which may be a good sign if Pajuste is committing tomorrow.
  8. Let’s keep getting those quality trench players coming. They are the foundation of the football we like to see!
  9. From Jon Proto. Looks like a late night recruit made a decision. Hopefully we can get details soon. https://mobile.twitter.com/jon_proto76?lang=en
  10. A pickup of another solid HS receiver from Florida really speaks volumes of our recruiting process and the targeting of our coaches. They obviously see potential in our overall offensive game plan. Juggernaut running game with a top offensive line could give quality receivers numerous opportunities to make big plays. I am very impressed with what Coach Leipold and his staff has done the last several years. They have had a plan and been able to keep most of their coaching staff. That stability looks good to recruits that have the right people in their ear. Go Bulls! Let's bring Jamari into the corral.
  11. For some reason 247 Sports has not updated our last 2 commits.
  12. From the Buffalo News: https://buffalonews.com/section/sports/colleges/
  13. They may give her a medical redshirt to provide her with 4 years of playing time, but she would likely need the waiver to play this year due to the transfer. Depending upon why she is transferring, there is a possibility she could come right in and play. Anyone know the injury and if she is fully recovered? May be in her best interest to sit this year, get back to 100% and learn the system.
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