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  1. Running on 1st, 2nd, 3rd downs and then throw a lousy 4th down pass is not the recipe. mix it up a little? be creative
  2. If Kansas somehow hangs on to beat #3 Oklahoma, they should erect a Lance Leipold statue tonight. 10-7 KU midway through the 3rd.
  3. Keep in mind this is the worst Ohio team in years and who lost to Duquesne. This ain't Nebraska they're playing. This effort and preparation has to fall on the coaches. It's egregious.
  4. What a disgusting first 5 minutes of the game. Hopefully that is the worst and UB decides to show up soon.
  5. Color me surprised. coming back from 31-10 basically just running the ball. Can’t stop their WR but at least UB showed heart making this a game. It’s kinda like the ODU game in reverse. Missing the 24 yard FG hurt momentum quite a bit. Still some time.
  6. Kent State has some athletes. (code for speed). We don’t seem to have many burners or creativity to make up for it. Maybe Coach will do some recruiting and shore things up this winter.
  7. The team has steadily been getting worse. and the DBs and WRs stink. Not sure what gets this turned around. There’s zero explosiveness in this offense.
  8. And of course Vantrease throws 2 perfect passes and both dropped. Pfft. got bailed out by a personal foul penalty on Kent.
  9. That TD run by Crum was ridiculous. Patterson had him and whiffs and #1 got trucked. Kind of embarrassing for the D there. The O needs to show up tonight.
  10. Glad i played golf with my dad instead. Recorded the game and watched after. Bummer.
  11. McDuffie has been really impressive so far. You could tell from game 1 that the 2021 UB offensive line is not the same dominant run blocking unit that they've been in recent years. Maybe they'll improve as the season goes on...maybe some young guys will develop. In the meantime the RB's are mostly grinding out yards on their own and McDuffie is doing it the best. Sorry, this is a Leipold thread.. Don't poach any more of our players Lance!
  12. This is a tough game. As mentioned they beat Pitt on the road, and a very impressive 44 points, 28 first downs and 517 total yards of offense. Pitt doesn’t stink by any means. And in their win vs San Jose the Broncos only gave up 119 total yards and had 8 sacks.
  13. Such a weird game. It’s a win but feels like something else. One great quarter and the rest was nauseating. The 15 yard penalties are absurd.
  14. Tough to watch all the personal foul penalties by UB. Hope coach isn’t going to be OK with the aggressive penalties, like he hinted at after the first couple games. Now it may cost games going forward.
  15. I think Marks has been supplanted by McDuffie after that fumble. Plus he’s not running as well this year between the tackles. So far anyway.
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