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  1. Unfortunately just saw on twiiter Woetzel tore his Achillies a few weeks back..too bad, hopefully a clean recovery and great life after football.
  2. Yep, he prepped at Milford Academy last season. The same path as Shaun Dolac, who graduated from West Seneca East, 1 year at Milford, and also committed to UB for 2020.
  3. A New Hampshire fan on the America East forum posted we are hosting UNH, a buy game. No date indicated.
  4. CollegeFootballNews preview, 8 wins predicted and MAC Champs if special teams and QB completions improve. 10-2 at best, 6-6 at worst. https://collegefootballnews.com/2020/06/college-football-news-preview-2020-buffalo-bulls
  5. 247 says Cross announced on July 14th.
  6. Coaches tweeting "This one's gonna light the scoreboard for y'all"..."Just a smooth playmaker"..."Another Bull just joined the family". I assume one of our WR we offered.
  7. https://twitter.com/TheD1Docket/status/1276160117730353152?s=09
  8. Morphing it to the tagline "New York's Public Powerhouse", strong words with a more subtle branding, seems much more palatable for all...and all our department's winning helped too. Though, White would likely not accept a tagline, as big and bold is his style.
  9. I will pity him when he must face Jeenathan's All-MAC senior year .
  10. You nailed it! Pajuste commits, a great kid and a future solid interior lineman.
  11. /faints My gosh..those offers! Horns Up!
  12. There was a huge flap over a fake recruit profile last season so these sites have tried to do better. The number of 5 star grades have dropped a bit from a few years ago. And the number of 3 star graded players has increased. It is hard to believe in years past when UB had a majority of 2 star players, several of whom became All-MAC/NFL, that now nearly all in our 2021 class are 3 stars. But no doubt, based on total offers, 2021 may still be our most productive class ever.
  13. Khalil Mack - Best Linebacker name Floyd Dozier - Best DT name
  14. Agreed, stars are for team recruiting rankings, offers mean a lot more. I think 247 changed their system to grade fewer to 5 stars and 2 stars, increasing the numbers of 4 and 3 star ranked players.
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