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  1. We’re still reaching out to people:
  2. I agree that it isn’t on the same level, but he was on staff for a few months and his biggest accomplishment was putting the program on probation. Forgive me for not wishing him the best.
  3. I suspect they are talking about the HC Brendan Foley, not Morrow. I think the reply was implying Chipola should promote from within.
  4. I don’t think any of his detractors deny that. It’s far and away his best quality as a coach and 99% of why the hire made sense in the first place. I think those of us on the fence are wondering how long keeping and attracting talent is going to be enough to keep everybody happy?
  5. If Whitesell was involved in any way then the only way this should end is with an entirely new coaching staff.
  6. Wow what an idiot. Glad this was caught early and he was shown the door so quickly.
  7. Are we entirely sure that his decommit was 100% his choice? His sudden departure from his high school team seemed to be immediately followed by a cooling of the relationship with UB. I wouldn't be shocked to hear there's more to the story.
  8. Article posted a couple days ago highlighting Zachery to discuss the challenges of recruitment and commitment in a COVID-19 world: https://www.si.com/college/cal/news/jc-point-guard-considering-cal
  9. Buffalo misses Cleveland one time and attendance goes to crap.
  10. Losing to the 12 seed on your home floor with Cleveland on the line is inexcusable.
  11. has there been a better free throw shooter in a UB jersey than Segu? I remember Filzen being good but Segu just seems damn near automatic. what an awesome effort by Rondo to get the ball up court.
  12. Helps to get lucky sometimes. That was a clear charge called a block in UB’s favor.
  13. 3.2 seconds is plenty of time to put up a non fluky play. Bad use of time at the end here. Regardless of how this ends I think this team is still trending in the right direction. Heck of a game to watch as a fan of college basketball.
  14. Hey guys did you know he played just 53 minutes at Texas Tech last year?
  15. Cannot wait to see him on campus. What a talent.
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