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  1. Was told flash sale is on Tuesday.
  2. AD Alnutt isn't unwise. I am pretty sure that they both moved passed any issues that might have existed. I would guess that Coach Hodgson would still be very interested in leading the Bulls. Alnutt needs to get the mens basketball program back on track. I would be very intrigued by Hodgson. I hope Coach Whitesell proves me and many other on this board wrong, but I'd be very surprised.
  3. Could start by terminating you know who and hiring Bryan Hodgson. 🤘
  4. I have no clue what to expect. So many new players. I can't remember a season like this with so much roster turnover. CJ was such an important piece to the Bulls success under Oats. Great player and even better leader. Hopefully there is someone like CJ on this roster. His intangibles were off the chart. Confident, tough, hard working, smart and a great ball player wrapped in one. I hate to short change others on that team, but CJ was the ultimate competitor. Would be tremendous if we had that on this roster. Hopefully these new players can be a good fit for the Bulls and vice versa. Time will tell.
  5. This will be out worst year of the last ten years. Probably not as bad as most are expecting, but I don't anticipate any postseason.
  6. The portal will make it difficult for fans. It is like trying to root for the Bisons.
  7. Whitesell is walking the line with having an offense that allows players to play with freedom (what most players want and likely come to UB for) and structure. Caruthers is a great example. He had a lot of talent and embraced his role as a lockdown defender. He could have scored more. The question is whether this was the result of the coaching staff or the player.
  8. Hoping for an impactful big.
  9. Danny White did a tremendous job with this. Mark Alnutt, not so much.
  10. I'm expecting a down year or possibly a down couple of years, but since 3/4 of the MAC is sub 200, we will probably still be a .500 team. I'm sure the staff has a number of offers, but they spend zero time on social media so it's not always clear who they are targeting.
  11. Mballa is a good ball player. He will be a good player wherever he ends up, but unfortunately he regressed last year. His ppg and rebounds were down while his turnovers were up. I am still perplexed as per why. I wish nothing but the best.
  12. Wouldn't it be tremendous if Skogman comes back?? He flashed so much this season. I think he could be an all time great by the time he graduates. I believe Skogman is in UB School of Management and the the school is accredited The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. This prestigious accreditation is considered to be the hallmark of management education. Of more than 16,000 business schools worldwide, less than 5% are accredited by AACSB International. There are definitely strong reasons for him to stay.
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