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  1. I’m hoping we can do what the ACC is doing, all MAC teams are closer together and not located in the south (where the pandemic is hitting hard). With that said I believe it should be possible to have a conference schedule played this fall, if teams test adequately and take certain precautions if a player tests positive
  2. He’s definitely more than capable to play if he gets any minutes, prolific prep is an absolute powerhouse of a team, anyone who dresses for them can play ball
  3. Watched some video on him, seems pretty decent. Didn’t hold any D1 offers out of HS only d2. Went the juco route and seemed to play decently.
  4. Was at Vanderbilt but suffered a season ending injury this past season
  5. Grad transfer from Marist, had some big offers but chose UB over Vanderbilt and Toledo. Should be a big contribution on the defensive line
  6. Running back out of Syracuse, had 16 offers
  7. I’m friends with Malik on Snapchat and he posted an edit of Lance Erving in a Bulls uniform. It seemed like it was an official edit made by someone in UB’s basketball department. He was originally committed to Louisiana Tech but went Juco to chipola instead, wouldn’t be surprised if he received an offer via Foley
  8. We could definitely see some spring football and basketball soon, hoping they have the plans for it.
  9. 6’6 PF/C, has a ton of mid major offers according to verbal commits. Rivals lists him as a three star recruit
  10. Not sure, we are losing a bunch of seniors after this season so I’m guessing they have a bit more spots to fill
  11. Was offered by Army and Howard
  12. Three star athlete
  13. I’m usually very optimistic about the season starting on time but this whole virus issue in the south is a bit worrisome. If a bunch of southern FBS schools close for fall semester they might just cancel the season. Still have to months left, hopefully they could play in spring if it comes to it
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