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  1. If lucky, my guess is conference only and no games until January. A lot will depend on how Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana are controlling the virus. If there are travel restrictions UB may not be able to play. Key to watch is Syracuse, if the ACC does not come to its senses. What has to be done for their games with schools on the travel restrictions list.
  2. In addition to Columbus good bye College Park, Piscataway, Ann Arbor, State College, Iowa City Evanston, Madison, Lincoln, Champaign, St. Paul, East Lansing, Bloomington and West Lafayette. Now does anyone know where the title of the thread came from?
  3. Just a reminder it is probably a good time to drop it if you have it for UB games. Probably nothing until 2021 in any sports.
  4. A decision will be coming shortly from NCAA.
  5. Dan Patrick reporting that Big 10 voted 12-2 against fall football (Nebraska and Iowa voted to play). Both Big 10 and Pac-12 to announce cancellations tomorrow.
  6. Not sure how many on the board are from Long Island and have had issues with power being restored after the tropical storm last week. I think I figured out the reason for the delay. Driving on LIE Saturday I passed four trucks from a tree cutting company. They were based in Kent, Ohio. Need I say more?
  7. Looks like COVID was a lead in the decision coming from the players. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/09/sports/ncaafootball/coronavirus-college-football.html?action=click&module=News&pgtype=Homepage
  8. Cross country is hard to move to the spring, since many run outdoor track. Swimming is a winter sport an unaffected by the decision.
  9. Big XII is looking to not start play before 9-12-20. That puts the Kansas State game in doubt as it was set for 9-5-20. https://247sports.com/college/kansas-state/Article/Kansas-State-football-athletic-director-Gene-Taylor-and-Big-12-Conference-subcommitte-continue-to-labor-over-2020-schedule-149957185/
  10. Update from Pete Thamel: https://twitter.com/PeteThamel/status/1291793006194982914
  11. There was a meeting yesterday of the MAC presidents about football. NO decision was made. They expect a decision on Saturday. I think UB can be a huge problem. As of now there are no quarantine issues with only EMU, CMU nad WMU. All of schools have to quarantine for 14 days if they come to New York and UB would have to do the same coming back from road games. Syracuse is asking for a waiver from the governor. No word on that as of yet.
  12. UConn first FBS to say they will not play this fall. They cite COVID and safety as the reason. However, since they are an independent they had almost no schedule any to play. https://uconnhuskies.com/news/2020/8/5/uconn-football-announces-cancellation-of-2020-season-due-to-risks-associated-with-covid-19.aspx
  13. And then they can try to figure out what to do about quarantining for every game except Army and Western Michigan.
  14. Except that Ohio and Indiana require 14 day quarantines coming to or for UB returning to New York. The only other schools that I think you be can play would be independents UConn and UMass. As far as schools in conferences I think only Pitt, Syracuse and BC are available without quarantine requirements.
  15. Now there are are two games, Army and Western Michigan that are not impacted by New York's quarantine rules on travel.
  16. The MAAC shuts down all fall sports. Tick, tick, tick...
  17. This has been around for years. Julius Erving chose UMass over UB when UMass hired his high school coach as an assistant coach. Same thing with Danny Manning when Larry Brown hired his father as an assistant at Kansas.
  18. New branding and logos at Albany. Had UB placed a star on the western side of the state it might have been better received. Regardless, we are still New York's Public powerhouse.
  19. If you can get by without out a refund on your season tickets, I would suggest that you advise Athletics to convert your season ticket money for the year to a donation to help Athletics. Although details on the refund policy have not yet been determined, you can advise UB once the policy is announced to keep your ticket money. I told Athletics yesterday to keep my money and make it an unrestricted donation to the Athletics Department. Also remember that if you have only been buying season tickets, without the extra money for better seats, this would make you a booster and subject to NCAA regulations going forward. https://ubbulls.com/sports/2019/6/17/compliance-index.aspx
  20. Not sure how no preseason NFL games (not yet definite) will impact our games. Preseason would be over the Thursday before Kansas State.
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