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  1. Price increase as of November 21, 2022. It is going up to $99.99 per year.
  2. I have known every AD going back to Ed Muto, most of the coaches since the mid-1970s and many support staff people. I also know what you mean by a "state worker" mentality. Not one person that I have ever met in UB Athletics has a "state worker" mentality. Those people plus people in other departments of UB that I know and have work with also do not have that mentality. They all realize that they are working for a university and are not state workers as you use the phrase.
  3. They do this almost every year. It is how they finance a lot of the rest of their athletics budget. 2021: Texas A&M< Iowa Maryland 2019: Arizona State, Auburn, Wisconsin Next year: UCF, Arkansas, Fresno State 2024: Pitt, Tennessee, Penn State
  4. Yes I do want tickets and no they are not clowns. They are teenagers and in their early twentys trying to do their best. If that is not enough for you, fine. For me it is. I would prefer to 0-12 every year and graduate students who move on and have great careers doing what they want to do rather than going 14-0 and not graduating students who have no transferable skills for the rest of their lives.
  5. Temple rushed four when Willy hit Roosevelt with UB's hail Mary. How did that work out? The Vikings rushed four against the Cowbiys when Staubach hit Pearson. How did that work out? So how many do you rush?
  6. UB football was not new in 1999. The revived program had been around for over 20 years then. There are many athletes who played for UB in the Division III days who put out just as hard as the athletes today. They are not to be forgotten.
  7. At least it is not the old days when the move would have been within the conference.
  8. Eastern Michigan is a 12:00 kickoff. No streaming necessary. Game is on CBS Sports Network.
  9. Time to move on from Holy Cross. Game is at 1:00 and is on ESPN+.
  10. Holy Cross is ranked 16th in this weeks FCS poll.
  11. Tough day on the Plains for Allen. Statement of support from Kevin White, former Duke AD and father of Danny:
  12. Usually with the press release for the game. My guess next Tuesday.
  13. Season tickets are being mailed out. I received my tickets today.
  14. The soccer team is off to a consistent start. They have played two games already. They won both beating Binghamton and Niagara by identical 4-1 scores. Sunday they pay their third game before classes start stepping up to the Big 10. Game time at Rutgers is 1:00 PM. Hopefully a good weather day and will people will be able to back to New York City before being overwhelmed by Jersey Shore traffic.
  15. I guess I will miss it on TV as I will be at the game.
  16. This idea has been being kicked around for months, although this may have been the first serious meeting on the issue. The former SUNY Chancellor is in the meetings and hopeful between her and the MAC representative UB will be protected.
  17. An unbelievable geographic group. From Boston to Santa Barbara. From Buffalo to Atlanta.
  18. Per UB's website the game is in Storrs, on campus.
  19. If you are traveling from New York City for a Tuesday night game, it will be closer to three if not more, especially if it is on campus.
  20. Very hard to retire numbers in college basketball. No uniform can have a numeral higher than 5 on it. Remember 11 is already in the rafters for Rasaun Young (and eventually for Turner Battle, probably sometime this season with him back in town) but was worn by Jeenathan Williams last year and Kuluel Mading this season.
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