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UBFan.com Rules and Community Guidelines

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Welcome to our community. We ask that you take the time to review and please abide by the following points to assure that this in an enjoyable experience for all.


  1. UBFan maintains the rights to compile and publish relevant conversations as a way of enhancing the shared learning through participation in the bulletin boards.
  2. UBFan reserves the right to exclude off-topic posts or those that are inappropriate to this member benefit.
  3. By submitting messages, information and material to this service, participants grant UBFan a perpetual royalty-free license to reproduce, edit, modify, publish, transmit and display, transmit, create derivative works from, distribute or perform it in whole or in part or incorporate it in any form, medium or technology now known or later developed.
  4. No advertising or product/service promotion will be allowed.
  5. No communication under a false name or impersonation of any person will be tolerated.
  6. No defamation of any person (players, other fans, other board members, university employees, coaches or any living human being), UB Administration or other entity is tolerated.  DO NOT and I mean DO NOT post anything which attacks another person.
  7. UBFan is not a place to organize a fight against policies of the university. This is a place to talk to sports. If you are interested in a cause against some policy or practice of the university or the athletics department, please find another place to meet.
  8. No spamming is allowed or tolerated.
  9. Participants agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit for any commercial purposes, any portion of this service, use of this service, or access to this service.
  10. Participants agree that UBFan has no responsibility or liability for the deletion or failure to store any messages maintained or transmitted by this service.
  11. Please be aware that participants can be held legally liable for posted comments.
  12. Posted messages will be periodically archived based on date of original post.
  13. This service is moderated by UBFan for appropriate information exchange. 

Please note: These rules/etiquette guidelines may be updated by ubfan at any time.


  1. No derogatory, inflammatory, or rude language will be allowed.
  2. Please report any violations of the rules/etiquette guidelines to one of the moderators
  3. Please provide a topic in the subject line when posting a message.
  4. Please update your member profile to aid in keeping our database current (i.e., e-mail addresses, name changes, etc.).
  5. Please watch for duplicating posts. Scroll through the posts before submitting a question, as it may very well have been answered already.
  6. Please remember that you are representing the University at Buffalo community and when you post here. Please be a decent human being. Please do not embarrass yourself, the university and this site.

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