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  2. And then they can try to figure out what to do about quarantining for every game except Army and Western Michigan.
  3. Big 12 announces 9 conference games + 1 home non-conference. Now just wait and see if it will be K State or K State would rather host North Dakota, as the MVFC is just waiting to see what the FBS conferences choose. Or MAC goes all conference. I'd bet on MAC going all conference +1, +1 being Army the simplest outcome for us.
  4. Realized this statement is rather silly, without supporting data. Guess which line represents NIU...
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  6. Turns out, none of the teams showed great correlation. Least of all NIU, as 2012 was their best season of the decade, and they didn't have a single player recognized by one of these lists. Instead of showing each team, I just lumped them all in together.
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  8. He's redshirting this year. I'd have to imagine he may be in line for a scholarship next year if they like what they see in his off year
  9. I borrowed your data and combined with rankings from Massey. I graphed number of players on Offense + Defense watch list. The correlation for all years is not great, but 2016 (underperformed) and 2019 (outperformed) brings correlation down. Note Massey has us ranked at 74 for 2020 which is included in the data.
  10. You're welcome. Thanks for the suggestions. It has given me an excuse to explore charting tools that I haven't used before. Enough about the whole conference though, this one is all Buffalo.
  11. First off, thank you for sorting through the charts. Second - it does appear that the conference has upgraded on the defensive side over time.
  12. No problem Doc, I can make some changes. By listing the awards in that order I was essentially trying to do what you are asking for. By adding the three colors, I was attempting to provide reference points within the 16 bars to help differentiate between categories, but you are right, it is still much too cluttered. Going back made me realize that I had a filter set incorrectly on the original bar chart though. Here is an update to the original format. And now, the 4 categories, each on their own. And finally these 4 categories, compared with each other. While glancing at the original chart, I though the conference might be getting more defensive, but I wasn't really sure. Since 2017, it is quite clear that overall, the offense and defense are headed in opposite directions.
  13. Hey thanks for sharing - would be curious to see grouped in two ways - first group the awards by category Offense (Rimington, Outland, O'Brien, Biletnikoff, Walker, Mackey), Defense (Butkus, Nagurski, Thorpe and Benarik), Special Teams (Groza, Guy) and All Other (Hornung, Maxwell, Camp and Wuerffel). My thinking would be get some insight as to how offense vs defense are perceived). The other thing I was thining is group by category so you could see trends. That is if you have time - interest.
  14. Here is an itemized breakdown of the different award watch lists. It shows the summation of all the current members of the MAC. (Where have all the receivers gone?)
  15. If tabular data is easier on your eyes, I just added that here... https://www.ubbullrun.com/2020/8/1/21350741/2020-preseason-watch-lists
  16. By now you have probably seen https://twitter.com/UBRecruiting/status/1288099610670632964 and https://twitter.com/UBFootball/status/1286677524466999296 They both look great! But, I wanted to know how that compares with the rest of the conference. So, I looked back over the past ten tears, and counted all the watch lists the current members of the MAC received. Then, I wanted to see how closely this might translate to on the field performance. So, I added Jeff Saragin's end of season rankings to the picture.
  17. Except that Ohio and Indiana require 14 day quarantines coming to or for UB returning to New York. The only other schools that I think you be can play would be independents UConn and UMass. As far as schools in conferences I think only Pitt, Syracuse and BC are available without quarantine requirements.
  18. I’m hoping we can do what the ACC is doing, all MAC teams are closer together and not located in the south (where the pandemic is hitting hard). With that said I believe it should be possible to have a conference schedule played this fall, if teams test adequately and take certain precautions if a player tests positive
  19. Now there are are two games, Army and Western Michigan that are not impacted by New York's quarantine rules on travel.
  20. Goodbye St Francis NEC Postpones Fall Sports
  21. ACC goes 10 conference games + 1, the Domers getting ACC schedule. SEC close to a conference schedule. Weird stuff comimg from the Big12 as Iowa St added Ball State to their schedule just yesterday.
  22. He’s definitely more than capable to play if he gets any minutes, prolific prep is an absolute powerhouse of a team, anyone who dresses for them can play ball
  23. I had trouble finding anything on him, but its good they are able to fill walk on spots through players on the team that have friends or know guys looking to play still. With everything going on I find it hard to believe they would have there walk on try out still.
  24. Watched some video on him, seems pretty decent. Didn’t hold any D1 offers out of HS only d2. Went the juco route and seemed to play decently.
  25. Whitesell put out one of his mask up tweets with him as the player today, said he played with jennathen williams at prolific prep.
  26. UB adds the 10PPG 5RPG JuCo player. He will red shirt this year. Started 20 games on Feather Weather 6-7 205 Interesting. No idea where they are getting a scholarship from unless he is paying his own way as a walk-on this year. Can't find much on him. no 247 or Verbal commits or Scout https://twitter.com/jim_whitesell/status/1288460938690146304?s=21 https://www.cccaasports.org/sports/mbkb/2019-20/Conference/Golden_Valley/teams/featherriver?view=splits
  27. Battle is also pushing 40. Same with Ibdihi.
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