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  1. I've read through both UB's story and the actual legal release, I'm a little confused. Jenkins was trying to get a recruit's (presumably Mballa) transfer waiver through. Jenkins then wrote a letter to the NCAA, from the perspective of the recruit's former teammate (presumably a former Texas Tech player who was also transferring) in support of Mballa's transfer waiver, and forged the former Texas Tech player's signature on the letter. Then the letter was sent to the NCAA with the rest of the info for the transfer waiver? Perhaps I don't know enough about the transfer waiver process, but I thought it was mostly contingent on the school from which the player is transferring (i.e. Texas Tech), their coaching staff and athletics administration. But apparently teams also submit essentially letters of recommendation from the player's teammates? Am I understanding this right?
  2. Seen some differing reports - does he have 3 years of eligibility or 2 years?
  3. I think he mis-read your post to mean "another list without UB on it" implying that there was another separate recruit who also reported a trimmed list without UB on it. Whereas what I think you are saying, correct me if I'm wrong, is that this is "another trimmed list" for Gage specifically, and this one doesn't have UB on it.
  4. Not that it really matters, but just pointing out that Caruthers was actually a Juco transfer. He played his freshman year in Juco and spent his sophomore year injured at a different Juco school. He came to UB in his third year of college, so to speak, and had 3 years of eligibility with UB.
  5. Wish him the best and hope he lands somewhere that's a good fit for him.
  6. Well deserved honors for all three of them.
  7. The First Four games are played in Dayton next week, too.
  8. As much as I would love this, I just don't see UB having the financial wherewithal to pull this off. Gregg Marshall at Wichita State makes $3.5 million a year - literally 10x what Jim Whitesell makes. Last I could find on Mike Rhoades at VCU, his salary is at least $1.2 million. It may not sound like a massive leap, but these programs are beyond where UB can go, without either significant buy-in from the state or major donors. The state won't play favorites among the SUNY flagships, and while UB has donors like the Murchies, Wichita State has the Koch Brothers and Houston has Tilman Fertitta. UB is a lot further from these programs than many people think, IMO. Even a small school like Bona, who puts its eggs in the men's basketball basket, can afford to pay Mark Schmidt more than double what UB pays Whitesell. I don't know the ins-and-outs behind the scenes either, but I've never really gotten the sense that high-level D-1 athletics is an aspiration for the state or for the UB alumni base. Sure, it'd be nice, but I don't think too many alums are losing sleep over this loss last night.
  9. Here's my post-mortem on the season (assuming there's no postseason tournaments in the cards) - If you told me in September that UB was gonna go 11-7 in conference and win some of their bigger non-conference games, I would've said the season would be a success. If you told me that they were gonna lose to Dartmouth and Army, drop a bunch of MAC home games, and not make it to Cleveland, I would've said the season would be a total failure. As with anything in life, the truth is somewhere inbetween. My benchmarks for a successful season this year were (1) 22 wins and (2) a bye to Cleveland. Clearly neither of those two benchmarks were met, though being the odd-man out on a 3-way 11-7 tie, I'll give them a little bit of credit for that....so I certainly can't call the season a success. As others have indicated, UB has made a living these past 6 fantastic seasons off upperclassmen transfers/Jucos coming in and making immediate impacts. Hamilton, Conner, Harris, Clark, Caruthers, McRae, the list goes on. Simply put, UB just did not get that same level of immediate impact transfer this year from the upperclassmen (clearly they did get that impact from Mballa). I struggle with how much of that I put on the coaching staff. My expectations were lower than most here, but I certainly still expected them to be playing this coming weekend. Was it a failure on the coaching staff to not get more out of some of these players? Not putting them in the right position to succeed? Or did we, the fans, simply expect too much and put unreasonable expectations on the players? I don't think we'll ever know. I'm not gonna get all doom and gloom here. There were clearly bright spots this season. Jeenathan Williams improved exponentially, and I can't wait to see how he continues to improve in the next two years. Josh Mballa is clearly an elite MAC big with 2 more years to play. There are some very good puzzle pieces here, and if no one leaves - knock on wood - there is definitely still potential for growth next year. I won't call this season a failure, but it's a sign of how we the fans view the program now compared to the Reggie era. 20 wins is nice, 11-7 in conference is nice, wins over Depaul and Harvard are nice, but they're not good enough. In my mind, the Whitesell floor has now been set. I expect better next year. Yes, they're losing maybe the best PG in program history, and some other contributors, but that's the nature of the game in college basketball. There are young players on this team who will need to step up, and the coaches need to get them there. There's a lot of work to be done this summer, and I'm hoping they come out of the gates blazing in the fall.
  10. Miami chokes late lead against Ohio and finishes in 12th.
  11. Potential is still there for the bye to Cleveland. UB has Miami at home, and @ Bowling Green. Ball State has Central at home and @ NIU. UB should beat Miami at home. Kent has BG at home and @ Akron. If UB takes care of business against Miami, they have to be in the driver's seat for the 4-seed. Not a guarantee, but the odds-on favorite.
  12. Just gotta make sure they lose the regular season finale against BG.
  13. For those of us not watching/listening - what happened? Any update on his status?
  14. I gotta think 2-2 in these last four gets them into the top 4. UB has the tiebreaker on Central, who would have to go 5-0. Kent would need to go 4-0, which is a tall task with Akron and BG on the schedule. Just gotta hope that Ball State/NIU cannibalize each other and one of the bottom-half West teams sneaks an upset. Still, though, seeding aside, Akron really does appear to be a class above the rest of the conference this year. UB can beat them (clearly, since they already did), but it's their conference to lose this year.
  15. Honestly, I agree with this Fred guy. Mental illness is no joke. None of us know what Frye has gone through or what the backstory is here. At the end of the day, these players are people too. I hope UB routs BG on the court, of course, but I also hope that Frye gets (or has received) whatever help he needs. No need to bring personal stuff into the game.....let our guys' play on the court do the talking. Just my two cents.
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