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  1. BullsFan14

    Ohio @ #25 UB (2/19 - 7:00pm ET)

    Great question. "UB Bulls Fans, on your feet?" I am not sure if that is it. The flashlights on phones during intro video/introductions is a nice new tradition. I think it has to be something students buy into and it spills to the public (Example: Cowbell)
  2. BullsFan14

    Ohio @ #25 UB (2/19 - 7:00pm ET)

    I noticed that too. I also notice that as the game starts, people are more timid. As the game progresses, people become more vocal. And can they stop telling people to "Get on your Feet" for the tip off. I have seen no one do this at Alumni.
  3. BullsFan14

    Kent St. @ #25 UB (2/22 - 7pm EST)

    Going to be a fun one on Friday night. Game is selected as the "Black Out" game for fans. So those going to the game, make sure to wear black. The main thing I am looking at for this game will be how Jordan/Caruthers/Rondo work on Walker. Walker put up 21 points and his right hand man Avery made 13. Our offense is rolling and we will find a way to score but I am more concerned about defense now. During the Ohio game, you can tell some upperclassmen were frustrated with some of the freshman when they would switch on ball screens when it was unnecessary. Williams and Rondo were caught a couple times. (I am pretty sure Caruthers was also). I get what Oats and Co. were thinking. Make Ohio beat you down low (because they can't). The only shot Ohio had was putting up threes. But I want to see that fleshed out before the MAC tournament.
  4. BullsFan14

    Ohio @ #25 UB (2/19 - 7:00pm ET)

    I think it also helped that the ESPN article came out during the day leading up to the game. I saw a lot of big analysts sharing that story and then followed up at night with a tweet about the performance at night. Also nice to see Jim Kelly in attendance. That is two Buffalo Bills Hall of Famers coming to see our UB Bulls. People are watching and paying attention.
  5. I liked that they had a staff member going around sharing the link with fans at the game. I was in the 200's and received a business card with the QR code and link to vote for Nate.
  6. "We've got a good feeling they're gonna make it really hard to leave, and hopefully we stay here for a long time." -Oats Looks as if I am buying Lotto tonight hoping to hit the jackpot so I can keep Nate Oats here in Buffalo
  7. BullsFan14

    Ohio @ #25 UB (2/19 - 7:00pm ET)

    Looking forward to the game tonight. If I recall correctly, Ohio is not very deep. We should run them out of the gym. Looks as if it will be another big crowd as well. Only single seat tickets left.
  8. BullsFan14

    Big 4 Update: UB solidifies "lock" status

    A source who I will keep anonymous told me that some on the Committee have already spoken about Buffalo in early January. They are an at large only if they lose 3 or less games in the MAC. That was stated in early January. With that said, we have only lost 2 which means that the final lose has to come in the MAC Tournament. Not sure if anything has changed in early January but figured I share.
  9. I just voted! Keep it up everyone!
  10. BullsFan14

    Future of Alumni Arena

    I believe you are accurate. Plus, what facilities are close to Kunz field that would make it convenient for any sports team to be housed there? All the equipment you would have to bring from Alumni.
  11. BullsFan14

    Future of Alumni Arena

    You referencing this? Never understood why Kunz wasn't maintained. If you see the red building on the top left, the roof has been caved in for about 4-5 years. Looks as if some construction supplies have been laying around for years close to it. It was cool being in Hadley and hearing the band practice there though. BTW, sorry this post went to the Stadium instead of Alumni.
  12. BullsFan14

    CMU/UB women’s game

    That was ridiculous. Even when captains went over to talk to the refs about the calls, they would motion for them to get away and not hear any of it. I thought the picture from the Spectrum article pretty much summed it up https://www.ubspectrum.com/article/2019/02/losing-on-a-technicality
  13. I just voted. Keep voting everyone!
  14. BullsFan14

    Big 4 Update: UB solidifies "lock" status

    We just can't collapse within the next 6 games. 4 of the 6 being home is a nice advantage. We should beat Miami (OH) and Ohio on the road but we will see. If we win out, we are looking at a 28-3 record and the MAC Regular Season Title. We might be pushing 6-7. If we win the MAC Championship, I would say we are a 5.