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  1. I always assumed Mbala was done with UB, but I find it interesting that a guy who can now 100% be the face of this team and have everything run through him rather start over in a brand new system against much better teams after such a disappointing year. Seems like he is taking on a lot, when he really should be trying to focus in a place he knows. I guess he really is looking for that change in scenery which again may say more about our coaching then anything else. Going to the SEC is great to boost your career, but I’d like to think that makes more sense when your coming off a good year and you are trying to elevate. Not when you are underwhelming and getting progressively worse. Gotta bank on the change of scenery theory I suppose.
  2. Sounds real, appreciate the sentiment. But like someone said, it’s hard to take seriously when you get all the top talent and most likely will not lose any (or many) players to the portal over long run. It’s nice to be the top program in the country for decades straight.
  3. To be clear, I said it’s a possibility that shouldn’t be ignored.
  4. I think he can make some noise with a strong coaching staff. Would be shocked if he isn’t in g league.
  5. Time will tell. He’s a stand up guy for saying that tbh. Wish him the best whatever it is.
  6. I’ve said numerous times in different threads, whitesell def gets credit for holding the team around. Agreed it was unlikely all those guys stayed but they did. No doubt. However, there is a possibility that can’t be ignored… a guy like Skogman doesn’t want to play for him anymore. It’s certainly possible. Could be a combo of thinking he’s worth more and not wanting to play for a 100% rebuild. Anything is possible. It’s common for players to go into the portal as evidence by amount of players going in, but again the reason I find this one odd is because it was Skogman’s team now with unlimited minutes. I for one don’t think he will do much better then UB, so in my opinion if he goes to a lateral school or lower one, I think that will say a lot about his current relationship with Whitesell. Just my speculation - To be continued.
  7. If someone moves for a lateral position you can assume they either weren’t happy with minutes, or didn’t like the coach/culture/setup of team. What else can there be?
  8. If you lose a coach, you can assume a large % of your team leaves. The fact that we held our team after Nate was actually quite impressive for it’s time. Ashame it d didn’t work out but shouldn’t be ignored.
  9. I dont have awareness? I literally said in my post, “sure players go in the portal all the time” in my post. How is that lacking awareness? So you don’t think Skogman leaving has anything to do with Whitesell? Completely unrelated… what is with you people? Are you related to him or something?
  10. It’s inevitable because the structure of the league. There is only a small handful of teams you want to retire from, thus all coaches are always in pursuit to get those top notch jobs. In order to get the best positions you must leave somewhere, and the fall out is a given. Plus she only needs to answer to the players she is leaving and for them she knows the talented ones have options which they are all pursuing too. Hate to say it, but your kidding yourself…
  11. Whitesell is pretty much terrible at everything from my vantage point, but I def agree with this. He was able to keep the group together for 3 years which clearly said something about his character/like ability in locker room. But that’s the reason he got the job, not the reason to keep him. In my opinion, sadly this point makes it even worse that he wasn’t able to capitalize on this much talent who had that must trust him. As for Fagan and Skogman jumping ship - I think that is a clear indication they no longer want to be worth whitesell. Sure players go into portal all the time, but these two were primed to be the main guys on this team and they rather start over elsewhere. In Fagan case he prob will have to go to worse team. Skogman may not get much better…. So if they leave it says a lot about our coaching imo.
  12. Makes sense if you think about it!
  13. This absolute shocker is 100% on whitesell. Guy can’t even get the one fairly young experienced piece of talent to stay on our empty roster. This one is devastating for the morale of program and the last link to our good years. Even if he comes back, which I hope he does, it says a ton about the current state of UB basketball and our coach. He better start paying players to join this team (just joking)….
  14. Not surprise here. Hopefully a new coach can rebuild like Mo is trying to do.
  15. What’s with you guys still defending Whitesell? It’s one thing to say players need to be accountable, sure. But like others are saying, the coach must teach, game plan, inspire, adjust, rotate, recruit and find the best combo to win now and for the future. In all the time Whitesell has been with us, he hasn’t added one single player to our roster that made an impact over the last, what 3 seasons? Somebody said that we are returning only one player who avg 2 ppg to our starting lineup next year. That’s going into our coaches 4th season! As far as I am concerned, he is absolutely 100% disqualified for that alone. That can happen in 1st year (perhaps for our ladies team now) but not on your 4th year. He sucked this roster dry and has nothing to show for it. We need a miracle over the next 1-2 years.
  16. Guess this is the only hope we can have… but boy do I feel uneasy. To think we had a 4 star, arguably best recruit in UB history, who put up plenty of stats but fell awfully flat in March - and we will get better or more fun thereafter. Wishful thinking, but this all we got at this point. I’ll say it again, Tough day for UB basketball. We need a miracle up jw sleeve or to start over.
  17. Dont disagree with both of your responses. But again, I then go back to JW. He did almost nothing to add talent around our guys. Even Skogman who was the next guy behind JW,RS,JM - was an Oats guy (I think?). We got almost no productivity from anyone from Whitesell and now we have no idea what we will look like next year. Would anyone be surprised if we are a 10 win team? With Graves, JW, JM, RS and co. - when we flamed out there - that was the big time alert for everyone. This season just reiterates that we peaked and are heading downwards fast. Unless JW has some aces up his sleeve - we are in trouble. I pray someone gives me something substantial that can change my mind here...
  18. If only If only points per a game were the only thing that determined success for individual players. Then NY Knicks would have won with David Lee avg 25 points a game. But instead he was sent to other teams and was last guy off bench. I said Graves, Mballa and Williams regressed. I specifically said segu didn’t. After the counterpoints I admitted that regressed was the wrong word for Williams. But the spirit is still the same, he didn’t reach his potential as a leader/winner. His stats were good, but that’s not the end goal, the end goal is to win big games in March - and we failed each year - he was our #1 player and must carry some blame.
  19. In stats, yes. Not leadership/winning. But your right, regressed for him was not the right word. I should have said didn’t reach potential. He was one of the best recruits we ever ever had. Combined with the talent around him, we should have had way more success in big games - we didn’t. Clearly he has the stats, but that is not enough when you have that much talent (and the team around him). It needs to translate to success when it counts, it didn’t. Maybe he just wasn’t the guy, but I still put this in the lack of development category, even if his stats did get better from sophomore to senior.
  20. At the end of the day, our superstars mostly regressed under JW. Graves was a huge disappointment his final 2 years (albeit still very good). Same can be said for Williams. He put up the stats but didn’t lead the team when we needed him. Same for mbala, total regression. The only one that stayed consistent throughout or maybe got slightly better is segu. This is a 100% reflection on JW, and he should pay the price. Just the way it is. Now we go into the off-season with very few pieces any of us truly feel comfortable with. JW better have some tricks up his sleeve, otherwise we are looking at 2-3 years of potential bottom dwelling. And that’s after he had plenty of time to reload off of oats coat tail. Sad day for UB basketball.
  21. JW is terrible, everyone knows it. Complete underachievement. And our pipe is nearly non existing. We are in trouble. Oh well.
  22. If 5th place in MAC is the “realistic” expectation… then your right we might as well stick with Whitesell. But for people who want to see a competitive product - I guess we are unrealistic.
  23. Have been MIA, but wanted to take this opportunity to congrats the team on a wonderful stretch. We all knew they were capable, just glad they are finding the rhythm at the right time. Doesn’t matter it has been against weak opponents. Let’s keep this momentum against the tough teams and make a run in the tourney. This is where we always needed to be. go Bulls, keep it up!
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