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  1. I'm gonna say it, because someone's gotta.....what bowl are we looking at, if UB wins on Friday? Tentatively considering a road trip....
  2. Someone should be fired. I don't know who, but someone.
  3. UB and blowing multiple-touchdown 4th quarter leads against Kent State, name a better duo
  4. Is anyone else's ESPN+ feed cutting in and out?
  5. Curtis Jones has looked fantastic this season.
  6. And then promptly went ice cold and lost. Put up a good fight.
  7. Ohio just forced a ridiculous OT at Michigan, incredible.
  8. Gonna be a real shame if they lose to Kent St. and miss bowl eligibility on a cancelled game yet again.
  9. Encouraging game, just ran out of juice at the end. Still need someone to step-up as a go-to shotmaker. Thought the freshmen and sophs played well.
  10. Jack has some silky smooth moves down low for a true freshman big.
  11. Hardnett with a baffling possession, frantically-bad offensive turnover when UB could've held it for essentially the last shot.
  12. Can't help but feel like Drake is going to blow this game open at some point, but I like what I see from UB's young players.
  13. I remember that game, that was the October Storm weekend. We somehow never lost power on campus.
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