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  1. BullsFan14

    Homecoming Game - Akron

    I don't mean to be a downer but I think around 15,000-17,000 is more accurate for purchased tickets with about 14,000 attendance. I could be wrong and I certainly hope to be but that Army game set us back. I doubt AJ is playing too many snaps this game. Lance continues to say he is day to day and he wants to jump in but I just don't see him risking it (neither the coaches). Rather him more healthy towards the tail end of the season and for next weeks game (Toledo). With that being said, I think we have a huge game for Marks and Patterson again. Clocking in over 250 yards combined. 42-24 Bulls
  2. Looks as if NBC Sports Podcast released a top 25 for mid-major. We are listed as #1! https://collegebasketball.nbcsports.com/2018/09/27/nbcsports-coms-preseason-mid-major-power-rankings/
  3. BullsFan14

    Army @ UB - Sept. 29 - 12:00pm (CBSS)

    As of Tuesday, Sept 25 at 3 p.m., there are over 19,000 tickets sold (according to Buffalo Business Insider) 25,000 is sell out. With it only being Tuesday, I think a sellout is within reach.
  4. BullsFan14

    Tyree Jackson - NFL watch

    If KJ Osborn and the other receivers didn't pick up this season, I would say he is a goner for sure. I honestly think it depends how this season goes. If we make it to a big Bowl game and win, I can see him declaring. If we end with a mediocre season, I see him staying to increase his draft stock. I hope he stays but each game when I keep saying "how did he pull off that throw!?" makes me think more and more he is going.
  5. I am in Buffalo, people who would have never thought about coming to a Bulls game are coming to the Army game on Saturday. Also saw on TicketMaster that only the South Bleachers behind the endzone are available.
  6. BullsFan14

    Hey Admin, what's up with your obsession?

    Agreed! Beat Army!
  7. BullsFan14

    Army @ UB - Sept. 29 - 12:00pm (CBSS)

    This game makes me nervous. Very surprised we are 6.5 point favorites for this game. Army is a GOOD team. That being said, I do not think their secondary competes with our receiving core and Tyree behind the center. I think this game is going to be a shoot out. I think they are going to rush for 250 yards and Tyree will throw for 250. UB pulls it off 38-35
  8. BullsFan14

    Hey Admin, what's up with your obsession?

    Glory days? We are in the Glory Days right now!!!!!!!! If anyone disagrees, I would be surprised. But Athletics also saw the largest philanthropic support it has ever had under Danny White. And that was back when the programs were not as successful as as they are now. You have to admit he was a good hype man. He brought in people that otherwise have not been involved. He was building the ground roots to create a large program. The NYBI is what threw it off with the community. Once ONE bad thing happens people latch on. (Don't believe me? Just wait to UB Football loses one game and the city of Buffalo does a collective "I told you so, we aren't that good" after our undefeated start no one was expecting) What do you mean by "other things poorly"? I agree with you that the role out and idea of NYBI was not that great. What else are you alluding to? I read up on things but I am not in the weeds as you are.
  9. BullsFan14

    Hey Admin, what's up with your obsession?

    I am confused. I agree NYBI was a failed attempt. But everything else put in place has worked out to UB's favor. If we focus on the one mistake made over the many successes, what does that say about us? It makes sense for good talent to leave if we constantly have that mentality. The things put in place by White have helped us. If you can't see that, then you are lost. EDIT White helped us, and Greene sustained it. Alnutt inherited a great program. Now we will see if he can continue to the next level
  10. I was thinking. Is this the best period of UB athletics history. I believe it is definitely the best for Division 1 but in general many of our sports teams are doing well. Obviously Football is doing well this season. Currently sitting 3-0 Soccer 6-1 Volleyball 8-4 Men's X-Country - Caleb Covell absolutely killing it. 2 First place finishes out of 2 Women's X-Country - Up and coming Riley Jones (freshman) showing promise taking sixth place. It is an incredibly exciting time to be a UB Bull fan. I like the direction everything is heading in as well as leadership (Mark Alnutt). I guess for the people that have been following it for awhile. It finally feels like it is here. I don't want to be greedy but want to continue to dominant the MAC and get to a higher conference.