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  1. I’m about 95% sure we land this kid. I’ve only talked to one person about it, but it seems like he realizes how good of an opportunity he has here. We shall see.
  2. Happy Malik Zachery day everyone! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  3. Williams is playing it looks like. Practiced this week and looked good, but I wasn’t there. Just what I heard. Good news for sure
  4. Must win. This is one of the worst offensive teams in the country. Zone D is really good, and they are great at getting hands in passing lanes (#1 in the country in steals per game), but if we want to be a contender, you can’t drop this game. I have been sticking up for this squad, because I think improvement has been there defensively and individually with some young guys. Losing this game would make me doubt this team big time, and erase some of my optimism for the MAC tournament. Let’s get the job done, and look decisive doing it!
  5. Talked about it in my game preview at the site, but Western Michigan crushed this team in the paint and transition. Wouldn’t be surprised to see UB feed Mballa early and often, and deploy those bigger lineups.
  6. Just got confirmation back that Gabe Grant was not injured for this game, for those who were wondering.
  7. I reached out to the team to try and see what was wrong with Gabe, if anything. I didn’t get a response, and this guy usually answers if I have an injury related question.
  8. I would not sleep on the impact Fagan can make. Grant and Nickleberry haven’t exactly been great, and his advanced metrics and per 40 stats were fantastic a year ago in very limited minutes.
  9. Fagan looks really good today. Moving well, playing fast, shooting well. I’d be shocked if he’s not playing.
  10. Did my preview for the website last night. Mballa has a nice matchup against a lanky 6’10’’ freshman who isn’t very fleet of foot. Good bounce back spot for Graves as well with his matchup. Jordan vs Malik Johnson should be fun!
  11. He is 100% a teacher. Constantly stopping practice to get these guys to play within a team concept and do their job
  12. Agree on your spread prediction. I thought the same thing. And I’m not sure if I have ever seen a team that’s worse shooting free throws. If Army somehow gets hot shooting 3s, I wouldn’t be surprised if UB starts hacking a little on the inside to throw off rhythm and send them to the line.
  13. He was out there moving around today, but not doing full team stuff at all
  14. Definitely raising my hand in saying we werent talking about playing zone all the time. Simply pointing out that if, for some reason, our usual aggressive man to man doesn't work, this team has crumbled multiple times against zone. I also think there is a 0% chance we do it, but it doesn't hurt to bring it up as our opponents weakness
  15. -4.5 now for Vandy...pretty decent line movement there
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