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  1. Not that I saw, but while we're on the topic, Niagara is beating Colgate 39-26 at the half, at Colgate, as 11-point underdogs.
  2. FYI, game appears to be on ESPN3 tonight.
  3. Anyone know what channel this may be on for Spectrum cable (if at all)?
  4. I'd also be curious if it's difficult for a team like UB to land buy games from major schools. UB has been a consistently-solid mid-major in recent years, and has shown that it can win road games at major schools. If you're a top program, would you rather UB come in and give you a close game, or a lower-tier school for an easier win for the same price? Beating UB at home is - at best - a Q2 win, and more likely Q3, whereas an upset loss hammers your NCAAT seeding. Is it worth it to play UB when you can play some Kenpom 250th-ranked opponent instead for the same price?
  5. Canisius and Niagara do have a rivalry. It even has a name, which is more than we can say for any of UB's "rivalries". Battle of the Bridge
  6. Bona will be fine even after the loss. They're an elite defensive team who had an off-night against a team (namely one player) that was absolutely unconscious from 3. They won't run into another team again this year who will shoot 50% from 3 against them. UNI was well-coached - moved the ball well, had a big who can shoot 3s to stretch the floor, didn't turn the ball over, always made the extra pass. The thin bench is a concern, but as we see with teams like UB, Ohio, etc., that's not terribly uncommon right now. The A-10 is comparatively weak this year compared to previous seasons, and Bona should lose no more than like 4 games in conference. You never know, but I'd be surprised if they didn't somewhat roll through the conference this season. Say what you will about early Kenpom rankings, but the 2nd-ranked team in the A-10 is only #73 (Richmond). Bonnies are likely far and away the best team in the A-10 this year.
  7. Bulls got some heart, but honestly I feel like this coaching staff was badly outcoached today. Bulls have all the talent, but SFA was the better team today. That's on the coaches.
  8. I think he's trying not to foul out. Bulls lack of depth hurting them today. SFA attacking Jack and Mballa both on 4 fouls every time down the floor.
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