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  1. UB Press Release


    Tuesday, 10/29 - Daemen (Exhibition), 7 PM

    Friday, 11/8 - Dartmouth, 7 PM

    Monday, 11/11 - Nazareth, 7 PM

    Saturday, 11/16: @ Naismith Classic (Toronto) vs. Harvard

    11/21-24 - @ Charleston Classic (UCONN, TBD)

    Saturday 11/30 - William and Mary, 2 PM

    Tuesday, 12/3 - @ Vanderbilt

    Sunday, 12/8 - @ Depaul, 5 PM

    Saturday 12/14 - Army, 2 PM

    Wednesday 12/18 - Canisius, 7 PM

    Saturday 12/21 - Niagara, 2 PM

    Monday, 12/30 - St. Bonaventure, 7 PM

    Complete MAC Schedule

    Saturday 1/4 - NIU, 2 PM

    Tuesday 1/7 - @ Ball State

    Friday 1/10 - at Miami, 7 p.m. ET (CBS Sports Network)

    Tuesday, 1/14 - Ohio, 7 PM

    Saturday, 1/18 - @ CMU

    Tuesday 1/21 - WMU, 7 PM

    Friday 1/24 - Kent State, 6:30 p.m. ET (CBS Sports Network)

    Tuesday 1/28 - @ Akron

    Friday 1/31 Bowling Green 7 p.m. ET (ESPNU)

    Tuesday 2/4 - @ EMU

    Saturday 2/8 - CMU

    Saturday 2/15 - @ Toledo

    Tuesday 2/18 - Ball State, 7 PM

    Saturday 2/22 - @ Kent State

    Tuesday 2/25 - @ Ohio, 7 PM

    Saturday 2/29 - Akron

    Tuesday 3/3 - Miami, 7 PM

    Saturday 3/6 - @ BGSU




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  2. Just got mine all set .  We added two more seats on top of the 7 we had, even though our seats are now in a B&W club donation section.  The ticket office said the phones have been going nuts over the last couple days with renewals and new season ticket holders.

    So - despite the change in coaches, it seems there's plenty of interest in the upcoming season

  3. 11 minutes ago, Kevin said:

    Who is this from?

    21 minutes ago, everlast2504 said:

    A "sources close to the program have stated the the head coaching position at Buffalo will come from a final four team. The new coach will be signed Tuesday at the latest." Would do wonders right now. 



    I believe he meant that statement as a hypothetical.  It hasn't actually been said, but would be reassuring to all of those paying attention if someone could make that statement.

  4. 3 minutes ago, ChubbyHubby said:

    Do we have an update on the Women's seeding after last night?  I'm really hoping we can get to 2 or 3.  That way the Semis will be afternoon on Friday, 3/15.  An 11 a.m. game will be a pain to get to from Buffalo that morning. 

    First post updated.

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  5. 13 minutes ago, BasketBull said:

    Same. I park in the lot between the South Lake apartments and the parking pass lot next to the stadium. It's been packed at game time this year but not a problem if you get there early. The added bonus is barely anyone seems to use that exit on to Millersport Highway after the game. 

    I'll be there Friday. I hope the crowd is loud and worthy of this team. 

    I used to park in the Stadium lot - but that has become a mess since the crowds have gotten larger.  The Alumni B lot next to South Lake is good if you can get there early enough before it fills up.  Lately, I've just been going to the Jacobs lots and trying to park in the last row or two.  A little bit of a walk, but I've never had to circle for spots and am out onto Flint with no real wait at the end of the game.The Baird and Slee lots are where everyone tries to get into, and are always a mess.  Tomorrow may be a bit more interesting with the 6pm start, as the students will still be in the lots from classes.

  6. The women's team currently sits as the 3rd seed, with one game to go.


    Should the 3 seed hold, they'll tip off around 7-730 on Wednesday against the winner of the 6/11 game.  The semi on that side of the bracket then is at 1:30 on Friday, and the Championship is on 11 on Saturday.  Since CMU won last night they can't overtake them for first, but can end up anywhere between the 2 and the 4 seed.

    2019-03-06 10_06_24-WBBBracket19.pdf.png


  7. The #1 seed plays the early set of games to afford them the most rest leading into the championship game.

    UB will play at Noon on Thursday against the winner of the 8/9 seed game (as of today - NIU/Miami).  The winner advances to play the winner of the 5/12 vs. 4 seed (as of today - CMU/WMU vs. Kent) at 630 on Friday.  Championship is at 730 Saturday.





    2019-03-06 10_01_25-.png

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  8. 3 hours ago, Jeseph said:

    They'll come around eventually. The student section lost it's fire too.

    Unfortunately things don't look/feel like this anymore:



    To be fair - a 66-62 game with 2:58 is naturally going to spur more crowd interaction than when the team is up 40+ points.  Close games will bring out the crowd noise and bring people to their feet.  We've had a string of blowouts at home this year, so naturally people are going to sit back and watch the show if Buffalo is up late rather than when they are fighting it out until the end.  

    In conference this year, our average margin of victory at home is 25 pts.  I can't decry the lack of coordinated crowd enthusiasm too much based on that.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Jeseph said:

    I haven’t been to a DJed game this year but I think the issue with having music “live” like this is that you’re never going to satisfy everyone. Who knows, some people may love this DJ but inevitably some people are going to hate it. I think having PA music without sacrificing seats is always going to be the preferred solution.

    More importantly, we’ve now won 20 games in a row at home! Need to keep that streak alive for the rest of the year, no excuses for dropping a game at home.

    Not pleasing everyone is one thing - playing some sort of slow jam R&B at every break is another.  He's got an amazing talent for sucking all of the air out of the building after a UB run as the crowd gets on their feet and goes nuts by playing some slow low energy song.  Crowd sits down.  Arena gets quiet.  He watches the video board and repeats the same three catch phrases.  Rinse and repeat.  It's the most effective application of a momentum breaking timeout I've seen in college basketball.

    Hoping this gets better when the students and pep band return, but that DJ table needs to be disassembled yesterday and control of break music turned back over to UB production.

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  10. 5 minutes ago, UB85 said:

    They’re loyal though many are disgusting in their use of foul language. It surprises me that the Franciscans don’t try and rein that needless stuff in and are not embarrassed by it. 

    Before we get all high and mighty over the swearing by the student section, recall that during the first OU game after the 2005 MAC championship game, there were long stretches of chants of "F Ohio".  I do recall Reggie taking the mic a few times before games encouraging the support, but discouraging the cursing and off-color heckling.

    And I'm not defending the cursing- I thought it was dumb back then when I was in the middle of the Student Section, and still think it is dumb, especially now that I have kids with me at most games.

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