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  1. Battle has been coaching and not playing for years, so I doubt that he'd be an option right now. Idbihi would be a strong choice, one of UBs best and adding a big. I'm not sure that I'd put Skeete in front of any of the ones on the list. Granted, who knows how much better/worse (I'll assume better) these guys have gotten since they've been gone overseas.
  2. This is a proper roster. Shannon and Lamonte were too good for us.
  3. Thanks to you for constantly giving. I made a larger gift a few week's ago, not knowing that this day was going on. Whether it's on a giving day or just any day, it's a desired step in the right direction for the programs.
  4. Why would a big event like that be done low key?
  5. I received an email a few days ago saying that it was postponed. It hasn't been?
  6. No idea. If it was the only time that a guy left after "committing", signing or attending for a year, then my sentiment could've been off. Unfortunately it's a general pattern for many (our signee from this winter as an example). In many cases, I feel as though there's too many voices in these kid's ears telling them that they can "do better" or "bigger" or that they should be "the guy" at the school and the school is misusing them, etc. I'm glad to say that I didn't do that when I committed to a college, competed for that college, and graduated from it. Circumstances can arise that would warrant changes, I absolutely get that, but the "portal" is out of control. While I know that I'm old and out of touch, very few bounced around back then. All that being said, best of luck to him wherever he lands up. Hopefully it will work out.
  7. So many of these guys are so finicky. It's ridiculous. Many of them transfer to and from high schools/prep schools, then they go to college and they do the same thing. The times have most assuredly changed, and in this case, not for the better.
  8. Just is awful for the athletes of those sports. The schools that cut sports that save literally thousands of dollars while spending multiple millions on another is very sad. In the end, very little savings are being made in some of these cuts. Your points resonate strongly.
  9. Cool video. Thanks for sharing here. Nice to see some of our guys again!
  10. So evidently you believe that Akron, who had 2 Olympians in track & field (including one who ran XC for them and medaled in the last Olympics) is going to have a high quality team now without any distance runners? Do you believe that any quality distance runners will attend Akron knowing that they will miss out on their fall sport? Unlikely. Their coach is a very highly capable one, but will have a hard time achieving any scoring in events in the mid-distance and long distance races now. You feel that these are good choices by those schools? Those teams that do XC without track, how good are they in XC? Toledo, BG and Ohio are at the bottom of the league quite frequently. These sports are generally lightly funded (on the men's side) and comprise themselves of rosters with a great number of walk-ons, paying full tuition to the school. Does cutting their sport add to the overall $$ of the university? I find it to be extremely unlikely. The sports at these schools offer a handful of track & field scholarships for a 40 man roster +/- (none of whom get special entrance treatment for acceptance into the school and many of whom pay full tuition less academic/need aid), don't have overly inflated coaching staff salaries, and infrequently (if ever) travel in manners other than a bus/van for day-trips/overnight, makes a minimal savings to a school when they're cut. Add in the disrespect to the alumni of those sports and future loss of donations by those alumni and future alumni of those sports as well.
  11. No, why would you drop it when it's athletes and coaches are encompassed within the XC and outdoor track & field? That would be very foolish and would essentially kill both of the other programs. No more dropped sports at UB! We just dropped 4 a few years ago. There's NO reason to be dropping anything any further.
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