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  1. This is as good as we have looked since game 1. Let’s keep the momentum for next game.
  2. Better showing… still very questionable offensive play calling, particularly early. Lost michel which is not good. Hopefully we can keep the distance and cruise to an easy win for a change. Much needed for team imo. May help with confidence going into stretch. We clearly have talent to win games - just need it to stick together for full game.
  3. For the love of god, please don’t come out flat or have a stretch where we give up 21 straights points to inferior team! Don’t even mind a competitive game but these vicious consistency swings are maddening.
  4. Don’t disagree with that strategy to go in right direction. Need money. Def won’t get it from govt. It’s sort of like a circular reference. Need money to get students and locals to care. Won’t get money until students and locals care. Winning helps, but the consistency is tough to keep up - we have done about as good as a job as you possibly can in this department, but still not seeing a huge downstream Impact to sticky support and money (outside of maybe what you mentioned with boldly Buffalo - but how does that compare to other major state school giving?)
  5. Sick of the bills and sabers excuse. I call bullshit on that. The reason we don’t draw is cause the school lacks culture and tradition. Alumni hardly stay connected with the school. Most the out of town alum leave and never come back. The commuters hardly ever were on campus to begin with. We need to invest heavily in creating a student culture that sticks. Create real pride in the school, it’s programs and the athletics. All of it. Very hard to do, but that is what needs to be worked on. Otherwise we will be having the same discussion 50 years from now.
  6. We can’t fault him for needing more time to build the team around his philosophy. No doubt. But his decision making can and should be judged. It’s been very questionable. Hopefully he begins to realize the teams weaknesses and not play into them as much as he has been. We should be paying close attention to his growth as a coach this season, which is absolutely fair game.
  7. I think he thinks we have an nfl kicker.
  8. Just got home - looking at score. Doesn’t even seem worth it to turn it on. Very disappointing. They have fire power to put points on board quick, but this violent inconsistency is hard to watch.
  9. Yeah, I think the overwhelming negativity is purely attributed to the expectation. Clearly that was unwarranted, and now that we can reassess where we truly are… we should move on knowing that we still have wins left in us but mo will need actual time to do his job. However I still do have a concern on play calling- particularly the 50 yd fg attempts. We aren’t in the nfl so he better re wire his brain on that. Also, hate the team discipline / penalties. He gotta get that in order sooner rather then later.
  10. Def not worse. But the goal is to be best in MAC, and we are far very far from that. That’s what we need to focus on. We gotta chalk this up to a rebuilding year. The q, is how many years will we need to get back in order.
  11. Nice to see some fight and the big rally to make it competitive. But at the end of the day the narrative holds true. No consistency on offense and pretty much awful defense for most of the game. I guess we just have to wait for coach to get his players in, I hope.
  12. Got some life, hopefully we can put it all together for a change. Let’s try to get this one somehow!
  13. We are an embarrassment. Can’t even watch. I think coach thinks he is in the nfl… 50 yd fgs when we are down by 14 points down, running up the gut over and over. It’s odd to say the least.
  14. Agreed off is terrible. Def can’t really hold - they are on the field all game. Will be a disappointing and tough year ahead.
  15. I think it’s clear that we are extremely mediocre at this point. Oh well.
  16. Only watched 1.5 quarters. Our offense looked like peewee football. Not even sure I saw a first down for the hr I watched. Tough year ahead. Oh well.
  17. Had a day to sleep on it… still feels terrible. I really hope coach treats this like a loss this week. To me the biggest concern is our running game. Thought that would continue to be our strength but not looking good thus far.
  18. I don’t think discipline can be fixed in a week. It hasn’t in 4 thus far..
  19. Also, let’s not forget that odu is terrible. We play like this vs some Mac teams, we lose by 30.
  20. That’s fair, but there is trends that we should be alarmed about… things like, lack of discipline, terrible play calling at times, pee wee football special teams to name a few.
  21. Agreed the win will be important for a potential bowl game, but we should not be celebrating. Our coaches should be treating his like a loss in the locker room. The amount of celebrating on our sideline is a joke.
  22. We are def better then a handful of teams. Our problem is consistency. We can be top in MAC for 1 or 2 quarters a game.
  23. Let our guard down? No way, we got spanked all over the field. We have a lot of work to do to be consistently competitive. Clearly we have the fire power any given game, but our consistency is about as bad as i can remember.
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