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  1. My Sr year we won 4 with a limited-scholarship-count, SR/JR roster of transfers lead by Campbell and... blahhhh. Right before the Battle/Bortz/Bird/Gilbert class stepped in. I gotta hope our current freshmen have a similar pedigree to that one. Get them all into next year's rotation with (most likely) Hardnett, Perry, some transfers and 1-2 additional freshmen. Try to at least make top 8 in the MAC, which would be a big goal at this point. Then hope 2024 is like our first 3 NCAA teams which were mostly lead by Junior-class talents, with a few Sr's, Soph, Frosh.
  2. Holding out hope for a return, like we saw with Marks/McDuffie who were wooed but saw UB was the best for their future. If not, oof is right on. It would be the most impactful young, big man transfer since B.J. Walker. Or Roets in the 90's moving to D2 Gannon.
  3. WVU - I was born in southern WV coal country, closer to Va Tech but strong 'eers fans even with the distance, few Hokies fans. I remember wanting to punch my TV when the Domers beat Major Harris in the Fiesta bowl. Learned to hate Pitt and SU before I even knew UB existed. Loved WVU football in the Big East. I got to see UB football get edged in the Dome, but happily return to SU later that season when Pat White/Steve Slaton ran over the Orange. My passion declined sharply with the Big 12 move. Why would I care to play OSU, Iowa St, even Texas? Unnatural realignment. WVU basketball was barely anything in the 80's, and I used to think, "Why the heck are we playing Bonnies and Duquesne?!" Loved the BE move. Was hard to see WVU play UB in 2015 but fully I support UB sports when played against WVU. It was funny for a few years when UB (alma mater), WVU (first love), and Hartwick College (I spent my teen years in Oneonta) all played MAC soccer. Minor cheering for Cornell (sister attended). Used to like Marshall when they were winning 1AA championships for West Virginia pride but once they joined the MAC I dropped them fast.
  4. Colgate is in, a gimme in the 2022 PL, matching their expectations.
  5. The spring roster is up, with a grain of salt of course, as rosters are still fluid. We can see several more walk-ons aren't back in 2022 as well, so there are only 86 on the current roster for spring camp. Hartnett and 5 other scholarship guys for fall camp, so an additional 15-20 rides/walk-ons added before fall camp. Mo is right.. Not done yet! So cool that our heart and soul MLB is back as a Grad student! LB corps isn't deep with Patterson, Dolac, Tate tops at this time. So they either grab more transfers or plan to run out a lot of nickel packages.
  6. A bigger, left handed replacement for Aaron Chase for the practice squad, essentially.
  7. So far not too bad, Camp and Fair no shots, both with 3 assists, Woolley on fire.
  8. Christie starting, curious to see how we play this one if any foul trouble pops up.
  9. Bycznski committed to D2 Ashland. He gets to go close to home and definately a chance to play.
  10. I hope he stays, espcially since we lose one Molinich (maybe his bro can become the next rock solid hammer in the run game). Mangas and Borland are likely hybrid block/some targets guys. Stephens is a leaner guy the department noted good things about in practice ever since he arrived. Though it took him a while to become a main guy, I think he has good potential. Or maybe Montgomery is signaling a change up in offense with all these receivers.
  11. He JUCO'ed at Kilgore College then a UConn commit 2019. He was their starting center for most of last year. So we are likely seeing a starting battle between UConn's center, Jack Hasz, and whoever else wants a crack at it.
  12. Not likely is my guess. Especially with the strong local UB/Buffalo brand among many alums, some lingering private-school endowments and pomp within portions of UB, and the 'No thanks' we saw when "outsiders" Galisano and White tried their best to alter the brand. But it would be quite the impact to match other large states with a New York State University and a University of New York. When Spitzer first brought this idea up in 2008 there was huge push back. But Hochul's plan is more specific and broader, and has the backing of the SUNY Board of Trustees.
  13. Bence Polgar entered the portal today. We could lose 4 of 5 starting OL. No OL committed so far so more major rebuilding ahead.
  14. The state released the 2019 studies of potential sites, including UB North: Empire State Development site IMHO, a typical pro-sports facility study, when all that is needed is, "You want an NFL team? Gotta pony up". No need for all the lists of One Buffalo items....everyone knows the real economics of these things. On a potential stadium, we all know the Bills have sunk costs in OP and prefer to build there. The report confirms much of that; the Bills offices, the training facilities, the existing parking and the traffic controls. And it gives all manner of legacy credit in "scoring high" for location, familiarity, what the Bills are known for, etc. Presentation Page #123 - 4 potential stadium sites: Rebuilt UB Stadium, new stadium in the Service Road area, new stadium over Governor's lots, new stadium on UB-controlled land across from Millersport Highway. Direct from the report: Because of the expansive campus property, several stadium location options were explored, but only one was deemed potentially feasible. • While there “appears” to be available land within the campus property, east of Millersport Highway, this also has sensitive environmental issues that would preclude this option. • A second option was to replace the existing U.B. stadium with a new Bills stadium, but the new fieldhouse building, existing campus buildings and eastern property line severely constricts the site, which was then determined to be undesirable. • A third option was to locate a stadium on surface parking lots in the northwest quadrant of campus, but its proximity to residential dorms and encroachment on permitted parking presented difficulties. • With the second and third options, the location of a new stadium “within the loop” of Audubon/Millersport was also problematic, creating a conflict between what is Bills and what is Bulls … the fourth site option, outside the loop, avoided this issue by allowing the new stadium to establish its own identity and presence, sufficiently outside the “shadow of U.B.” When a stadium design has not even been developed, why go with a best-guess design and throw out UB Stadium when the fieldhouse is East-West not North-South, we could demo Nan Harvey Field, Morris Center, Stadium lot, and rebuild Nan Harvey Field elsewhere, and fit a 60K stadium just fine? And the concept of "shadow of U.B.", is flattering for UB. In the last 40 years the Cardinals, Bears, Raiders, Rams, all played seasons at university-controlled stadia, without many issues. Did people in LA Coliseum confuse the Raiders winning a Super Bowl and the Trojans finishing #1? Hardly. And the report dings the Bills not controlling the parking? Really? That could not be worked out?. And, the Bills having to work with both UB and Amherst is a potential negative?! How so, because they are stronger institutions than ECC and O.P.? So may questionable conclusions.
  15. After the shock of the loss, I actually found the game thread here, then reading tweets, really centered my thoughts. There is something quite calming about UB fandom's near consensus about a needing coaching change, the player's lack of motivation, questioning the extension directly at UB basketball's tweets. When we had the program rolling and everyone was high, it's great. And when we fall flat once again, we can all SEE the issues and express ourselves, and the chorus grows loud, that is a positive. I no longer need to fool myself about UB's NET, no longer laugh at seeing Bona get blown out by VaTech, now fully believing we could have over 10 loses this season. We win the MAC..cool. But I'm setting myself up for the feeling like 2012 when we had MAC PoTY sWatt and McCrea yet went 0-3 vs the Bobcats.
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