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  1. Just read an article that said there are rumors Rojas could end up at Bama.
  2. Other than recruits or possible transfers it's not like all the good coaches are being signed to new jobs.
  3. We cant worry about finding the coach is going to stay here for the next 20 years. Let's just find the best fit for our current situation and hope hes successful enough to want to be hired by a power 5 school.
  4. I didnt read this whole thread but I am a little bothered by Oats. Sure most of us would leave our current job to triple our salary but the things he said even days before leaving just seems like a con artist. Now we know his 'dream' job was anywhere that paid 2 million or more. Not exactly how he portrayed his 'dream' job.
  5. Sully has always been the guy who loves to kick a team when it's down but then praises them like crazy when they're good. And he still has a bone to pick with UB for firing his boy Reggie. He loves to praise Reggie any chance he gets as few as those times are.
  6. Wow 24.5 point underdogs. That's why we play the games however:)
  7. I still think most of us are still underestimating UB. We won at Syracuse by double digits and Cuse won at Duke and they hung with Carolina at Carolina. Cuse was also pretty good in the ACC. Pretty much blew out the Hurleys who had some good wins and close losses against good competition. While all the #1 seeds would scare me I believe we are right there with every other team. Anything can happen.
  8. UB a 3.5 point underdog. Certainly a toss up as far as bball goes.
  9. I know we should just enjoy the ride but wtf? Serious? Smh.
  10. A tough game for sure coming up but imagine being able to talk Sweet 16 for 4 or 5 more days? And I'm sure Nate will have a game plan that gives us a great chance of winning. He is a terrific coach (not new news).
  11. For everyone who feared Akron and Northern Illinois theres no need to reply here cause we already know you'll fear Tech lol.
  12. A little off topic and I get that most people are most interested in the Bills and Sabres but come on the worst show ever is listening to the Instigators in July and August. Give some of these other teams some mention. And a side note WGR barely takes callers anymore. We freaking know what the hosts think the only thing remotely interesting anymore is the occasional caller. End rant.
  13. Where to start. How many years can the WGR hacks keep talking about 2 teams that never amount to anything? If making the tournament is equal to making the playoffs UB is light years ahead of the other 2 laughing stocks. Bucky and Sully actually follow basketball and UB and tell the truth much more than the cheerleaders down the dial. B/S have had numerous players on this year. If the Bills or Sabres ever do anything itll put UB on the back burner again but I'm confident both teams will continue spinning their wheels for years to come.
  14. I root for any mid major to beat any Power 5 school. I still hope someday it will mean more mid majors in the tourney even though I know itll never happen.
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