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  1. How do you survive losing 1.7 million dollars?
  2. Is he the playmaker the coaches were tweeting about last week?
  3. it would be fun. Natural rivalries. People would pay to watch the teams in this group play.
  4. they need to play. Way too much money involved not to
  5. it was a bold initiative that some people were not ready for. I liked the thinking. Too bad it didnt work out.
  6. wish him success and good luck
  7. Whole class so far looks strong. I don’t know if anyone is elite but very solid so far.
  8. Check out the 24/7 link. In the twitter section. Maybe another commit in Florida?
  9. Grad transfer and 6th year LB’s going to wreak havoc this year
  10. That is good to see. It will be nice to see Kent State fighting to be the second best team in the MAC...
  11. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/28891602/big-ten-sec-american-cancel-conference-tournaments
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