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    I just wanna say that this picture gets me hyped
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    I love it - great idea and use of their platform/status.
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    I had issues trying to post an Instagram story of his last week showing him in a serious pick-up game, but he looked fantastic. Stronger with a slightly tighter handle, showed plenty of right hand finishes. He might have spent part of quarantine down in Florida where he seems part of Rondo's crew now. Side note: Mballa and Nickelberry looked to have spent a month together working out at some complex during quarantine. Hope Nick can raise his level this year, he'd be a great piece off the bench. Nate, Rondo, Josh and David have been playing together in pick-up games recently too.
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    HUGE one again.3 star DE from New York with offers from Michigan State, Miami (Fl), Baylor, WVU, Georgia Tech, Kentucky and many, many others. Staff is doing great work! https://247sports.com/player/chris-king-46084729/
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    This cadence (and quality of recruits) has been impressive and exciting!
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    Another HUGE get by the staff. 3 star DT out of Florida with a long list of offers. https://twitter.com/FloydDozier/status/1273695134652260354?s=20 https://247sports.com/player/floyd-dozier-46099802/
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    Check out the 24/7 link. In the twitter section. Maybe another commit in Florida?
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    Three star athlete
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    Can we just appreciate that we aren't being relegated in this hypothetical? How far we've come.
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    A New Hampshire fan on the America East forum posted we are hosting UNH, a buy game. No date indicated.
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    Not sure if this belongs here (and if anyone will find it interesting - but I hope) - but took a look at the relationship in the MAC between experience level and conference win percentage since 2013 season. Here are two charts, the one on the left is the entire MAC with Buffalo highlighted in blue. The chart on the right is Buffalo's result by itself. Some observations - the R-squared on Buffalo chart shows that there is some correlation between team experience and win pct. However, other variables, like the coach, players and quality of the other MAC teams (as well as other factors) would account for differences in performance. The main take away from the chart on the left - shows how Buffalo has been one of the top performers in the MAC (which I know I did not need to do the chart to tell you). Given the current makeup of the team - it is looking like experience level will be around 2.80-2.90 (from Barttorvik estimates which do not factor in Malik - but I don't expect that to change average much). Given that experience level - the high bar was set by Oats in 2017-18 year with 15-3 record (0.833 win percent. Again this is not the only variable that should be considered, but I think 14/15 wins out of 20 would be in line with past performance. Hoping that there is a season to find out.
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    https://watchstadium.com/ranking-the-non-power-five-ads-with-jeff-goodman-and-brett-mcmurphy-06-24-2020/ Danny White at the top of the list!
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    I’ve been happy with our ADs since and have kept the ball rolling, but this man never was appreciated as he should have been. Props to him for weathering the storm of naysayers in Buffalo that treated him so poorly.
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    Per Twitter, a DL and LB. Waiting for their names, hoping for more 3 stars who have been high on UB.
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    A pickup of another solid HS receiver from Florida really speaks volumes of our recruiting process and the targeting of our coaches. They obviously see potential in our overall offensive game plan. Juggernaut running game with a top offensive line could give quality receivers numerous opportunities to make big plays. I am very impressed with what Coach Leipold and his staff has done the last several years. They have had a plan and been able to keep most of their coaching staff. That stability looks good to recruits that have the right people in their ear. Go Bulls! Let's bring Jamari into the corral.
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    Khalil Mack - Best Linebacker name Floyd Dozier - Best DT name
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    My roommates are Engineers, majority of their classes were small. You never know though, depends on what the professors want. Small classes would be easier for in person instruction
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    Campus opening up for Fall http://www.buffalo.edu/president/from-the-president/communications/campus-fall-planning.html
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    The staff was teasing on twitter that a big body was coming in, here he is. Another 3 star with a name befitting Buffalo! 247 link
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    My father would say (certain parroting what he heard somewhere) "speed gets tired, size never gets smaller".
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    Today is UB Giving Day. I realize that times may be tough economically for people now. However, an anonymous donor is willing to match all donations up to a total of $15,000.00 for any donation made between noon on Wednesday and noon on Thursday made to the Intercollegiate Athletics Fund. This fund allows UB Athletics to use the funds for whatever need they feel is most urgent. If you can donate wonderful and your money will twice as far. If you are unable to donate that is not a problem and understandable with all of the issues before our country right now. https://ubgivingday.buffalo.edu/
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    My guess is that they are grooming him to take over after whitesell, we like to hire from within for the head coach.
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    We knew this would happen but good to officially see it. Opening day lineup as I see it: Segu, Zackery, Graves, Williams, Mballa
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    The Bowl victory celebration continues!
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    Hey guys, I worked with Kevin Marks to make him this highlight tape. Check it out!
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