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  1. Hopefully with a knife, fork and a spoon, or at least with a knife and a spork.
  2. It was basically one hand touch for the QBs. Once touch the play was blown dead. The last thing any coach wants is lose a QB in spring practice for the full season. That also explains why the QBs were in gray, unless of course they doing a remake of Casablanca with the blue team.
  3. I guess this will make him the first to leave UB and go to a former NCAA Champion in men's basketball.
  4. I assume you meant to subsidize other UB programs. Right now the pay day money is going to pay off the loans used to build the field house. That was how the financing was sold to the UB Foundation to get the loans.
  5. It is either that or most likely be ineligible in the fall. If someone leaves school when they enter the portal they will do a Blutarsky. If they do it will be very difficult to be eligible to play in the fall semester, if not the entire season.
  6. I believe the NCAA is already looking at what is going on at Miami.
  7. I think this only the third time since 1995 that there have been enough players to split up into two teams to "play a game" rather than an organized scrimmage with the offense going up against the defense.
  8. The solution to the issues you are talking about is money. So if you do not donate and give Athletics more money you would be part of the problem and not part of the solution. Not giving is creating a self fulfilling prophecy.
  9. The challenge has been met, but you can still donate as every dollar helps, even if made after Giving Day ends at noon today, some 27 minutes from now.
  10. And what Coach Jack's practices were for the old 6 on 6 half court women's basketball with two hand set hots?
  11. Okay folks to day is the day. Please make your donations between noon today and noon tomorrow. Your donations will count double if they are in the first $15,000.00 donated during Giving Day. There is a match listed on the site that an anonymous donor will match the first $15,000.00 donated. Also if Athletics is in the top three of units receiving donations today President Tripathi will donate an extra $2,500 to $7,500.00 to Athletics. https://ubgivingday.buffalo.edu/
  12. Would not be surprised. Coach Staley had a long "talk" with her on the handshake line in the Bahamas.
  13. For those who follow this intently a full list of players in the portal is here: https://watchstadium.com/every-player-in-the-2022-college-basketball-transfer-portal-04-21-2022/
  14. Even when freshmen were ineligible for varsity teams, they still played. They played either on a Freshman team or a JV team. There were not as many games played, but games were played against other schools. The gap in the run of NCAA titles by UCLA was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's freshmen year, when the freshman team beat the two time defending national champion varsity team at the end of preseason training camp. As for some school adopting the old rules, while others do not is going to hurt recruiting at the schools that do not allow freshmen to play. Gene Banks was going to play at Penn coming out of high school. But the Ivies kept the no freshman rule in effect when the rest of the NCAA eliminated it. Because of that he went to Duke. He went to the national championship game in 1978 instead of being embarrassed by Michigan State the following year in national semi-finals. If only some conferences adopt the rule their recruiting will suffer greatly. If the non-Power 5 and Big East allow freshman to play and all of the other conferences do not, it will effectively set up a FBS/FCS divide in basketball.
  15. Because of GPA eligibility requirements, that as of n=know still exist, they need to finish the semester. Pulling Blutarsky is going to make it hard to be eligible at their next school.
  16. A lot of Kentucky flavor in the staff. Wonder if there will be a big Derby Day party on May 7th.
  17. For those looking for UB to change conferences, here is an article about the cost of moving up to a Power 5 conference for UCF. For those wondering about the figures from UCF's Giving Day, the money raised for athletics on that day is about where UB is for all donations on Its Giving Day (which by the way starts at noon next Tuesday). https://www.blackandgoldbanneret.com/knight-insight/2022/4/18/23010910/ucf-knights-working-with-tight-economics-aac-big-12-realignment-budget
  18. I was trying to think of football or basketball, since you said you were not sure about olympic sports.
  19. Now officially announced, although finalized last Monday. Coach Sharkey is about 140 miles closer to her New Jersey roots. She too joins Coach Jack along with Coach Carter in Syracuse. It is up on the Syracuse website.
  20. Per his Twitter bio and Cuse.com Khyreed Carter to Syracuse as assistant coach.
  21. Alnutt talks about coaching turnover, indicating that it is not all gloom and doom. In fact he believes, and I agree, it is a good thing. If larger schools are looking at your coaches it means they are winning. If you have a winning program the quality of the applicants goes up when opening occur. https://www.ubspectrum.com/article/2022/04/mark-alnutt-talks-coaching-changes-transfer-portal-challenges
  22. And possibly a new arena for Union College hockey. https://dailygazette.com/2022/04/11/union-excited-at-prospect-of-new-hockey-rink/
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