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  2. A good out of conference schedule and good offensive/defensive metrics plus 4 or less losses in conference would do exactly that There are years where with a weak bubble they could sneak in
  3. Always a good sign when the whole family is involved. Ryan’s father seems to love the culture
  4. I would like to know from any insider here what other schedule options may have been in play? I don’t believe there wasn’t any D-1 school we could’ve played. Now to your point about the net…should we care? We most likely aren’t gonna be in at large consideration. Win the MAC tourney.
  5. Anyone hear any info about yesterday's scrimmage with Colgate?
  6. I don’t mind playing an exhibition game before heading to Michigan, let’s the team try plays out and also let’s some of the new guys get playing time. Even though they’re a d2 opponent, winning the game gives them confidence heading to the next game. I’m not a fan of playing Fisher or point park, I’d rather see them play a good MAAC school like Iona or Siena. Overall it is a tough schedule but I’d like to see more quality home games
  7. Everyone here is making it seem like this team turned down a bunch of road opportunities to play these non-DI games. I don't believe that is the case. The P5 schools don't buy teams like Buffalo because they know there is a chance they could lose them.. A $75K check and a loss isn't a good look when they can go ahead and play CMU or WMU instead and get the win. As for the home game scenario, it again I think one comes down to money. A D-I Q4 game probably costs UB about $50k to bring them in. They can bring a non-D1 in for $5K. And again a home win over a Q4 probably drops you about 15 spots in the NET rankings...The non-D1 doesn't factor in to the NET.
  8. Of course you need to win. If this team does as expected, 3-6 in quad 1 / 2 games...they will be ranked around 80 and would have to win MAC to get into tournament. To get a sense at what an at large bid would take, I looked at the profile of Indiana (#30). This resume would imply UB would need to go 1 -1 against St. Bonaventure / Michigan. Then they would likely need to go 5-2 in quad 2 games and 18-2 rest of games. This is a very tall order and I am not personally expecting it. However, I do feel the schedule pushes the team and will prepare them well for MAC.
  9. You don’t get at large bid or consideration by just playing Q1/2 games. You gotta win them. For UB to even sniff an at large we gotta pretty much win every non conference game except for Michigan (although a win there goes a looong way). Then not lose more than 3 conference games and make the conference title game. Tough ask. I think for the most part the schedule is good. I just really hate the two glorified exhibition games. Would rather play a Q4 home game or go on the road and play a tough Q1/2 game.
  10. I agree that the home schedule is disappointing. However, from an overall perspective, this schedule is a challenging schedule. At a minimum, it prepares us well for the MAC and at its best, it could put us in position to be considered for an at large (this outcome will be very difficult - see below comparison of this year to 2018-19 to see what it will take this year) 2018-19 2021-22 If UB plays St. Louis, they will have two quad 1 games and 7 quad 2 games. This compares to 3 quad 1 and 6 quad 2. Both have 9 quad 1/2 games. This year we have more quad 4 games due to bottom 5 teams being so weak.
  11. Who said satisfied? I think the home schedule especially is bad. I don’t like it. But you literally said they’re not trying. They are. Those are two different things.
  12. I got a feeling we’ll need 7 wins to go Bowling this year…gotta win out.
  13. Last week
  14. When UB beats Michigan, it can get choosy. But until then it should schedule tough opponents whenever possible even if they are all on the road. Show some confidence that you are a competitor. Beating Daemen at home doesn’t cut it. Schedule the toughest teams possible every year, even if you’ve got to go on the road. Every year. Show that you will mix it up. The MAC just doesn’t cut it anymore.
  15. When ub beats Michigan it is gonna get even tougher to schedule P6 schools
  16. Winless BGSU is next week. Assuming we win that, can we get one more win from Miami, NIU or Ball St? That'll be 6 wins.
  17. Who was the AD when Oats was the coach? Check out how he did it. Even go back to when Reggie was coach. Michigan we got because of Manuel. Bona is recurring. No idea about WK…is Bearden in their employ? But that’s it? Are you kidding me? Your’e satisfied with that? What a joke.
  18. This is as good as we have looked since game 1. Let’s keep the momentum for next game.
  19. A couple of things...likely they will end up with four games this year in top 100, if they get St. Louis, so difference is not as significant. UCI is close to top 100 (about 110) at home. UNT is a challenging road game. So not as big as difference from an Oats era schedule as your comment would imply.
  20. Hurley won 0 P5 games. While you view a 12 seed as the “promised land” that’s really not concerning to a P6 team. We also had 0 track record of maintaining that year after year. ‘19 is the first year we beat 2 P6s, ‘20 we beat 1 P6. ‘21 was a short COVID year, meh. Edit: also the most likely Cancun 2nd game is top 100 Saint Louis, and Id bet on UCI finishing top 100
  21. We seem to play up or down to the opponent.
  22. This is the UB we'd hoped to see all season.
  23. 20 games in a mid-level football conference! 20 games! It’s horrible! Just stop saying that you want to build your pedigree. It’s absurd.
  24. Please give us some background on your scheduling abilities. You need to apply ASAP.
  25. Better showing… still very questionable offensive play calling, particularly early. Lost michel which is not good. Hopefully we can keep the distance and cruise to an easy win for a change. Much needed for team imo. May help with confidence going into stretch. We clearly have talent to win games - just need it to stick together for full game.
  26. How many OOC teams ranked in top 100 did UB schedule since the 2011-2012 season? 2012- 4 Witherspoon 2013-4 Witherspoon 2014- 2 Hurley 2015- 2 Hurley 2016- 5 Oats 2017- 5 Oats 2018- 5 Oats 2019- 4 Oats 2020- 2 Whitesell 2021- 2 Whitesell 2022- 3 Whitesell So, after Hurley led the team to the promised land and then split for greener pastures in a desert, the big boys played us more frequently. According to the oft stated presumption, our success should have led to fewer games against the better teams. Just the opposite occurred. If that isn’t paradoxical, I don’t know what is. But immediately after Oats left, we dropped the number of top teams. This year’s schedule sucks. UB has no interest in the big time. Just muddle along.
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