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Ryan Prather Jr


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Akron offered him in July vs us in September. Maybe that made a difference.

I disagree with the playing time argument. I did the math in the Targets thread, but we have basically 3 full starting guard/wing spots up for grabs next year and plenty of bench minutes. Not sure there's a power mid-major (that's a new term I'm working on) with more PT available next season.

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19 minutes ago, Erie County said:

Exactly. The class has one commit so far, replacing the second best total class in team history (behind CJ/Perk/Harris)

I would be happier if we had another commit at this point, but plan on being patient to see how things work out.  This is true about whether I am disappointed we didn't get Prather - will take several years if this was a commit we let get away.

I figure we have five open scholarships, is it possible that we fill those with as many as three transfers?  We will be losing a lot of experience at the end of this year and would only have 3 upperclassmen: Hardnett, Perry and Skogman.  Last year I was rightfully told we wouldn't go that route, but we had a number of veterans coming back, next year that is not the case.

As an update - Rigsby started a little slow first game out, but last two games are better - averaging 11 points per game.

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