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  1. Sounds good. She should hire an assistant from the other South Carolina. You know, the one that won the National Championship.
  2. I heard that Murray State lost nearly every good player from this years #7 seed team. They all bolted for the portal right after elimination in part due to a coaching change. In this environment of college athletics, Coach's have to re-recruit their players every offseason. It's nuts.
  3. Not a surprise at all, but it feels like UB women's hoops has been nuked. It's a real shame.
  4. Once Felisha was rumored to be leaving UB i immediately assumed Fair and some others would either follow FLJ or leave to go somewhere else. So this isn’t surprising at all, but it still stinks. College sports right now is a tough follow because anyone you like, ends up leaving. Womens hoops will be in a total rebuild. It was fun for a few years there.
  5. I think it's cool. Typically i go to early season, nice weather, Terps games when they play OOC teams like Temple, USF, etc.. It's never full unlike the marquee Big10 teams, but the gameday atmosphere is still good. Might be a bigger crowd since it's game 1 and people are fired up for football.
  6. Since I am in Maryland, definitely taking my son to the Terps game....no excuses not to attend. Hopefully one of those October games coincide with a Bills game. I'll come in for that weekend and stay with family.
  7. I thought the secondary was so awful this past season, and that was supposed to be Mo's specialty. It's great to see the offensive talent coming in here...I hope he's fixing the secondary as well.
  8. Between the transfer portal craziness and now this, I hope the incoming receivers keep their commitments.
  9. Another UB transfer lands at a SUNY school for his final season.
  10. I was wondering if they are going to have to backfill some depth with FCS transfers...
  11. Hopefully this guy helps. The team really needs some speed on offense and some quality DB’s on defense.
  12. I mentioned Caleb Williams a few days ago... Caleb Williams gets $1 million NIL offer to play at Eastern Michigan from ex-NFL QB Charlie Batch https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/mac/2022/01/06/caleb-williams-one-million-dollar-nil-offer-eastern-michigan/9124475002/
  13. We have a guy transferring to Akron?! oh man. Even for a grad transfer that’s not a program i’d expect a UB guy to go to. Whats going on with our program? Why are guys not feeling it with this coaching staff? or are the coaches not encouraging these players to stay. UB has been a place that puts players in the NFL and has good facilities now.
  14. The NIL situation is turning into the Wild West. I don't think the NCAA can control this or have the oversight necessary at the present time. I know UB won't be able to win the bidding war to land QB Caleb Williams. But can we pool our money to get a few solid recruits in here? We just need to outbid the other MAC teams!
  15. To be honest, i didn’t think he sounded all that good in press conferences. Too often i’d hear canned cliches and “coach speak”. Not enough honesty and transparency for my taste….at least in the portions of press conferences i listened to. I hope things are different behind the scenes and he connects with the athletes better than it seems from the outside. They did get worse as the season went on. That’s a fact.
  16. This is great. Central Michigan laying the beat down to Wash State so far in the first half 21-0.. and it's not even that close. On another note. With the transfer portal announcements, UB looks about million miles away from the product that Central Michigan is putting on the field. I hope we get it together.
  17. It’s college FB free agency. It’s not just UB, it’s every program. The Bulls are losing some pretty good players if they do in fact transfer. We will see what Mo can do to backfill these losses with solid recruits. For now though. it’s concerning about football. We look like one of the weaker MAC programs again.
  18. Well, we had a nice little run going. Time to rebuild. But that's pretty cool for the MAC.
  19. That game was so bad. Almost unwatchable. In the 2nd half you could tell the announcers were getting frustrated that UB, down 17, kept handing the ball off and getting swarmed immediately. They wondered why UB wasn't throwing more. So the Bulls finally obliged, and promptly threw some INT's. As said above, lot's of work to do. I look forward to seeing how the offseason plays out to get this team back to where it belongs.
  20. I know they had some injuries but this team massively regressed as the season went on. I don’t know what Mo’s vision is going forward but it had better be the opposite of tonight. Terrible QB play, slow receivers that get no separation, awful secondary with no technique or athleticism. This is a 2 win team next season unless drastic upgrades happen.
  21. The team is not prepared to play, again. Just a horrible start. INT, Give up TD, 3 and out, Blocked punt, 1st and goal Ball St
  22. You can look around the portal across FBS football. The programs that are losing and having down years have several kids in the portal. The programs that are winning or ascending have maybe one or no one in it. It's cyclical.
  23. That last drive before the 55 yd FG, the Bulls offense didn’t seem to want to get in the endzone for the W. i dunno. it goes to show what coach thought of the QB and passing game today. that it was too risky to throw. The running game with McDuffie/Cook is clearly the best unit but NIU wasn’t going to allow us to run it in on that drive.
  24. It’s really frustrating to watch our DB’s attempt to cover anybody. They just can’t. Good thing NIU has dropped a few including a TD pass.
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