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  1. My team was Perkins Watt Carruthers Clark Harris Massinburg Jordan Hamilton
  2. how cool would it be to have a team of UB alum or even Western New York alum but mostly UB. I think a lineup that included our guys from the last 5 years would have a chance to do damage.
  3. I didn't even realize it until you made this point. If they won even 5 of the 7 games they were favored at home, they go 25-6 and based on reputation, maybe sneak in the top 25 again.
  4. Looks like Vanderbilt opened as a 2 pt favorite
  5. The Charlie brown zig zag. I know they had gray last year
  6. I kinda like the gray because I haven't seen any other schools with that design. In the past we've copied bigger schools but this might be our original design
  7. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/10/04/feds-say-new-york-mobsters-tried-failed-fix-ncaa-basketball-game/ I'm 99.999% that it's not ub but the guy's lawyer is located in buffalo.
  8. Trying to create my own Gonzaga of the East
  9. Between this and Hawkins ending up at Alabama. We were going to have a really really good team next year. 😓
  10. I feel terrible but I was telling recruits how great Alabama is. Should I report myself to the NCAA to remove my guilt.
  11. They really missed a big chance last year. Had they beat Kentucky the bracket fell apart. 8 seed Kansas State then Loyola to make it to final 4. This year they were gonna face powerhouse from Texas Tech forward
  12. Probably later Friday because the opponent is playing Wednesday night
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