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  1. Jack is going to be a monster. Kid is a bit raw but will shape into form
  2. Adams is not good… I’m nervous every time he has the ball
  3. EMU looks scary on paper. I’m hoping Bates does well and gets drafted, it’s great for the MAC. It’s just hard for me to see scouts taking him as seriously since he is playing at a “lower level”. He might not even be there top scorer with Farrakhan there
  4. Unless he averages 25+ he won’t get drafted, he’s known to be a locker room cancer. However it’s great to see talent like that in the MAC
  5. His stats don’t jump out all that much but he still got D1 offers and was a Seton Hall player, tells me that he’s got to be pretty good. Seems to be a lot like Mading but a bit more polished
  6. Looks like we need a wing. I could see Mading playing center this year. His wingspan is insane, only concern is his strength. Vick Hart I believe is a sg/sf so I wouldn’t be surprised if we are actively recruiting him
  7. I feel like the team will be fun to watch, lot of high paced offense. I agree that we are a 10-8 team at best, definitely a development year. I’m intrigued to see What Blocker can do this season. He looked confident in his limited play time and is freakishly athletic. According to verbal commits he’s the only true SG we have on the roster, maybe Foster or Powell could switch to SG as well. I fully expect Caeser to compete for the starting PG position, possibly getting more playing time over Jones. He appears to be a better ball handler and is insanely fast with or without the ball. I know 3 point shooting is a huge concern but I’m more worried about the Center position with only freshman Issac Jack on the roster. With one scholarship left I would like them to grab a transfer center or SF to back up Adams
  8. We are absolutely stacked at DB and WR
  9. A teammate and also a OLman got drafted last season. I don’t think Mo would take him as a transfer if he was playing badly, could be a depth piece. Heard we are going after a Rutgers OL as well
  10. There’s only a handful of PFs that are stars under 6’7, Zion Williamson and Charles Barkley to name a couple. The SEC is full of huge big men and I can’t see Mballa flourishing there unless he really ups his game dramatically. I wish him the best though
  11. Yep, his recruiting just took off early this season. Had an offer from San Jose State and UC Santa Barbara. Played in the Biosteel all Canadian game a month back and had eight points against the best players in Canada, some being 4-5 ⭐️ Players. Fort Erie is also a powerhouse, one of their players might get drafted out of HS. I believe he’s going to be good, like someone said, he gets better every season and develops quickly. Should do fine in the MAC
  12. He played for the biosteel Canadian team, composed of Canada’s best players. Shared the backcourt 5⭐️ Leonard Miller at Fort Erie and averaged 15.4 a game
  13. 6’11 center from fort Erie
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