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  1. I think the Bulls win by 10 today. Time to put this "rivalry" to bed with this new squad.
  2. That team played well together and the coach was big time all-in throughout. They hit a ton of shots, especially down the stretch. Disappointing that this is the team we played even with, especially after the past many years of success, but unfortunately this is our world now, at least for this season.
  3. Steratore called it a 2 on the floor as he came over to review. It looked like a 3 from the one angle, but not conclusive. The out of bounds seemed apparent, but not to their eyes, I guess.
  4. 1pm on a Friday afternoon? I guess they want no one attending.
  5. Nice win. Good to see the Adams we hoped for, hopefully we can see this more consistently. The team has had a different guy/guys play decent every game. We can see the talent is there, now they just need to put it together as a group. Other than the stinker vs JMU and a bit of being a little overmatched vs UConn, they've gone 2-2 against teams that are basically toss up games. For the early season, it's just good to see some growth after today's win, especially considering they could've won each of the first two games in paradise, before letting them slip away. It'll be nice to see how they do against Canisius, as they should beat them handily (although likely won't, but hopefully will at least pull out a nice W).
  6. Powell is the one "strong" guy on this team. Others when going inside make me nervous due to their lean-ness. Jack is close too, but the rest seem to get bounced around. I like this team though. Just wish for 10lbs more each!
  7. The Colgate game was one of the most entertaining games I've seen in a while at the AA. This one, wow, I have no words. I've never seen a team turn their opponent over 26 times and lose by 35.
  8. BG just looks absolutely pitiful, as if they don't even want to be there.
  9. If I see another Hail Mary go against us, I'll scream
  10. Gutsy taking the points off the board, and then getting rewarded with the TD. 2-0 in MAC is big after the start to the non-conference season.
  11. Ok, now that he's been gone a long time, was this guy a genius or just incredibly lucky (or a bit of both)? Lance - now is 3-0 at perennial bottom feeder Kansas FLJ - now at her alma mater Syracuse after taking UB to multiple NCAA bids including a sweet 16 Bobby, Nate - the first has been in the PAC 12 and brought in the second who is a coaching star who has been at the top of the SEC I'm not sure which of those answers I'm going with from the above question, but damn, that's one impressive list of hires in the 3 "top $" sports at UB. Those 4 hires are Win, Win, Win, Win in my eyes. Lastly, I don't think we got nearly enough of a buyout for any one of them, although he was only around for one of those 4 when they were hired away.
  12. Consider me impressed! I would be lying if I thought he'd be able to be 3-0 starting off year 2 in Kansas. I'm not sure I thought anyone would be able to do that.
  13. I've met both of you at the AA, 2 good guys and top notch UB fans!
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