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  2. Wrestling will be in the New York City area on Friday January 14, 2022 and Saturday January 15, 2022. On Friday they are wrestling LIU. Schedule has it in Brooklyn, but more likely in Old Westbury, will update when I get a confirmation. Match is at 7:00. On Saturday they will be at Hofstra at 1:00. Hofstra's athletic department is led by former UB SA president Rick Cole. To quote the Stones he will be full of mixed emotions that day.
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  4. Hopefully all is well in his world beyond the gridiron.
  5. Keep it rolling! Lot of TE history at UB
  6. I believe the reason he’s not on the roster yet is because he’s not on campus. Said he would be showing up the 9th of August, 5 days after the first practice
  7. Anyone have an update on Wes and if he can play Saturday?
  8. ESPN allegedly working to move three schools to the AAC. My guess is Baylor, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. Kansas probably not likely in the three because of small TV market and horrible football. Also saw some rumors that Kansas is looking to go to the ACC. That would be a better fit for them. The ACC is the last of the basketball conferences. Their football is Clemson and nobody else. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/texas-oklahoma-formally-request-sec-membership-beginning-in-2025-after-announcing-big-12-departure/
  9. Yeah, I was reading through the results game by game and must have misinterpreted it, but I clearly remember games being played several days before Columbus kicked off
  10. They'll play the winner of game 3. That bracket was the week prior so pretty much you're right
  11. There are usually several roster changes between summer and the start of the season.
  12. Am I reading this right that if they win on Saturday night, with the game ending somewhere in the 11:30 PM range, they'll have to play again at 2:30 PM Sunday? That's a real tight turnaround.
  13. Side note: I'd like to thank Tee4Three for bringing up the UB ESPN forum. Like him, I feel like I was here since the beginning and before UB Fan Forums were a thing. I don't think we get any points for being around way before UB was on the national stage, but hey it's cool to feel old along with someone. Go UB!
  14. He wasn't listed with the other 11 players that joined the team (not including our freshman recruiting class). I'm guessing he may not coming back, at least for this season.
  15. Maybe he has an account on here 🙂
  16. Since there was a Columbus thread, I thought I'd start a Dayton thread to see who is going, and whether anyone has any tips on places to check out. I'm considering making the trip.
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  18. You act like any sport besides Football and Basketball matter. Every school in the country would get rid of all sports besides those 2 if they could. None have the ability to make money besides football and basketball.
  19. Miami also tried that and it killed student attendance. I would rather upgrade our current stadium.
  20. Pittsburg has a good setup with that concept, so it certainly could work.
  21. Wow! Great idea. There's something that's never been tossed about more than 1 or 2 thousand times already.
  22. You have an interesting mix on this board. best response was “we forgot you when we were in the Mac.” Others were a little weak and making fun of our lack of president wen our president died in March due to Covid was a little harsh. Here is a legitimate suggestion for you. I am a huge Bills fan. I think they are going to have to build a new stadium. NY taxpayer dollars are going to have to be part of the equation. Why not push for a downtown stadium that both the Bills and UB football could use? This would definitely help your exposure and might attract more fans. Pitt does that in Pittsburgh. You just aren’t going to be able to go bigger with that stadium. just a thought. See you in December.
  23. I think through and through, for right now, for where our basketball team is, football team is, and our facilities, for all that it is, I think the best conference for us would be the American. I think big 10 and ACC is a little too big for the current state of our school.
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