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  1. Been a dead period, I would assume we would hear something on or after 5/8.
  2. She's also going to have a much stronger supporting cast at Buffalo, which would likely improve numbers against these better teams. Wouldn't be surprised to see PG Rachael Rose come over from USC Upstate as well.
  3. Possible Transfer Portal offer to Skylar Treadwell, 6-1 Foward from Seton Hall. Didn't play much at SHU, but had good HS numbers and might be a depth add.
  4. Seems strange, but something must have happened to make him change his mind
  5. No, but they are paying G5 offensive assistants a lot less than you think
  6. Just announced he is transferring from Arizona St. - 4 years of eligibility left.
  7. I made this post at halftime. I was off by 1 point, sorry. WMU's win probability never made it over 50%, yet you would think by this board that they were up 20 with 5 to go.
  8. We are winning this game by 15, y'all need to relax
  9. ASU lost their DC and a few other coaches from the staff this week. It isn't a stable group at this point.
  10. And he decided to de-commit and go to ASU
  11. Anyone know what is going on with him? Hasn't removed commitment tweet, but didn't sign today.
  12. Best recruit to date for this staff. He instantly makes the secondary better.
  13. Better overall than Polgar (as per PFF), so if Bence is good enough for Mizzou, this is a good sign. Will be an interesting competition with Hasz, both very good run blockers.
  14. Looks like Jon Proto, Director of Recruiting Operations, is now out too. Sam Mulford, GM and Director of Football Operations and Daniel Gaine, Defensive Recruiting Coordinator, we’re both out shortly after season. Hoping for some big news shortly based on Mo’s tweet yesterday.
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