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  1. I'd be more than fine with some sort of recognition of this team/championship in the AA. It brought a lot of joy to the community and it's fans and is representative of the best times that the school and team has had (while they were at UB). While I don't think it should be equivalent to a MAC banner or number banner, it absolutely should have a place in the arena. I would think as a marketing thing, it would be nothing but beneficial. Someone comes to a game and sees the team photo, they will likely smile and be more apt to go to another game/donate.
  2. I hate that this is over for another year. Watching these 6 games was just such a joy, from the opening tip (where Perk won every single one this year) to the final dunk, I had such a big smile throughout. The fact that this squad comes away with $1mil and a championship is just incredible. Such a great group, great guys, class acts all the way, starting with Nate, to Adam/Bryan/Fox, to all of the players. Blue Collar gets it done. I hope that the new roster in Alumni sees the method that is successful, TEAM/ Defense / Hustle 1st and foremost, because this is 100% the way to go.
  3. The opponent includes former UB nemesis Homer Drew as the GM. I'll never forget those games against Valpo in the Mid-Con days. Hopefully this UB squad can finally get one over on Homer. The Blue Collar squad just needs to play their game, move the ball until the open shot arrives, giving up the good shot for the better shot. Also, Defense to Offense is their game. Team ball will get it done!
  4. I would love to see it at Alumni, but like BB said, it is crazy hot in there in the summer with only a handful of people on the floor. I couldn't imagine how hot it would be with a couple of thousand people in there. I don't think they'd let the "Big Ass Fans" run like they normally do during the summer within the course of a game. Alumni would surely be popping though if they played there. I'd camp out for that one!
  5. Maybe UB will join the Pac 12, or 10, or 11? The Big 10 will become what, the Big 16?
  6. He'd fit right in at EMU then, considering how they've been in recent history. Quite a talent though. We shall see
  7. I hope similarly, but it's only gotten worse over the last couple of years, nationwide. Only time will tell.
  8. I'm not even sure how to quantify success at this point. In the past, one could look at a roster and say "they were young, but wow they'll be good next year or the year after". Now, it's all 1 year positions when it comes to the eye test, because for all we know everyone will leave after this year. They could be good and "go bigger" or not play as much as desired and just go elsewhere. It's totally just wait and see. My goal would be 20+ wins and top 4 in MAC (and a win+ in Cleveland). Is that doable? I honestly wouldn't have the first guess. Unlike many here, I do believe in this staff and believe that they are good teachers. So all I'll do is hope that I get proven correct for many reasons, one being I don't want to have to read a constant barrage of "JW sucks" or "XYZ player sucks". If I'm incorrect, well it will just be one really un-enjoyable winter of games. I'm hoping for the former, as I would hope all others on here are too.
  9. Does anyone really know how good we, or anyone, will be? They're basically all new teams top to bottom. Your statement is accurate though, if that ranking holds true. It's truly a crapshoot to try to predict anyone beyond the top dogs at this point, at least in my eyes. We shall see what happens. Gotta just hope it comes together as there's talent in the fold. It has to come together with buy in from each player, both ends of the floor and their role(s).
  10. Great path. Went from signing with MAC powerhouse (at the time), to MAC doormat, to Juco.
  11. "lot of unknowns" sounds about right. We have no idea how these guys actually play or if they will buy into their given roles (or what roles each will be given). Same goes for the women's team. Whichever team/program can actually get players to buy into roles, and get some sort of team play, will be the most successful, since practically every team in this league is starting from scratch. Surely, everyone has relatively similar overall talent, and the most inter-connected team will come out on top. Hopefully that's us, but only time will tell.
  12. Based on recent events, It's probable.
  13. As long as it doesn't look like NIU's floor, I'm fine with it!
  14. Hey, good for him. He played his 4 years at Bona and this is a freebie year. Enjoy it at a fun place, with a great coach.
  15. You go to college in order to get prepared for getting a job. That was part of my point. I still don't understand how changing schools year after year allows for "students" to accrue credits, as certainly some classes don't transfer, especially after yearly school changes.
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