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  1. How long is his contract? Can they get out of it
  2. Jack has to be on the bench. That's the only option. Give Jones way more minutes and leave Jack there until he stops shooting.
  3. Oh gosh a stud lower major player. the UB staff needs till June guys
  4. Pretty big on that powerhouse Iowa Juco market i see. Makes sense for us to be after midwest players.
  5. Think he goes to a school close to home. Did Bonas sway him?
  6. Mmhmmm. You didn’t decommit to go to Northern Arizona. A P5 school called with minutes to offer, unless you thought you’d be home sick and SBU or UB jump into the mix.
  7. Yuppp. I like how the only compliment of the staff recruiting process the last two years is that “well they kept the 10ppg PG from leaving”
  8. That's a 1.75 player haul. Hopefully they do better than that. Factor in the 0-fer in 2020 and there is cause for concern
  9. They lose nothing and gained Jason Carter. Scale is in their favor by a lot.
  10. The entire conference is a mess right now besides Ohio and UB in #2 Ohio ____________ Buffalo ______________ Rest of MAC
  11. Funny that's a riveting response. Everybody on here is everyone else.
  12. I didn't read DocCase as dismissive hyperbole but that's SkraBukes style for anyone who disagrees with him. I think he's argued 10+ people for disagreeing with the way things are handled right now. It's a bullying approach of my way only
  13. Verbal Commits and others are out there every minute scouring for offers. We don't need it reported because the players themselves report every single offer they get. It's part of the process for them. It'd lean way more toward "offers aren't happening". I think saying that they are taking their time due to past misses holds way more water than "secret we dont know about it offers".
  14. I'm fine with it, but its now April, and we don't have "news" of a single interested offer. You can't just default to "we will get someone good because there's a lot of people in the portal" Safe to say they won't go the HS Senior route.
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