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    No problem Doc, I can make some changes. By listing the awards in that order I was essentially trying to do what you are asking for. By adding the three colors, I was attempting to provide reference points within the 16 bars to help differentiate between categories, but you are right, it is still much too cluttered. Going back made me realize that I had a filter set incorrectly on the original bar chart though. Here is an update to the original format. And now, the 4 categories, each on their own. And finally these 4 categories, compared with each other. While glancing at the original chart, I though the conference might be getting more defensive, but I wasn't really sure. Since 2017, it is quite clear that overall, the offense and defense are headed in opposite directions.
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    Here is an itemized breakdown of the different award watch lists. It shows the summation of all the current members of the MAC. (Where have all the receivers gone?)
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