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  1. The quote "water finds its level" is how college sports appears to me now. The players start at a power 5 or a mid major and the best mid majors will go to the power 5s and we'll get guys who couldn't get minutes at the big schools. By year 3 or 4 the guys are usually at the level they should be.
  2. The cancun challenge website bracket says both games will be on CBS sports network
  3. I know it won't work like that but how great would the 32 team conference tourney for the auto bid be
  4. They'll play the winner of game 3. That bracket was the week prior so pretty much you're right
  5. You know how hard it was to get guys for Monday Night. Gotta find whoever I can
  6. So to add to the confusion. I received an email today with apparel for the teams but nothing for Blue Collar U apparel. Thinking the 7th place team in the big 12 took their spot, I went to the website and it says Blue Collar U is in the Columbus region. No other details given so I think they are in...
  7. No foul on segu on a drive with 40 secs left but 2 tick tack fouls including 1 with a second on shot clock after an air all. These had to have been mac refs
  8. My team was Perkins Watt Carruthers Clark Harris Massinburg Jordan Hamilton
  9. how cool would it be to have a team of UB alum or even Western New York alum but mostly UB. I think a lineup that included our guys from the last 5 years would have a chance to do damage.
  10. I didn't even realize it until you made this point. If they won even 5 of the 7 games they were favored at home, they go 25-6 and based on reputation, maybe sneak in the top 25 again.
  11. The Charlie brown zig zag. I know they had gray last year
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