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  1. BullsFan14

    SIU @ #14 UB - (12/15 - 2:00pm ET)

    So what exactly is going on with Fletcher at SIU?
  2. BullsFan14

    SIU @ #14 UB - (12/15 - 2:00pm ET)

    Seems like a trap game but I trust Oats to have the team mentally prepared. I wonder how CJ's knee is doing. He looked in bad shape at the Bonaventure game. Last game against SIU - 35.5% shooting - 28.6% 3 point range Season average - 47.5% shooting - 34.7% from 3 point range If we shoot close to our average, they won't be able to catch up to us due to their slow play.
  3. BullsFan14

    Ranking Prediction

    Seth Davis has us moving down. https://twitter.com/SethDavisHoops/status/1071941038422482944?s=19
  4. BullsFan14

    Ranking Prediction

    Jon Rothstein has us at 16
  5. Good game yesterday against the Bonnies. Man it is fun watching this team when they are cooking. Huge step up from Graves and Harris. It seems like Harris is just about back to last season. A shout out to the freshman as well. Against LeMoyne I called out Williams but this game he looked more solid all around (defense and offense). Going into a hostile environment like the RC can be intimidating for a freshman and they didn't seem phased. It was the first time I have been the RC. I thought it was a cool place. Makes you wonder how loud it would be if we had something similar. Passionate fans in Olean. It is always great to see passionate fan-bases. 9-0 baby
  6. Thank you for coming over and for the heads up. Looking forward to seeing Stockard . I want to see how he mathes up with us. The atmosphere should be rocking. We have a group of people coming down to the RC for the game too. They are typically a louder crowd Looking forward to it!
  7. Sorry for the double post. Currently 8 point favorites against Bonaventure with O/U at 148
  8. Why can't we have bias article writing like this in the Buffalo area? http://www.oleantimesherald.com/sports/pollock-bonnies-make-statement-for-game-with-buffalo/article_fb97b3ec-f91f-11e8-91bc-072da8b87951.html
  9. Its funny. I am going with my girlfriend and I had to warn her about going there. I have been in hostile environments before but had heard very negative things about extreme Bonaventure fans at the RC. I hope it isn't the case and there are no issues. I am expecting a little more hate than usual (with us being ranked)
  10. It should be a good game. I am really excited to see us tested by Stockard. It will be tough playing the 6th man in the RC. I know a lot of UB fans are coming down for it. That being said, any tips about the RC and some cool concessions or anything? I have never been but heard good things.
  11. It could also be a Harris situation where they truly breakout in MAC play.
  12. I am glad I wasn't the only one who thought that about Williams. Also have that similar feeling to Fagan. Williams was obviously higher. I think they will be breakouts within 2 years though.
  13. BullsFan14

    Schedule and Alumni Arena Attendance

    Alnutt has volunteered on numerous 5k charity runs in the Buffalo community, attended many local neighborhood events and has his face out in the community (even while his family is not living here yet). I find that incredible. Saw him on the metro going downtown wearing a UB hat by himself. A guy came on the train and they started chatting. He had no idea who he was, asked him about Buffalo sports then UB sports. Then ultimately told him who he was. It was great and I thought the conversation was productive for both individuals. I don't have an interview or article to send you about it. I have seen it. Have you not seen the UB Football team attend elementary and middle schools during the season and doing walk to victories? The videos are on their twitter. Kids getting excited about UB (Community Engagement). It is all around you but you are choosing to actively not see it. You need an article or interview? Maybe I am different, I see that as gloat. I am sorry this is off topic but that accusation that you made is a strong one.