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  1. Noticed that too. Hoping it doesn’t mean what I think it does for tomorrow...
  2. Maybe it is just another offer, but It’s still an offer from a good P5 school. Most players would take that offer over Buffalo any day. Again look at the Hawkins situation. P5 school makes a last minute offer, kid doesn’t do his due diligence, goes, but doesn’t play, transfers a year later. I hope I’m wrong! Just a gut feeling though
  3. I swear players trim their list down to their final whatever, then make their announcement date two weeks away practically begging another team to make an offer before then. If he really wanted to commit to Buffalo he would have done so right away. Why wait?
  4. I have a feeling this is going to be another Alabama/Hawkins situation. UCF isn’t some bottom feeder P5 team like the other two. This could definitely be where he ends up now
  5. Not gonna lie looking at this guys stats doesn’t exactly make me happy to be in his top 6...
  6. It’s good to see players trying to recruit him. Lately I’ve had the feeling he’s going to Cal but who knows. He definitely has the potential to be a starter here which would be great
  7. I feel like if they were going to we would have heard by now. Not that it means a lot but I do like what they’ve been saying on social media lately. Segu and Williams called next year a revenge tour, Mballa and Nickelberry working out together in Florida, Graves looking to get feedback from NBA scouts. It looks like they’re taking things more seriously than before at least.
  8. Well good for him then. Seems like a hell of a player and he deserves a chance to at least play in the tournament once. I want to root for him, just not in the MAC lol
  9. I wonder if he’s a starter on any of those teams or maybe just a solid 6th man. Haven’t studied his game too close to know how good he really is or anything so forgive me if that’s a dumb question
  10. Do you consider that a sign that they're doing their due diligence looking for a hidden gem, or that they're looking to just take whoever they think they can get?
  11. FWIW I saw that Jamie Quarles now follows Hawkins on Twitter. Could be something, could be nothing but it does look like they may be trying to recruit him again like they did with Hardnett
  12. Of all years too. Not that there’s any good year for something like this, but there was potential for so many upsets. This was one of the craziest years in awhile. Looks like it’ll be all chalk now. Boringgg
  13. Seeing as how the season its over, it's never too early to starting looking towards next. That being said, I agree for the most part with your roster predictions. However, I could see Mballa taking the Perkins role and being the "6th man" as if that really counts, and having Hardnett or Skogman start in his place. I'd say Skogman only because he fits the position more. We've seen Hardnett play the 5 and it wasn't right. Gonna miss Jordans leadership and defense for sure, but I do have hopes that Robinson can be the next one to take that role. From what I've seen he seems to have a similar style in play and hopefully gives the same effort on defense too. Freeman seems to be a natural shooter, which was atrocious at times for UB this year so that will be a welcome addition. I've said it many times already, but I like next years roster a lot... ON PAPER. My concern still comes down to whether or not JW can put all the pieces together in a system that lets them flourish as a team. If we finish with 20 wins next year, great. If we finish with less, that's fine too. Just show some consistency with each game. Don't beat DePaul, then lose to Army. Beat St. Bonnaventure, and lose to Dartmouth. Maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised next year. I'm hopeful.
  14. Think you missed the on paper part. Player ranking wise, yes it will be the best team we’ve had.
  15. They’re great mid major players but I agree, I don’t think any would be able to transfer to a higher program unless it is just a better mid major. My biggest concern though is even with all the players, is coaching. I gave Whitesell the benefit of the doubt all year, but tonight makes me worried he can’t coach. Even with good players.
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