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  1. Absolutely not. It’s a step down even before they get pillaged
  2. Honestly is there a worse team we’ve played in recent memory? Gardner Webb is the only one that comes close in my mind and even they could punt a ball more than 20 yards
  3. The only thing telling me this is not what's going on is I can't imagine a program the size of Syracuse agreeing to basically throw in the towel for a whole season to wait for Coach FLJ.
  4. Looking back at this I wonder if the Maceo Jack transfer to UB was ever part of the consideration here. I’m not saying she got the offer but I can see a (possibly unlikely) scenario where she would say no to Syracuse to be at UB with Jack for his senior season and where it’s too late in the summer for Syracuse to move on a reasonable plan B.
  5. Hard to imagine she’d say no to an offer from Syracuse and I’d have to imagine one is forthcoming.
  6. Tough match up. Athletic tall and long opponent with a big bench. Still hanging in there despite not shooting well.
  7. I’m not one to complain about referees but what is going on
  8. As much as it sucks to not have Wes, it’s not as though he was on the roster of our best team ever. We’ve seen these guys do amazing things without him and Jordan and Bearden should be up to the task to fill in. We’ll miss his scoring for sure. Time for Caruthers to show he isn’t just a defensive monster.
  9. Sorry we can’t all be passengers on a rudderless ship. Maybe we should adopt the no President / no AD model too - certainly saves on payroll. p.s. we both know the only reason you’ve bothered to check this board is because our alumni are actually doing something after receiving their diplomas (fancy word for what you may know as a welding certificate).
  10. Oats mentioned in an interview he is away from the team due to a death in the family
  11. Some upper echelon Euro league team should just scrap their roster and adopt this one because I swear as good as these guys are all on their own it will never be as good as they are together.
  12. Obviously looks bad, but I’ve never seen a player go down with an injury and come back into the game later more than I’ve seen Wes Clark do it. He’s a warrior.
  13. In true Buffalo fashion, core players had off games and a host of others stepped up. Very cool to watch these guys play together again - something I’ve wanted to see for a while come to life
  14. Oh wow good catch. Mading caught juicing.
  15. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRo9hXXtLHL/?utm_medium=copy_link UB men’s hoops Instagram posted a picture of the current squad with the TBT team. Mading is crazy tall
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