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  2. That isn’t how it went down at all. Danny White didn’t find Nate Oats Bobby Hurley was recruiting one of Nate Oats high school players and they hit it off as friends and he hired him on the UB Bulls coaching staff the rest is history. Danny White just rubber stamped the hire as UB athletic director at best. Danny White didn’t discover Nate Oats? Danny White legend on this UB Bulls website is ridiculous in some UB alums own minds. Does Danny White get credit for Maurice Linquist too ridiculous? Danny White UB is lucky our athletics program survived he was truly thought of as a jerk by many in Western New York. This UB board refuses to see how much of a jerk Danny White was. Winning isn’t great if a person turns off half our UB Bulls fan base and Buffalo media. UB would be better off losing if the alternative is a former Buffalo Bills coach Doug Marrone type of jerk. Ok the Buffalo Bills won but Saint Doug wasn’t popular in Western New York or the way he left Syracuse Orange when he coached them. Sure Doug Marrone won but at what cost? There are limits you can’t survive with no fans. Trust me Danny White wasn’t popular here he was as popular in Buffalo as former Buffalo Sabres head coach Ralph Krueger. Ralph Krueger was truly no one liked the crap he pulled here with Jeff Skinner benching a $7 million dollars a season hockey player because Jeff Skinner liked to score goals. Ralph Krueger was a con man he conned a EPL soccer team out of money and the Buffalo Sabres out of money. Again Danny White did more damage than good. UB Bulls won without Danny White a MAC football championship with Turner Gill that was truly loved by Western New York that is something this university missed the boat on Turner Gill and Nate Oats. I don’t think this UB Bulls website for whatever reason really gets how loved Turner Gill was at all. He is the best UB Bulls football coach ever to this day no UB Bulls coach has won a MAC football championship other than Turner Gill a Buffalo legend of the modern era of UB Bulls football. The Murchie family are way more important why UB Bulls wins today than anything that bum Danny White ever did because Danny White is a bum in my opinion. UB Horns Up! Go Bulls! Let’s Go Buffalo
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  4. Romulus High School. UM is 22 miles away.
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  6. That couldn’t hurt. Once in a blue moon a team as short-handed as this one gets lucky using a member of the scout team as a walk-on.
  7. Isn’t that LL? I thinks Oats was a Michigan dude
  8. The one thing I see is that 20-25% of our turnovers seem to result from unselfishness and attempted assists, certainly needs to get cleaned up but I prefer that to dribbling it off your foot at half court. Not to be discounted are charges, they count as TOs, we get a lot and create a lot, so that is tough too
  9. Could not have said it any better.
  10. Another way to get extra rest for players is to take them out if you get a stoppage shortly before a media timeout. It gives the time until the media timeout plus the media timeout to rest.
  11. Don’t’ t really agree at a coach yelling at her players in full view of all the sectors but she probably seen something that we don’t. I think it was on the defensive end giving up open NIU 3’s. It seems we are able to see the frustration on the player’s faces so maybe frustration for the coach also. At the rate the team is going it probably only 50-50 for them to make the top eight and go to Cleveland which will be sad for the many players that have not experienced Cleveland. Go Bulls!!!
  12. Numbers numbers numbers. Bla bla bla. What do your eyes tell you? They should tell you that, right now, we are a team that is anywhere from 4-8 in the conference. We can beat the directionals all day long but can’t beat the top teams. Your eyes should also tell you that bc of numbers like above Whitesell will be back. Until this team proves it can beat the good teams and string more than 2 conference wins in a row, we are a middle of the pack team. Upside sure, but I think most of us are tired of saying, “this team is athletic” bla bla bla. At some point it has to be done on the court. As I’ve said before, the Whitesell ere is defined as missed opportunity. Can’t win the big games. IE…the conference title game a couple years ago.
  13. I'll say this, we all have our gripes about the results and whatnot, but there's no question they play an exciting brand of basketball. Aggressive on both offense and defense, attacking all game, uptempo basketball. It's fun to watch, win or lose.
  14. The stuff this team is good at, they are good at a high level The stuff they are bad at, they are bad at a low level To me the things they are good at are more important/more difficult to be good at They should also be able to improve the bad However we are now into February and it hasn't improved much
  15. Combining these two posts gives you a balanced perspective on the current team and coincide with a team that is currently .500. The good stats give me hope for next year as there are some young players who may improve their 3 point shooting. However, adding a 3pt threat would definitely make the team better offensively. The one stat I would like to see improve the remainder of this season, is turnovers. Turnovers were a problem in every conference loss this year.
  16. Any win especially on the road is a good win. Good games by Hardnett and Jack especially on the boards. Agree Jones is really our key player especially if he can make some 3’s. Powell reallly seems to be in a funk as he can’t make a 3 pointer and teams are just packing it in to stop his drives and just leaving him alone on the outside. Really need to win the game on Tuesday against EMU because Friday game against Kent State will be tough to even compete against them. Go Bulls!!!
  17. Agree. Just tough situation with so few players and no real bench players that can come in for a few minutes to give our starters a little blow. After watching all the games the trend is there where they go a period of time especially in the 2nd halves where thy become very stagnant and have no ball movement. With a frontline or strong post players they get consistently out rebounded and what we have seen in most games when we put up a shot our frontline players are not under the boards and are already running back down the floor on defense. Don’t know if that is be design or Coach Burke knows we have no chance and when your best rebounder is your shooting guard in Winfield our chances become less and less to bat any team. If all the players that were on the roster at the start of the year it would of been interesting to see if the results would of been different. Go Bulls!!!
  18. Unless something crazy happens with his recruiting class not panning out or players transferring he should be set at Alabama. 4 to 5 million a year should do the trick. Besides after signing the extension he said he loves Alabama, loves the community, loves the area!!! Let’s see isn’t that what all coaches say when they sign extensions?? I think that’s what he said about Buffalo!!!!!
  19. I get the impression so far that there are no easy games for anyone in the MAC this winter. I laughed when I saw an Akron fan last night with a sign that said, "What's a Flash?" HA, what's a Zip?
  20. There are no easy games in this conference this season. Curtis is the outside shooting threat they've been missing for a couple years. He's good right now and I'm excited to see how much better he can get. (I'm not concerned about transfers. They are part of the reality now and you're just as likely to bring in someone good via transfer as you are to lose someone.) I seem to recall Hardnett was hurt a lot of last year (or was it covid? Or was it both?). Maybe we're seeing what he can do with this many years of experience and a healthy stretch.
  21. Rebounds per game: #35 38.55 Assists per game: #44 15.3 Steals per game: #41 8.4 Fast-break points: #3 17.55
  22. Team stats for the Men's basketball team as of 2/4 from: https://www.ncaa.com/stats/basketball-men/d1 3 point shooting %: #256 32.70% FT shooting %: #265 68.49% Turnovers per game: #321 15.00
  23. Spot on comments. This game was even worse than what the score, and even the lopsided stats, would suggest. The UB offense is the opposite of dynamic - I suppose “plodding” is the correct description. Worse still, there were some situations where it appeared some players gave up on even trying to rebound or hustle after a loose ball. As I asked a few days ago - what’s the point?
  24. As I heard on the radio broadcast a few games ago, the coaches are trying to find ways to give the 6 that are playing rests during play by bringing up the ball slowly and other "slow" play. In a loose ball in the middle of the 3rd quarter, Young dribbled it off her own foot and just gave up on going after the ball and let NIU have it. Two NIU players laying on the court and all Young needed to do was grab the ball for "jump ball". But instead, she just walked away. UB was up by a point at that point and couldn't score and gave up too many wide-open threes after that. This team needs more energy, in particular, to improve their rebounding. The best rebounder is Winfield and not much after that. Also, during one of the timeouts, Coach BB was again in somebody's face on the bench. I don't know who she was yelling at and I forget what she said. Everybody in the arena could hear her. Just curious if the players like/respect the coach. Also, curious why more players aren't playing. Nwora was already mentioned. Salmons is "away from the team for personal reasons". Caelan Ellis Freshman Played in 13 games for 158 minutes. Not played since 1/28. Briyanna Baron Senior (Walkon?) Played 5 minutes in 2 games Olivia DeBortoli Senior Volleyball recruit 1 game for 1 minute Chellia Watson No games On the radios after the game, they said that next year's recruiting class is #1 (not that I understand how that was determined). Is their hope for this team "next year"?
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  26. We need to at least be a threat from three. Otherwise, teams pack it in and take away the lane. It's my #1 need for next year. This team needs shooters so badly.
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