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  1. I know that the MACC was cancelled and the crown may be in our trophy case but we're certainly not wearing it after this past season...
  2. https://twitter.com/joneskanye0/status/1281683755015471105 http://verbalcommits.com/players/kanye-jones
  3. https://twitter.com/Coach_FredM/status/1280522779561996291
  4. Was he a walk-on at WF? I know not every ACC recruit works out but a 2⭐️ that rarely played?
  5. https://twitter.com/jamarigassett18/status/1274418829439963136?s=21
  6. I'm having some issues as well. Trying to describe them in detail as best as possible so @admin can look into things...
  7. This cadence (and quality of recruits) has been impressive and exciting!
  8. Pretty much "beat" the MAC on this one for recruiting.
  9. Do we know that is what occurred here? Maybe Utah St. changed their mind after seeing transcripts and they're allowing him to leave under his own terms (publicly)?
  10. Didn't realize UB was in a hiring freeze. I'm sure that is why we haven't seen "ink".
  11. 🤔🤔🤔 My favorite piece:
  12. No more whispers here, I would think Jonah or others would be digging into this if it were in motion...
  13. This was honestly the most surprising part of this whole report to me. Though I guess in this case the claim was that TTU was treating him unfairly so teammate corroboration makes sense here?
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