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  1. It technically counts, Point Park is NAIA
  2. Blocker looks confident in his game, Mading is raw but has great skill
  3. Fagan should be playing for point park, can’t keep up and looks mismatched
  4. According to some recruiting activity accounts, Linguist and the staff are going after a lot of players in the portal. Just offered a few DBs and safety’s. Hopefully they can get some players that fit his system and we see Buffalo have a much more productive season
  5. He’s a team manager I believe that is quite good at basketball, could potentially try to walk on
  6. Good teams lose games they should win, we’ve seen upsets all over the country this season. I’m critical of Whitesell but I don’t believe he’s all that terrible. A loss like this is upsetting but I’m going to wait until the end of the season to see how we end up
  7. Any reason why skogman didn’t see much playing time in the second? We really needed some length out there
  8. Hopefully they play with more intensity tomorrow and get to 3-2. Bad loss all around but it’s something to learn from
  9. I think someone said this earlier but if SFA was to win this game because they shot the lights out, I’d be upset but not pissed. That is not the case at all, they’re just out hustling us in every aspect of the game. I can put blame on everyone on the team from the staff to the players. It’s inexcusable that this team continues to play sloppy in a lot of first half’s
  10. Any contact is a foul, these refs are atrocious. We still are playing terrible though
  11. Maybe didn’t word that correctly. This game is not going well so far
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