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  2. It was the highlight of an awesome afternoon at Alumni Arena. I needed tissues. Was beautiful to see.
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  4. In an amazing turnaround from just about one year ago, she was able to walk across the stage at Alumni Arena today to a standing ovation for her graduation.
  5. Based on this tweet, I'd say they are set for the Syracuse Bracket. However TBT just announced that they'll have a Rucker Park region. I'd love to go see them there.
  6. Last week
  7. As long as it doesn't look like NIU's floor, I'm fine with it!
  8. I think it’s fine. These kids know realize everyone comes and goes. Just introduce yourself to you teammates and play ball. Kinda like Y pickup basketball with better players.
  9. Does that help, or hurt, the locker room ?
  10. New paint job for the floor at Bowling Green.
  11. RE: tech industry. Some people were laid off for a year, and hired back by the same company with a raise. That must be infuriating for the previous employees who retained continuous employment. How does that apply to UB Sports: It might not
  12. Me personally, no. But I have many peers that do it every year or two and make a boatload of money doing so. In the tech industry (SWE) this is very common practice.
  13. You clearly understand what I was thinking. But I definitely see both sides of the coin. Sure it sucks for Bulls fans because we’re not used to it. But, Blue Bloods have done this for years. Why not think of it like; we’ve finally made it to the big time! Noooo, I just don’t wanna do that. 🤣
  14. Other that, most business leaders don't have message boards pointing out every fault and misstep and those leaders aren't usually expected to document their day to day efforts on social media.
  15. Doesn't sound much different than a normal leaders challenges in any business.
  16. You bring up very good points. Coaching has become even harder. Now you have to do the initial recruiting, then get the kids to buy into your system, get them to all play together in that system. Each year you then will be required to re-recruit them or show them each individual love so they don’t feel slighted. God forbid you have a good season because then your team is targeted for poaching (see any recent NFL Super Bowl team). They coach then needs to recruit new players as well. That’s a pretty exhausting task with 2-3 layers more than what has been required in the past. It’s a challenge for sure.
  17. Gotta view the portal as free agency. Sometimes in free agency a coach wants a plug and play quote unquote missing piece. Or sometimes they want someone who might be better in a new system. So relating this to UB, in previous years I think Whitesell has tried to find that plug and play guy. He’s failed at it. And sometimes stuck with that player longer than he should have. I very much think Whitesell, like other coaches, is still trying to navigate and find the right combo in this new realm. Not every coach can hit portal homers like Musselman. For continuity sake, or as much continuity is possible in today’s system, I don’t mind transfers who have multiple years left. And won’t be plug and play let downs but rather guys who come in and grow and develop. Compete and earn a role rather than expect to play despite ineffectiveness. We can all think of the recent names I’m hinting at.
  18. Ohio just landed another decent transfer, Devon Baker out of Tulane. Scored only 6 ppg last year but averaged 16 ppg on 43% shooting and 34% 3-pt shooting at UNC Asheville. Would imagine he'll be one of their primary scorers. With their three incoming transfers and strong HS class, you'd have to imagine they'll be near the top of the MAC again next year.
  19. If you want to get paid more you probably are. Companies offer new hires more than when they internally promote someone. Obviously money isn’t everything so there are more factors to consider than that.
  20. As you say limited sample size, but thanks for getting some perspective.
  21. Dom Welch. Funny that he was one of Oats’ first offers while he was at UB then we stopped actively recruiting him because we were so loaded (his freshman year being our top 25 year), but now Oats needs him at his SEC school lol
  22. Sorry I don’t know Bonnie basketball but who is that?
  23. His coach at Missouri got fired. How many schools are on their 3rd+ coach in 3-4 years?
  24. Looking a bit more at Arashma Parks. As a redshirt freshman at Temple he played a limited role (203 minutes). Kent State’s Justyn Hamilton played on that same team (in his junior year) and got 241 minutes. Small sample size but Parks had better on-off numbers than Hamilton and Hamilton has since went on to win 6MOY this past year at Kent State averaging 8.6 PPG, 6.5 RPG, 1.3 BPG. I haven’t watched any video on Parks yet so I don’t know how he actually plays but an interesting reference point for him
  25. Many also take classes over the summer. The hand wringing over kids’ graduation status is hilarious. Nobody has any insight into their situation at all. They’re playing pin the tail on the donkey to try to find an excuse to justify why it’s less fun for them or whatever. The past couple years have been a huge confluence of events including a pandemic + an extra year of eligibility + the new frontier of NIL + the new one-time waiver. Over the next couple of years, kids with COVID eligibility will be gone, extenuating circumstances due to the pandemic will subside (hopefully), kids will be aware of what types of NIL deals are out there before looking to transfer (or even committing as a high schooler), and coaches will have changed their roster building strategy. I don’t see anyway that this wave of transferring doesn’t significantly slow down over coming years. As in all things water finds it’s level
  26. If an ‘athlete’ takes their extra Covid year of eligibility, then there is also extra time for that ‘student’ to make up the non-transferable credits lost when changing schools.
  27. Hey, good for him. He played his 4 years at Bona and this is a freebie year. Enjoy it at a fun place, with a great coach.
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