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  1. Welp this game might be over
  2. Jack has been horrible, just let Brewton play
  3. From what I know he’s testing the waters to see what kind of interest he gets. Hopefully he doesn’t transfer out
  4. I have an insider on the team who told me that the coaching staff has openly told some players that they should look elsewhere. Some have left as grad transfers as well. I was also told that spring ball will be harder than ever before, coaching staff is hoping to weed out the weak players… expect more to look elsewhere after spring ball
  5. Sometimes it could be other reasons, but you are spot on in many cases. Who knows what’s going on in Porters life outside of football, maybe something is going on at home and he decided not to transfer to a school far away. Or he could just be looking for a spot where he will be WR1, his decommit came right after Marshall’s commitment. Anyway the staff seems to be recruiting really well out of the portal, we’ll just have to see who’s here during spring ball
  6. Offensive Lineman from VMI, good to see another commitment after losing Brekke to Miami Ohio. Fingers crossed that he’s true to his commitment.
  7. As a student at UB I try to make every home game. On occasion the school tries to promote games, usually games against rivals or talented opponents. It’s still pretty disheartening to see the lack of student support recently, I think some students just don’t care because they’re not a top 25 team like a few seasons ago. Another reason for the lack of students at the moment is because it’s winter break. Hopefully when the spring semester starts we see a rise in overall student bodies at the games.
  8. Greeley would be a huge get, seemed to be a bit under recruited out of JUCO. Has a 3⭐️ 87 rating on 247
  9. Linguist has a ton of connections. I wonder who he’s going to replace Cauthen with. Excited to see this team build
  10. Staff is coming up huge
  11. I’m guessing it’s going to be Snyder. He appears to be a better version of Myers, mobile and able to throw.
  12. Staff seems to be killing it through the portal, tons of experience and talent. Hopefully more to come!
  13. Had some huge offers out of the portal, great get for the staff
  14. 3 ⭐️ O-lineman who was originally committed to UConn. Had a handful of mid major offers
  15. Darn was looking forward to taking my father to the game, hasn’t been to a UB game since the early 80s. Hope everyone stays safe during the snowstorm!
  16. Another huge get for the staff!! Keep them coming!!
  17. Bad shooting happens to every team from time to time. The problem is it seems like it happens to UB way too often. I’m not even sure if you can blame coaching on that, especially if they’re running plays and getting open shots. Have no clue why this happens so often with us
  18. He had a decent season the year before. He’s insanely fast, possibly a “Wilson” prototype receiver. Nice deep threat
  19. Great get for the staff, hopefully they grab a few O-linemen
  20. Had 20 offers out of JUCO, great grab. Linguist is doing a great job at finding players that fit his system
  21. I wonder if the wind storm will have any affect on if/when the game will be played
  22. We will be fine, shots will eventually fall, we’ve seen it before
  23. This game is going to be a dog fight, both teams playing hard
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