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  1. I’d have to believe many don’t care. Just as long as they’re eligible. It’s amazing how many think they’re going to get paid somewhere in the world to play.
  2. Is he an incoming freshman?
  3. Interestingly, the AD at IUP is a former Associate AD at UB with Danny White.
  4. Wait. Jim wasn’t tweeting as much as some on here expect. How could this happen? 😉
  5. Def need size with thickness. Skogman got thrown around like a rag doll last year. Mading would be 10x worse. Didn’t Sparks re-commit to Ball State? Need someone who can guard those types of guys.
  6. Uhhh. The official website. https://ubbulls.com/news/2022/4/30/football-white-defeats-blue-38-12-in-spring-game.aspx
  7. The worry about eliminating the transfer rule was that coaches from lower level programs that were successful could leverage their whole teams to come with them to a bigger name if they got a payday. I believe they’d call this a textbook example. Hot garbage.
  8. Problem is “The NCAA” is an association. Collectively the schools make the rules. They don’t have a commissioner or similar type person tasked with making and enforcing the rules for the good of the whole. A lot of people get pissed at the NCAA as if they are tasked with making the rules, but that’s not how it works….tragically.
  9. Not really the team that runs the accounts. That’s usually SIDs or Marketing (generally).
  10. I find it fascinating that just because the coach doesn’t meet you where you choose to hang out automatically means nothing is getting done. Btw - most of the recruits spend a majority of their time on IG and TikTok. Twitter is much more for us old heads
  11. I wish her well. Won’t root for her. In fact I’ll continue to root against Syracuse and hope they go winless.
  12. One thing the NCAA is considering that I hope they adopt soon is that anyone entering the transfer portal has to do so by X date or they are forced to sit out a year. Of course you want what’s best for the kids but FB transferring right now (as in time of year) is ridiculous.
  13. Yes. She took senior day this year with Summer.
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