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  1. I believe this team can win as well. I think we have seen enough of this team so far this season to see a series of trends that have defined whether they win or lose. They can win if they limit their turnovers, take quality shots (meaning make the extra pass) and defend and limit the easy baskets in the post. The three other major factors that will determine if they win or lose is how they deal with the adversity that they will face tonight, if they hang their heads like they have in games in the past this season it could be trouble as they will no doubt face adversity at some point in this game. Also they need to get out in transition after turnovers and get a few easy buckets, unlike they were unable to do against Kent State. They also need to shoot the ball better. This team seems to get down when they are not shooting the ball well and you can see that in each of the loses they have suffered this season. This team is athletic and can get to the rim and put pressure on the defense by getting to the line. If the shots are not falling look to attack off the dribble. Our free throw shooting has been a bit better the last few games (minus Kent State I know). I think this team shows up tonight and trades blows with Akron on the road. At this point I think we are a better team on the road. I think it comes down to who makes a few plays down the stretch to win this game. Win or lose this game and it does not define our season. The key to this season is continuing to improve so that come Cleveland we are ready to play our best basketball of the season so that we can make it 5 in 6 years. A top 4 seed would help, but is not critical to the success of the season. Play our best come Cleveland and we have a chance to win this conference. I like where this team is headed and I want to see them continue to grow and improve tonight against the best team in the conference. I am one looking forward to this game tonight! Go Bulls.
  2. Josh, is a perfect player for our system. First and foremost he loves the game of basketball and that is evident when you watch him play. He is hard working and willing to do anything the teams needs to be successful. He has a bright future here and I cannot wait to watch him develop. I suspect he will win a DPOY award in the MAC conference before his career is over!
  3. I have liked what I have seen from the coaching staff and the team over the last handful of games. Things seem to be coming together. I am trying to stay away from reacting after each game. We will know a lot more about this team after the next three games versus the top 3 teams in the conference. This team will be a tough out if they continue to defend as they have recently. I am a bit concerned with our shooting percentages bt am hopeful they can turn around. Limiting the turnovers as we have the last few games has really helped in this area. I am a huge fan of the lineup with both Mballa and Hardnett on the floor with Williams. There is no team in the conference that can deal with that athleticism and length. At this point Hardnett deserves more minutes and I will stick to my position that Grant does not deserve minutes off the bench. I will give him that his defensive effort has been much improved but his shot selection and ability to move the ball have been horrible. I look at the bench and I see all of the guys cheering on their teammates and I see Grant sulking. He has not been the senior leader that this team needs and his selfish play does not warrant minutes. I need to apologize for my early season reactions to Johnson. I was the one screaming he needed to be benched. I admit I was wrong. Unlike Grant, he has proven he is willing to commit to the defensive effort required to play for Buffalo. He has reduced the number of poor shots he is taking and he has adjusted his shooting form to up his shooting percentages. He has shown he can be tough and physical and is willing to put it all on the line for his team. This team needs him to play this way and if he continues to do so, this team will be a much stronger unit. I feel really good about where this team is at currently. If we continue in this direction we are going to have a fun season. As I said above we will know a lot more about this team after the next 3 games. We face the best of the best and I for one cannot wait to see how we fair against them. Go Bulls!
  4. I live over 10 hours away, but will be making the trip to Buffalo for games on 2/29 and 3/3 versus Akron and Miami. I already purchased tickets for these games. I was surprised at the limited seating available for these games. Sadly I had to buy tickets in the 300 section.
  5. I am finding it very hard to not be really disappointed in this team. I would like to think the Harvard and Depaul games were what we should expect from this team. But thru 11 games they have made it clear that those games may be the outliers and the reality is this team is the other team we have seen. A team that shows flashes but cannot put it together for long periods of time. They clearly lack a leader and the killer mentality needed when things are not going our way. My biggest concern with this team is how we handle adversity. We seem to be like a turtle that crawls into our shell. Coach and or a leader on this team need to fix that immediately. We have too much talent to disappear. My other two concerns are the ball movement on this team. We show it well in flashes but for the most part we struggle to move the ball to be an effective offense. See below where I lay into Grant and Johnson again, they are glue when the ball gets in their hands. Hard to have any ball movement on this team with either of them on the floor. My final concern is our ability to give up too many easy baskets. We never, and I mean never gave away easy baskets last year. Because our team was tough, hardnosed and physical. This year we are not that and coach needs to turn that around. Stop giving up easy baskets, move the ball and keep your head up when things are bad, fix those and I think we can be that team that we saw versus Harvard and DePaul. I saw a lot I did not like in the game and a lot I liked. Some positives, we had 50 rebounds and got contributions from all positions. We limited turnovers in second half but still finished the game with 18, that's too many. We finished the game with 19 assists, that's a reasonable number but still would like to see better ball movement. 7 for 24 from 3 (29%) is not going to cut it against good teams, this team needs to shot the ball better. Free throws are bad, again we shot 9 for 18 as a team, that is the kind of thing that makes u lose a game in march in Cleveland. Each of these kids needs to be in the gym everyday shooting free throws. Mballa and Hardnett are going to spend a lot of time at the line in the next 3 to 4 years, they need to get dialed in from the line. I am so tired of Grant and Johnson. The style of play each of them plays is just gross. it goes against everything that UB has become known for. We all know why coach continues to play them, he got them here by promising them playing time. To me we have gotten to the point where their play no longer warrants the playing time. At this point each of them is hurting the team. The coaches job is to do what is best for the team, and right now that means limiting minutes for both Grant and Johnson. I will break down each with some numbers: Johnson-I think he deserves some minutes as I would argue he has been better than Grant but not much. I do not think he should be starting. Segu should be starting. Johnson is much better defensively than Grant but he makes some very dumb mental mistakes each game. Defensively he is too aggressive and it burns him a few times a game. Simply put, he is not going to be a consistently affective player at this level. He has taken the second most shots on the team with 119 prior to last night. He has only made 40 of those shots, meaning he has missed 79 shots on the season. That is more shots that both Mballa and Segu have taken on the season. He is shooting 33% from the floor and 25% from 3. These numbers do not deserve playing time. If he was putting up these numbers and was a great defender I would understand him playing but we all can see is an average defender at best. No doubt we have kids on the bench who can shot much better, move the ball and play better defense. Segu should be starting in his place and if you need another bench player I think its time to give Gallion a shot with some meaningful minutes, it cannot be as bad as Johnson has been. Grant-He is the worst defender I can remember in the last 10 years at UB. He and Brock are currently battling for this award! he simply cannot defend at this level without either giving up an easy bucket or fouling. His shot selection is terrible. How many times do you see the ball swinging around the perimeter from one side to the other trying to switch the defense and when it gets to Grant the ball movement stops and he chucks up some deep ill advised three and he bricks it. With a player standing in the corner wide open waiting for the reverse pass. ON the season he is 14 for 50 from the floor (28%) and 9 for 33 from 3 (27%). Those numbers along with his terrible defense do not warrant a single second of playing time. I don't care what coach promised him to get him to transfer here, he does not deserve to be on the floor. His minutes should be given to Hardnett and Nickleberry. I am so tired of watching these two guys be anchors on this team. Coach needs to wake up and make the changes needed. Sometimes a coach needs to make these hard decisions and now is the time. UB is about defense, effort, passion and ball movement. Why play two guys who play the complete opposite of who we are as a program! Some thoughts on a few of the other players: Mballa-I love this kid. He plays hard at all times and is willing to do whatever he can to help this team. Without him inside this team would likely have only a handful of wins. Thanks goodness he was given his waiver. This kid has a bright future and I cannot wait to see it develop. His game is meant to run up and down, he is at his best when we are running. Williams-Another solid game. he hit a big three at the end and he did not take a single ill advised shot in the game (he was 5 for 7 from the floor). I love his ability to defend and rebound especially on the offensive end. I still think he needs to be able to attack off the dribble to his right! Williams also has a bright future ahead. Graves-He is either hurt or going thru something emotionally. Two games in a row he has acted disinterested, as if he would rather be someplace else. I have never seen this from him in his career here. I am very nervous about what is going on here. This team needs Graves to be who he is, aggressive and athletic. Time for coach to have a heart to heart with this kid to get to the bottom of what is going on. Jordan-He saved UB in this game! We have seen him take over the leadership role from Graves in the last two weeks. Jordan is the leader of this team. He does what he needs to do to help this team win. He hit some big shots in this game and his ability to get to the rim and finish are a dynamic this team desperately needs. Jordan has come so far with his jump shot in 4 years, when he arrived here he could not shoot at all. Its very impressive. Jordan is going to blow up the MAC when we get to MAC play. Hardnett-This was by far his best game. He rebounded the ball well, he defended well and finished around the rim. He continues to get more and more comfortable on this team. I would like to see him hit his free throws, but I like what I see from him and he also has a bright future. When we get a legit big inside he will be fun to watch on the perimeter. He deserves more playing time. Segu-He continues to impress. He defends, moves the ball, is one of our better shooters. He defines everything that UB basketball is! He deserves more playing time immediately. I am tired of the argument that he is our only backup pg. Coach can stagger him and Jordan and have them both start. Both Graves and Nickleberry are also capable to run the 1. Segu needs to start as this team is better when he is on the floor. His ability to create his own shot or a shot for a teammate is unmatched on this team. When the shot clock is running down he is one of our best creators. Nickleberry-He is starting to figure it out. You can see his confidence building. he deserves more minutes as stated above. Gallion-Time to give this guy some meaningful minutes. Lets see what we have in him. I like what I see defensively and on the bench from this kid. I am frustrated with this team and how it has been handled thus far. It is time for some hard decisions and time to tweak the rotations. This team will be much better in the long run for it. Give these guys a few games to figure it out before MAC play begins. As we have said here this season is about one thing and one thing only, getting prepared to play our best in Cleveland. Despite all my frustration, I continue to love and support this program. I cannot wait to see the Bulls play on Saturday.
  6. He has a career total of 41 points and 32 rebounds thru 2 plus seasons! Sure seems like a force to me
  7. Big win. Sloppy finish but these young guys learned a lot from that game. They learned how to finish a game. This is huge for their development. Young teams need to learn how to grind out close games and we did that. I have been very happy with our OOC performance thus far. This team has shown flashes of what they are capable of. I see big things from this team this season. Coach needs to make a few tweaks and we are off and running as we head into the easier part of OOC schedule and begin MAC play. I like a lot what I see from Coach Whitesell thus far. He is a good leader and I like how he demands effort and will hold kids accountable. I think he is making a big mistake with both Grant and Johnson. They do not deserve the minutes they are getting right now. But he is sticking with them in hopes they will turn it around which I am sure they will. They are both overmatched with our OOC schedule. They will perform better in MAC pay where the mismatches are not as prominent. The fact he is sticking to them tells me coach is not too worried about winning and losing in these OOC games, more concerned with getting these kids comfortable with their game. The defense we played versus DePaul was amazing. Minus Grant and Johnson, albeit Johnson showed some improvements from the last few games. Grant is one of the worst defenders this program has had in the last 5 years, He is too slow footed to stay with anyone and he reaches too often. I will say Grant rebounded the ball better yesterday. Defense is the staple of this team and if guys are not putting the effort in that is needed, or are not able to defend to that level they should not be playing. I am looking at you grant and Johnson. The fact we shot the ball at only 37% in that game speaks volume to our defense that we were able to pull out a win. We shot the free throws better, especially when it mattered at the end of the game (12 for 16 on game). We outrebounded the long DePaul team, 53 rebounds from this team, an outsized team, is very impressive. The guards continue to rebound the ball well for us, looking at you Graves. I would like to see less turnovers, 19 is too many. Sloppy at times but will take the win against a very hot quality team. Great win and I love this team. Coach needs to limit playing time for Grant immediately. He is hurting this team with poor shots and terrible defense along with sloppy turnovers. His minutes need to go to Hardnett. Coach also needs to limit minutes of Johnson. I do not believe he should be starting, Segu should be. Johnson should lose minutes to Segu and Nickleberry. Johnos is not a smart player on either end, he is hurting this team with his selfish play. Grant and Johnson figure it out they can get their minutes back up, but until then they should sit in my opinion. Mballa-Great game yesterday. I love this kid. He was outsized as he has been most of the season and he secured 14 rebounds yesterday. He is single handedly holding down the interior for this team, impressive for a sophomore. This kid has a big future and I cannot wait to see how far he can go. I have a feeling one day we will talking about him being the best big man who has ever played at UB! Williams-Coach rightfully limited his minutes versus DePaul as we looked a bit scattered. He has become too predictable on offense, always looking to go left almost exclusively. He needs to go right to keep the defense honest. I would also like to see him mix in a jump stop in traffic. Graves-7 rebounds yesterday, 7 big rebounds that this team needed. he got his hand on a bunch of other balls and was able to keep the ball alive, especially on the offensive glass. He hit some big shots yesterday, a couple big threes and a big floater down the stretch. I really like how he lets things come to him in the first half and in the second half he comes out in attack mode. It seems he looks to take over the game early in the second half. He is our leader and I like the way he leads by example. Johnson-I thought he played better defensively in this game, but still not up to par with the other guards. He simply cannot be on the floor when he is shootings so poorly (3 for 11 yesterday and 1 for 6 from three). He takes poor shots and does not contribute to the ball movement that the other players employ. How many times yesterday did we see the ball get swung to his side of the floor and it stopped with him. He needs to step up. Time for coach to send him a message by limiting his playing time. Coach simply has not choice but to do this. Jordan-He was closing in on a triple double in this game, Like Graves he hit some big shots, none bigger than the deep triple late in the game. Baffles the mind how a guy can shoot over 40$ from 3 on the season and under 30% from the free throw line. He has a hitch in his form when shooting foul shots. His PT late in games needs to be limited, as a smart team will simply foul him. I was happy to see him hit a few late in that game. You cannot say the kid is not clutch! Defensively, he was very impressive as always. He or Mballa will win DPOY in MAC. Grant-This was a pathetic performance by him. Chucking up bad shots, playing atrocious defense and turning the ball over in critical times of the game. He was 2 for 9 from the floor and had 4 turnovers in limited minutes. Athletically he is not prepared for this level. He is a spot up shooter, nothing more. To be used in spot situations when a big three is needed. Until he can prove otherwise, that should be his role. Hardnett-limited minutes but I liked what I saw from him again yesterday. His continued growth for this team will be critical for our success moving forward especially without Brock and Fagan. I look forward to seeing him play at his natural position. He has a big future. Nickleberry-I liked what I saw from him yesterday. He played good defense and had some nice passes and rebounds. Him an Hardnett can take this team to the next level if they continue to develop. Segu-I love this kids game. he can get off a shot against anybody and his defense is fun to watch. His energy is contagious and he is the future of this team. I love a sophomore talking junk to a Big East Team as he torches them. This kid define everything that buffalo basketball stands for, heart, determination, effort and passion. I cannot wait to watch this kid continue to grow. He should be starting. I love this team, and I cannot wait to watch them to continue to grow. I think this group took a big step yesterday. Lets not lose sight of the fact that they went on the road versus a Big East team that was one of the hottest teams in the country and were going to be top 25 ranked with a win in that game yesterday. This is huge win for Coach Whitesell and this program. This win should go a long way to prepare us for MAC play. I cannot wait for the game on Saturday, Go Bulls!
  8. I disagree, his defense is average at best. He gives away too many easy baskets in help side. He is shooting 31.7% from the field on the season (26.4% from 3). Those are historically low numbers that do not warrant the playing time he is getting. He should be benched until he can turn these numbers around.
  9. Hardnett and Nickleberry deserve these minutes, Grant and Johnson are hurting this team!
  10. First off those announcers were hard to listen to. Honestly, embarrassing. I am all for being a homer for your team, but that took it to the next level. I thought they were going to stop the game when the walk on hit the three and give him a medal or something! Can someone explain to me the logic of that stadium. Why would you put the benches on the end lines? I cannot get my mind around that concept at all, makes no sense in any way. It seems to make in game coaching much more difficult. I know many of us are frustrated with the results of this game. Trust me I am frustrated as well. But lets not lose sight of the fact this is a young team with a new coach playing their first true road contest of the season. There are going to be poor performances and frustration associated with this team until they get it all figured out. I suspect that will take more than half the season. This team will figure it out, we just need to be patient. We are frustrated because we all know this was a winnable game, lets be honest we play them 10 times I suspect we win 7 of them. The first 5 minutes of the game we played great. After that we were terrible on both ends. On offense we went several long stretches without a basket. We really needed our leader Graves tonight to carry us in these stretches. We had no consistent scoring option on offense tonight. With Graves off we struggled to find another scorer. The defensive effort was not where it has been the last few games. We gave away too many easy baskets. We shot 60% from free throw line, that simply cannot continue. We shot the ball poorly (39% fg) and committed 17 turnovers. Not a recipe that will win many games. Mballa-He has become such a consistent force on both ends. Solid defense and rebounding, consistent scoring. I only wish he could make a few free throws (1-4 tonight). Williams-I liked his shot selection tonight. He needs to develop an ability to go right off the dribble. He is not fooling anyone going to his left almost exclusively. Would still like to see more on the defensive glass from him. Graves-He did not look healthy to me tonight. Not sure if he is sick or has an injury. He continues to settle for too many threes, instead of using his strength attacking off the dribble. He also needs to improve his free throw shooting. Johnson-I cannot explain how frustrated I am with his play. I am not holding back anymore. He is terrible. He has terrible shot selection, again shoots 4 for 13 tonight. On the season he is shooting under 30%, that simply cannot happen. He does not pass the ball well and has too many turnovers. The sad part of his play is offensively is the better part of his game. Defensively he is a total liability on the floor. He cannot defend a wall. There were two plays tonight where he was the only player back on defense and he jumped out of the way of a player so they could dunk the ball. How about you try to take a charge! At this point he deserves no playing time at all. He is bringing this team down and coach needs to cut the anchor. I cannot put it any more simple then this, he does not have the basketball IQ, size or athleticism to contribute at this level. I don't care if the team promised him playing time when he transferred here. He cannot handle the step up in play and he does not deserve playing time. Gallion and Segu getting his minutes is what coach needs to do until he proves he deserves these minutes. Jordan-Off night shooting the ball, but he played solid defense and took the ball to the hole strong. Jordan and Mballa are our most consistent players, we know what we get from them each and every game Grant-Why is he the first guy off the bench? He is also a defensive liability. He cannot guard anyone, especially on the perimeter. He does not have the lateral quickness to defend at this level. He is a spot up shooter to be used in spot situations. Nothing more. He should lose his playing time to Hardnett and Nickleberry immediately. Hardnett-Still cannot seem to be able to figure out how to defend without fouling. He really needs to figure this out. This team needs his size and athleticism. I am pushing for this kid! Segu-Played tonight like a kid who has had his confidence rattled. He needs a good game to get him back on track. Even in his off days he limits turnovers and does not take ill advised shots and he always competes on the defensive end. Nickleberry-Has not shown much this season but at this point I am ready to give him additional minutes to see what he can do with extended time on the floor. Gallion-Deserves playing time immediately! Coach needs to play Segu and Gallion more for Johnson. I would put Johnson at the end of the bench and see if he can work his way back into the rotation. My guess is he does not have the mental fortitude to handle this benching and he will melt. He simply is taking this team down with his poor shots and absolutely embarrassing defense. Coach also needs to play Hardnett and Nickleberry more in place of Grant. With those changes I think we are significantly stronger team on the defensive end and on the glass. This will eliminate many of the easy baskets we are currently giving up. I have shown my frustration in this post. I remain positive that this season will be a success and I will be supporting this team as we build to Cleveland. I know this young team and first year coach will get this ship turned in the right direction and we will be playing our best when we need to. I cannot wait for Sunday, go Bulls!
  11. I could not agree with this statement anymore. This season is different from last year. We will need to use the season to grow and improve. All that matters for this season is getting ready for a week of games in Cleveland. If we are playing our best basketball by then this will be a successful season. As fans we need to understand there will be bumps in the road and we there will be frustrating games like tonight. I for one chose to support this team and I will be here rooting them on all the way. Here to playing our best basketball in Cleveland and going to the big dance again!
  12. I could not disagree with these two statements more. This is a young team with a new coach that needs time to play together to improve. Give them time, no need to jump off the cliff after one poor outing.
  13. Lets continue to see the growth of this team tonight. Come out looking to create turnovers with our ball pressure that will result in easy transition baskets on the other end. Don't settle on offense for three pointers, look to attack off the dribble and put pressure on the defense by getting to the line. My prediction if we can rebound with them and make our free throws we win this game. I love this team and the potential we have. This team could be a handful come MAC play. The MAC is going to be a battle this season. Go Bulls!
  14. Good solid team win against a decent team with an elite player. This team continues to grow and defend like their lives depends on it. I love the effort I saw from Buffalo today. They are making the opposing team uncomfortable with the effort on the defensive end. Bulls had 15 steals today which is a testament to that defense. 22 assists on the offensive end, sure does make the offense flow when we share the ball like this. We out rebounded them 34 to 30. If we shoot the ball well, rebound and play defense, this team is going to be difficult to beat. I would have liked to see us shoot the ball better from the line (50% in this game). We need to improve there or it will come back and and hurt us in a close game. I would also like to see us limit the turnovers a bit more as well (15 in this game). A good day for the Bulls, watching this team grow is going to be fun. Looking back I think that early season home loss to Dartmouth will end up being a moment we look back on and say we were glad it happened at that time, as it was a wake up call to this team and has set the tone moving forward for this team. I really like what I see from Coach Whitesell so far this season. He looks in control of this team and has the Bulls playing hard. These kids clearly really want to succeed for him. I love some of the plays he comes up with out of timeouts. Those will be helpful in a close game at some point this season. I liked the rotations tonight, I thought they flowed well and made more sense. I thing both the coaching staff and the players are beginning to understand all of the players roles and their responsibilities. MBalla-He did a good job of limiting his fouls. I saw a few plays where he has typically thrown his body in over the first few games and he restrained in this game and avoided the fouls. Josh avoiding foul trouble will be something he will need to do all season long. Josh rebounded the ball well and I thought he did a good job fronting Knight and limiting his touches. Josh has great anticipation and is a great help defender. This kid is going to be a stud, buckle up bulls fans we have some fun years ahead. Williams-Another solid game from him. I only took exception to one of his three pointers. The rest of the game he attacked off the dribble and was in control and composed. He is so strong going to his left. He recognized a mismatch tonight and exploited it off the dribble. I thought his defense and offensive rebounding was impressive as always. He is so long and causes a lot of deflections on the defensive end. Graves-I enjoyed seeing him not settle for jumpers tonight. He too saw a mismatch and exploited it. I have not seen a team able to keep the Bulls from attacking the rim off the dribble and Graves showed us a lot of that tonight. If that dunk over Knight goes down we are in sportscenter top 10 no doubt. Graves rebounded the ball well again and his defense was spot on. When he defends like this, the offense almost always comes to him. Graves is growing into the MAC POTY in front of us and I am loving it. Johnson-settled for a few ill advised jumpers early, but finished going hard to the basket aggressively looking to score and get to the line. He is a mush better player when he plays with this mentality. He is a slasher and that is how he should play every game. Jumpers need to remain option 2 for him. I thought this was his best defensive game, he needs to continue to grow in that department. I still think Segu needs to be starting in his place. Jordan-was 4 for 4 from the free throw line, that was exciting to see. He shot them with confidence. His defensive ball pressure was the difference in the game. He made whoever he was covering uncomfortable and took the ball from them regularly resulting in an easy basket for the Bulls. Jordan is going to be a huge part of this team this year. The Bulls will go as far as Graves and Jordan can take us. I love seeing him get his opportunities on offense after years of setting up others. Grant-I thought his rebounding was mush better tonight. He also shot the ball better and seemed to play with a lot of confidence. He is a spot up shooter, and when on he really spreads the floor for this team taking a big away from the basket. Hardett-again was forced to cover a player that is a mismatch for him in the post. I thought he did a decent job despite the fouls. He sets a great screen on the top and the Bulls used it to perfection tonight. This kid will continue to grow and get better with the more minutes he gets. I enjoyed the halftime interview getting to know him. He seems like a fun kid with a great attitude and seems to fit into this team very well. Segu-He was composed and poised tonight. The game seems to have slowed down for him and I really liked his decision making tonight in this game. He did not force anything and was always in control. His ability to knock don the open shot have made him a very dynamic player that can beat u an several ways. His effort on defense is inspirational as well. I see s HUGE season for this kid moving forward. Nickleberry-His rebounding off the bench along with Grant are very much needed. He made several great passes and smart decisions with the ball tonight. I hope he is getting more comfortable and starting to figure things out. I think his minutes continue to grow as the season goes along. Gallion/Skogman-I love the emotions and excitement they both show on the bench. Clearly both of these kids are well liked and love this program. Buffalo has a bright future with these two. A great team win with many great things to take away from this game. These games are getting us prepared to play the MAC season that will be much tougher than people anticipate this season. I am loving what I see from this team and I cannot wait for Tuesday and a chance to play Vanderbilt. GO Bulls!
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