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  1. That's not many and glad they recovered. I wonder if UB and the MAC will even get going? The Big Ten commish didn't rule out having to postpone fall sports altogether.
  2. I don’t think the NCAA’s even play one game. There’s a tidal wave of pressure to cancel large events even without fans. Imagine if one player or coach tests positive. That would end the tourney on the spot.
  3. Worst loss in UB history. Well, maybe. But you get the point. Inexcusable at home. A 20 win team... Can’t happen.
  4. Great W. Nice season for sure especially after some rough home L’s.
  5. I like it. Hope coach stays as long as possible. He runs a good program.
  6. Bad start. I support coach but man, can’t keep dropping home games. That’s not good for business. Cmon fellas, Make a push and win this one.
  7. Oh Well,... so much for that whole Gonzaga of the East thing...
  8. Congrats to the entire team! What a great day. Congrats to Lance who has built a really solid program here.
  9. Cmon Bulls, another big lead in another BIG game. Let’s hold on here and dominate the 2nd half!!
  10. I’m not going to kill the team and bash the coach for losing to Army. The Bulls played below their capability and Army played awesome and hit shots. It happens. I don’t think this version of the Bulls fully understands that opponents will be jacked up to beat them at Alumni. It’s a big road game for whoever is coming to Amherst. I know the coach doesn’t feel this way but the players probably feel they can roll out of bed and beat clubs like Army at home. Well, you can’t, without putting forth maximum effort. That’s been established. This always was a rebuilding/reloading year with a new coach. I didn’t expect them to win the MAC East division and who knows, maybe they will fare well in MAC play.
  11. Soooo, this team is capable of beating some very solid clubs, or losing to anyone. I wasn’t sure how good or mediocre Army is? Then I checked and they lost to Binghamton by 15 and Merrimack by 9. So this is a pretty bad loss.
  12. Great win. I hated that some people on social media were ripping the team after Vandy. Coach has this crew playing some solid ball.
  13. Should be a good game. Awesome location. After getting snubbed a couple years ago this is a nice reward for the coaches, players and staff. Was checking out the Charlotte reaction on Twitter. Lots of their fans seems ticked they could’ve had 20,000 fans attend a nearby Bowl (their first ever) but now only a few hundred may attend tops.
  14. I believe i heard that Sunday December 8th is the big selection show for all the Bowls and playoff games. Of course there could be leaks before then, and the Bahamas Bowl will likely be announced earlier because the two programs involved will need extra time to obtain the proper travel documents.
  15. Lance is solid and he's the best thing for UB. Again, this is a hard program to keep consistently winning. He runs a good program here. He has to fix the special teams miscues but it's never going to be perfect at UB. I thought they could win 5-6 games this year so they've overachieved for me. Shoulda beat Kent and Ohio but S* happens. that's why we watch sports. it's not 100% predictable.
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