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  1. Welcome! And thank you for the analysis. ASU shows up when they play good teams (which I believe we are) should be a good match-up.
  2. This was the main question I was focusing on watching the game last night. Dort is an amazing player. It was fun watching him and scary to see him take that fall. His hip is definitely bruised for the game. I am not sure if I want Dontay on him. Dort gets the foul line, Dontay will be foul out within the first ten minutes. They will see that on scouting reports. Once Dontay is ISO'd on Dort, Dort will drive the lane. I would love to see CJ on Dort. Remy is banged up too. You can tell through his moves he was restricted and in pain. They play very similar to us. I couldn't help but think about our team (huge lead in 1st half) when SJU was coming back in the second half. It should be an interesting match up We should win this game. But it also depends on which ASU shows up at the door. The one who took Kansas or the one that struggled against SJU.
  3. As I drunkedly walked in the Q for the final game, a Bowling Green fan started some banter with our group (which some on this board were part of too). Which was nothing of harm or anything, but he said something and his response was hilarious. He said, "Buffalo should lose it is better for the MAC to have two teams go into the league." My response, "I don't care about the MAC, I want a better seed." The guy was dumbfounded. He turned to his friend, "You hear that, he doesn't care about the MAC." Why do people have such an allegiance to the MAC? I guess I see the MAC as a stepping stone for what we can accomplish long term. Are we in it now? Yes. Do I want it competitive? Yes. Do I want to stay in it forever? No.
  4. Dutch, I feel like you keep going back to the same point about competitive teams in Alumni. I think what you are suggesting would hurt us. There are two fans, Die hards and Casual. Die Hards (I would say just about everyone here) will just about go to any game that UB is playing at home. We know who we are playing and their standings (RPI, KenPom, etc). It can help us in the rankings playing us at home and we know that. The games are close because of the more competitive team. The casual fan (who we are trying to attract) does not care about any of those rankings. The team we are playing in the Arena could be a top 100 team but they have no idea. So now, we blow them out of the water, we seem like a REALLY good team. We take a team like Hofstra to the wire. That could be seen as UB not being good ("How can they compete with UNC if they are taking a random Hofstra team to the final minute"). So back to my original point, make the 100's and 200's sell outs for season tickets for the next 2 years and multiple sell outs a year. Then get better teams once we have a more established fan base.
  5. I think the Duke and Florida State game was taking place at the same time. Not trying to make excuses. We keep winning, we will become more visible.
  6. At the Wegmans on Sheridan, their main apparel wall is all UB stuff. Awesome visibility.
  7. Am I one of the only ones that don't want Power 5 schools coming to Alumni Arena YET! I do not have confidence enough or see enough community buy in for a Power 5 to turn Alumni Arena into a home arena for them. A couple years of consistently making the NCAA tournament, loading up on my season tickets until it is seen as a hot ticket in WNY. All 100 and 200 sellouts. After 2 or 3 yeas of that. Let's bring Power 5's in. I also disagree with main post. I don't think Hofstra, Radford or any of those teams will bring in more fans. If that is the case, did Duke fans not show up for the Stetson game in December?
  8. I think they have a right to be a little confident. Last time we played them it was close to the end and they weren't shooting as hot. They just came off a game where they are shooting lights out. They stay up their defense and shot well. Plus coupled with the fact that Akron has 0 to lose. They think they can beat us I think they fail to realize that we didn't play well both times we played them and that we are now in March. Maybe Mr. March (Jeremy Harris) will make a statement during this game. I don't give Akron a shot. My bags will be packed to make the semi final game on Friday 😉
  9. I always felt like this was a recruitment video for another conference. I can just picture this video ending in a conference room and Alnutt starting his pitch for a bigger conference. I think we are hung up on this because we all see the potential for UB to start competing with the P5's. We have the right size and our Athletics are there. I agree that we need sustained success. But sometimes it is good to force it and get the right coaches in to continue to build. Could Leipold, Oats and Jack lead our team against Power 5 programs? I actually believe so. Stack the coaches first, facilities second and conference 3rd. I think we nailed down the first. started the second and starting to look at the 3rd.
  10. For everyone's viewing pleasure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4QuIJ4aQkM
  11. We are going to learn a lot from the talks with Alnutt and Oats' agent. I am assuming Alnutt is going to lay out the whole plan as to what he sees UB doing. From what I have gathered (and his track record), he wants to support the coaches and ego is out of the way for him.
  12. Agree and disagree. I think a million a year is the University's way of saying, "Listen, Nate, we don't roll around in money and you know that but this is what we were able to do". Makes him the highest paid employee at the University. Shows they respect him and the direction he is taking it.
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