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  1. We better start winning games if we want to sniff at large bid talks.
  2. Went to dinner for a bit. We they came back. Again shows heart. Clearly have the talent but need the discipline. Let’s pull this out!
  3. Sounds like a sorry excuse for why we are getting our ass handed to us. I’m shocked we are only down by 10. We played like we should be down by 25. This really looks like our inept football team. Hot and cold, no discipline. Everyone keeps sighting our experience and age, but that clearly doesn’t mean crap. I think we are in for a long year of mediocrity with pinches of embarrassment and greatness mixed in.
  4. Maybe. But again, let’s focus on what we control. Literally every aspect, we are getting destroyed. So harping on refs is silly.
  5. We aren’t losing cause the refs. We are losing because they are beating us at everything. We can’t even make a ft. Can’t pass. Can’t dribble. Can’t lay up. Can’t shoot. Can’t defend. Can’t do anything.
  6. Refs are bad but we aren’t in the same league as sfa right now. So hardly matters.
  7. This is nearly unwatchable. Sort of like our football team for half of every game. We should be embarrassed. Sickening.
  8. Our effort is terrible. Every 50/50 scuffle goes to sfa. They are playing at another speed from our squad. Going to be a long night.
  9. He can’t do anything. Letting him do the tiP off is embarrassing also. Mbala gotta be able to jump higher.
  10. Way too good to compete. Just the way it is. Our team is good, just against everybody else.
  11. Didn’t mean at that time. I meant generally speaking. He’s a force, he needs more touches.
  12. They are playing well. This is what we should be doing today. Taking care of business. Hopefully we keep our foot on gas pedal to close out game here. Mmbala needs tot touch ball even more down low.
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