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  1. This is what bothers me about Whitesell. I understand we will have a down year. We aren't a Top 25 team anymore. We lost our players. I get that. After the Dartmouth game, I was already down on Whitesell. I branded myself as a hater in November. But I stayed positive. I thought if Jim can improve the team from that game to the last game, I would be very happy with the season and change my thoughts on Whitesell. I didn't see it. I saw a guy that will lead us to .500 seasons in the future. Maybe I am wrong, some stat gurus on this site might be able to provide the objective facts that we have gotten better with time. I just didn't see it. I don't see the 20 win season as his doing. I see that as the doing of players that knew how to win before.
  2. What a close one. I only watched the last 5 minutes of the game. We looked good. I think we got lucky on some calls at the end. In particular, the Johnson charge I think he was still moving his left foot. Also the last shot by Ohio, Mballa played great defense but Johnson swiped his arm after the shot. I thought for sure they were going to call it because it was a similar play that happened before. I know I was mentioning Johnson in a negative light but Damn, he looked completely different out there. He looked like a leader. Ironic that Harris was in the audience too. Maybe he turned the corner! Great team win. Clean up the first half mistakes, play like we did in the second half (and intensify our defense a little) we are good.
  3. Completely agree. But we were coming off some victories going into Bona that I believe helped with mentality. I am not sure anyone on this team has lost two back to back MAC games. The players are in uncharted territory.
  4. I think the first 10 minutes of the game it will be quick to determine if we will win or not. Does the team come out flat footed after getting demolished the last two games or do they play with a chip on their shoulder?
  5. I agree with you. I think those types of coaches who can inspire without screaming are absolutely fantastic. I am amazed when they can pull it off (because I don't know otherwise). Maybe Whitesell's style could work at UB, I just think going from Bobby Hurley (high energy) to Nate Oats (high energy) to Whitesell (low energy) is a huge change of pace especially as you are trying to MAINTAIN success. We saw what success looks like at UB. We saw things that have never been accomplished here. Do we drastically change the recipe or do we modify it? In my mind, Whitesell is a drastic change to the recipe rather than a modification of the success that we had. Is this a perfect storm? Yes. When Whitesell was announced, I was worried. After the Dartmouth game, I started having conversations that Whitesell might not be the coach to continue the success. Now we are 0-2 in MAC play. I think, by definition, I have become a hater. If we bring home a MAC Championship within the next 2-3 years, I will gladly put my foot in my mouth. It will also make me reevaluate how I look at coaches. Will I attend/watch every game? Yes. Will I still support the team? Yes. Can I be upset but still love a team? Yes. Will I still come back every year? Well, I am a Buffalo Bills fan so I think we know the answer to that question
  6. Now that Whitesell lost these past two MAC games, what would you like to see from him that you think will help get this team on track?
  7. If only I can have that unwavering optimism
  8. This was interesting. I see it from two perspectives. 1. Buffalo - We are a very talented team still. The biggest concern that I have with this team is the selfish ball that is very clear throughout the game on both offense and defense. In my mind, that comes to coaching and captains, especially as most of the new players were going to adopt Oats style of play and knew what they were coming into. This should have been pushed by the new leaders of the team, Jordan, Graves, and Brock (I mention Brock because the bench clearly loves him). I don't know how we took such a step back in that department. Our players play similar to how we did under Oats but we were unselfish then. How many times did we drive to the rim, kick it out to the outside and another quick pass for a wide open three. The extra pass was always there. In some of our fast breaks on 3 on 1. Our players won't even pass the ball for the easy basket, they want to pad up their own stats. 2. Every other MAC team - For 5 years, we have literally owned the MAC. We might know our team isn't that caliper, but we will still get the best from every MAC team this season. You heard the Ball State announcers talking about it so much too. I just feel like our team is going to get overwhelmed playing everyone's best ball. Putting myself in other team's shoes, it must be nice to be able to finally beat us after that much time has passed. Not ready to say that the season is a complete bust. But last night was definitely an embarrassment. The players felt that as well. It will be interesting how they rebound.
  9. With Brock back in, what do you believe the starting line-up will be against NIU? Jordan-Graves-Williams-Mballa-Bertram or Jordan-Johnson-Graves-Williams-Bertram
  10. Not sure if it is arrogance or ignorance, I consider a move to the A-10 more of a lateral move than anything. Maybe our sights are further out. I would rather stay in the MAC and continue to build and aim for a Power 5 then move to the A-10 and get stuck for a longer time.
  11. Bonabandwagon. http://bonabandwagon.proboards.com Enjoy.
  12. Welcome @TheBully. Enjoy your time at UB. Get involved and have fun. Completely agree. I was looking forward to him playing with Segu, Graves and Jordan. Can't blame him for leaving due to a coaching change. From a recruiting stand point, I think UB is in a great position. Buffalo started getting some brand recognition and some are saying they will win the MAC again. I can see some solid JUCO's coming in next year. Back to William and Mary, how do you stop Knight? I feel as if he is scoring 20 minimum against us.
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