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  1. I just don’t understand the obsession to hire a guy who hasn’t done any actual coaching. Jim has recruited well and our team has improved each year. BH can recruit better but can’t coach a lick. Think about it. In all of his years with Nate, he hasn’t even run a practice. If you can’t win, recruiting will then suffer as well.
  2. Actually the defense seemed to play fairly well the last few games, especially considering injuries. The Offense let them down vs NIU and BSU.
  3. Hodgson hasn’t even run a practice in his life. He’s one of the best recruiters out there but he needs to go elsewhere and prove himself first. Hopefully he’s grown up since leaving UB as well as the tales of some of his antics on the road were not becoming of head coach material.
  4. https://ubbulls.com/news/2021/11/16/general-ub-athletics-launces-new-mobile-app.aspx “Through the app, Bulls fans will enjoy a personalized mobile experience with the ability to manage tickets, shop for official Buffalo Bulls merchandise and receive breaking news and score notifications for the teams they follow. The app is designed with a user-friendly interface that integrates with the UB Bulls webpage to bring the latest UB Athletics digital content right to your fingertips. Additionally, it includes links to game day programs and media guides, access to your Ticketmaster account to manage your tickets, and team social media feeds.”
  5. It isn’t a home and home. It technically was a buy game. We needed a strong peer opponent game and that was all we were able to get.
  6. Western Kentucky AD Stewart provides a bunch of details behind the last couple of weeks for the Hilltoppers…..Further, Stewart: "Marshall really wanted to make Conference USA work – they really did." Of particular note on how things worked out: "If we had been invited to join the MAC, we would have said yes. If we're invited to join the MAC down the line, then I think the answer to that would probably be yes, because if it makes sense today, then I think it's safe to assume it would make sense down the line….”
  7. Lance got bailed out. Going for it on 4th and 1 from your own side of the field when up 7 at the end of the game ranks right up there with worst calls.
  8. Sharkey ain’t ready. That would basically be saying all the progress we’ve made under Coach Jack is for naught. Need someone with experience. She’s a fine assistant, but she ain’t it.
  9. Just my 2 cents, but when we closed it to 5, we stopped attacking the basket. We got lazy and started jacking up 3s, probably bc we got a few to fall, but at that point Michigan took advantage and put us away. I didn’t expect Michigan to come out as in sync as they were. They’re a heck of a squad and proud how we battled. As said above, a few 3s fall in the first half, it’s a different game. On to UNT.
  10. Formally signed today. Good get!
  11. It’s a new year and one that seems to obviously be getting a good deal of hype. This is very much Jim’s team, hopefully the team can meet its expectations on paper. That said, what are you hoping to see (besides obviously wins)? Here’s a few from me: 1. Someone develop into a defensive stopper. Hopefully one of the younger guys. This team has lacked that. Mballa is great around the rim but we’ve had a devil of a time the last few years slowing our opponents best player in a guard dominated league. Turner is gone, LCJ is gone. But inevitably it’ll be someone new. Need a stopper. 2. Free throw shooting. Think we all know. 3. We have 1 Junior who plays in Hardnett and 1 Sophomore we expect to play more (but hasn’t really yet) in Skogman. Gosh we need some player development from the young guys quickly. Skogman especially. 4. Someone who wants the damn ball. In crunch time when we needed a bucket, nobody has seemed to want the ball like CJ Buckets used to, to provide the knock out punch. 5. Brewton to be a respectable threat from outside. It can open up so much. 6. Another solid class for next year. 😁
  12. UMass will NOT bring over their hoops teams. This would be Football only so…pass. WKU would be solid add but Rick Stansbury is notorious for cheating his butt off.
  13. Would be solid adds if they don’t dilute the tv $ pool.
  14. Who said satisfied? I think the home schedule especially is bad. I don’t like it. But you literally said they’re not trying. They are. Those are two different things.
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