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  1. Guess we'll never completely know. Without "testimony" that he was being forced out at TTU, it seemed reasonable that he would have to sit out given that he played in about half their games (even in very limited minutes) including the tourney game against us. But I also see Dutch's point - while not on that scale, violations like this can be a slippery slope.
  2. I'm sure they never thought they'd see the day we'd be legitimately competing with them for recruits. 2 for 3 UB in the last two years and the guy they beat us out for last year is already in the transfer portal. 😆
  3. He'll be back. Kinda surprised CJ, Perk and/or Harris didn't do this after their junior seasons. Good chance to get feedback from NBA scouts with little to no downside.
  4. Gotta be less strong after this. Not even making it to Cleveland? Unacceptable and flat out embarrassing.
  5. These refs, too. Probably the scariest thing about being in a game this close is the possibility (likelihood?) that this game comes down to a late crucial call that goes against us.
  6. It's all good when he's making shots, but it's pretty understandable that neither he nor Johnson gets the benefit of the doubt on this board at this point when they're not. Grant and Bertram's presence seems to have coincided with our defense falling off again as well.
  7. Blessing in disguise. They certainly didn't mean to help us there but I'd say they just did haha
  8. Must be a hell of a practice player - rarely seems to translate when it counts though. On the bright side, he's the first to get in serious foul trouble. Looks like that's what it was gonna take for Jim to do the right thing.
  9. Sibande has as many points in the 1st half as he did in the 2 earlier games combined. Gotta make someone else beat you. Defense needs to show up in a big way from here and hope we don't get screwed with early foul calls.
  10. Massive win for seeding purposes (among other things). All kinds of positive seed possibilities open to us now. With a loss here, not so much.
  11. Trust me, I hope it doesn't come to that. Now for the love of God let's close this thing out
  12. Dare I say Gabe Grant? Lol he did make the big plays at the end of the Akron game, no one else has shown the ability to make winning plays at the end of games recently.
  13. Tournament whooping aside, at least they were kind enough to give us that. Had they given him much more playing time he'd either still be there or be sitting out this season.
  14. Picked a great time to shoot the lights out - we'll need that big lead with all the damn fouls. More than half the team is in foul trouble but at least Mballa isn't one of them. And this is the Jayvon Graves we need the rest of the season if we're gonna make a real run at this thing.
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