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  1. Honestly sad for programs like Rutgers who haven't made the tournament since 1991. Or Dayton/SDSU who are having pretty wild years overall. Again not to make light of it but very glad this happened in our down year and not during our recent run especially last years incredible season.
  2. Things are happening fast. I was hoping for an outside shot of us playing in CBI/CIT just for experience (even though we opt out of these in recent times). But I doubt almost any Cbball tournaments will be played this month. Dark times in what is usually the most fun time of year.
  3. I think things seems to get a worse by the hour so I have this feeling as well. Really sucks. One of my favorite times of the year. Brackets, upsets... Honestly even having the games played in front of empty crowds would be weird if it plays out like that.
  4. I was just thinking the same thing earlier. Would have sucked having that magical ranked season blackened or cut short.
  5. Usually they pass on those tournaments but I'd like them to accept just to possibly finish on a higher note/get some experience
  6. I like us next year on paper as well. Been excited about skogman and still am. Just not sure about the other stuff such as what they will look like in game. One of the problems is we didn't have the gamebreaking juco impact like we'd seem in past years. That's always a wild card going into a new season. This year was just so weird. It's really hard to explain how they could beat so many top teams yet lose to the likes of eastern and Miami. How do you fix that
  7. Really sums up the season. Beat a good team lose to an awful team. One of the weirdest inconsistent seasons I've ever seen. Hard to explain honestly. Win 20 games. Can beat anyone. Can lose to anyone
  8. Ugh thought that 4 pt play was going to bail us out
  9. Definitely like winning 4 in a row after the 0-2 start. Overall Im fairly happy. Can't always have perfect turnover every coach change. For the most part I think we can compete every night with what we have. That being said Akron and BGSU coming up will be the real barometers. Kent also probably will be tough having lost 3 in a row.
  10. Wild sports day Im trying to navigate. Sabres on 1pm UB 2pm Bills 4pm I want a 4/4 Fri/Sat
  11. As much as the Kent loss stung I'm glad they won. Looks better in that sense at least. Great start for the MAC
  12. Fantastic win for the Bulls. We totally dominated from start to finish. Couldnt ask for a better way to win our first bowl game. One of the final things to check off the list for the program. Quietly really enjoyed this season overall.
  13. Such a weird team to figure out. I certainly don't think this is a bad team. They beat DePaul and have looked good against decent teams. But what a weird ugly loss. Like always I'm not doom and gloom. I'm just confused. At this point we might just have one of the most Jekyll and Hyde teams ever. Good luck to the sports bookies lol. All you can do is have no expectations heading into each game and hope they find consistency in the conference play...
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