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  1. He's redshirting this year. I'd have to imagine he may be in line for a scholarship next year if they like what they see in his off year
  2. UB adds the 10PPG 5RPG JuCo player. He will red shirt this year. Started 20 games on Feather Weather 6-7 205 Interesting. No idea where they are getting a scholarship from unless he is paying his own way as a walk-on this year. Can't find much on him. no 247 or Verbal commits or Scout https://twitter.com/jim_whitesell/status/1288460938690146304?s=21 https://www.cccaasports.org/sports/mbkb/2019-20/Conference/Golden_Valley/teams/featherriver?view=splits
  3. Looks like a decent prospect. Scores a ton for a big man. What level of JuCo is he playing?
  4. He's 4 years of of HS. He had a RS year in JuCo. Class of 2016. https://www.hudl.com/profile/4928024/TraVon-Fagan He has a 5th year left, and possibly a 6th if he gets the 2nd medical RS year
  5. Graduation. It makes them a Grad transfer option with immediate availability. Though I think Fagan will have 2 with a 6th year supposed to be granted. I wouldn't assume either would be playing somewhere that filled their spots early. Low D1 teams that are looking for players who can come in and play minutes.
  6. I have it on good record he's back However, as predicted, Fagan and/or Brock will be gone
  7. Luckily Ohio is a two man team. However, BG is going to be a major challenge. Akron lost everyone but LCJ, I’m actually shocked he didn’t grad transfer
  8. "I dont think anyone here is happy to win 20 games." Lololol! Talk about the actual funnest thing I've read on here. That is the principle argument to the success of the season. I'm not addressing the fact that they graduated their top players? Every team loses players. It's a 4 year sport with transfers and NBA drafts involved as well. Incredibly young? They played 3 seniors and 3 juniors in their top 10 (5 in the top 8 ), as i've posted in other threads, they were not even in the top half of the NCAA for minutes by underclassman and only 381 by Freshman. They had some youth but "incredibly young" is hilarious. 2 of the best recruiting classes in program history? what are you referring to? Last year was certainly not that (only 1 player went on to score more than 3 PPG). Are you counting this year too? Every player minus Mballa was an Oats hold over or recruit (including Hardnett). He gets credit for not having anyone leave, sure. I've said that before and have stated that's probably how he scored the job over other candidates. Winning 4 of 5 titles (where players also graduated) and then going on to not even qualify for Cleveland would be a big step back and it is perceived that way to the public. I get that there are a select few board members and donors who don't care or see this, but it doesn't make it any less true.
  9. It's not a winning number total. It's not that hard to understand. The issue that the "complainers" have is that hitting a magical random number doesn't exonerate them from the season. We get told all season to wait for Cleveland or let's wait to evaluate in March. Well March came and they lost in their home gym to a team that had one player go off (that they couldn't defend). Now you are saying "IT'S JUST ONE BAD GAME". Well, it also was the biggest game on the schedule. They dropped home games to teams worse than Miami (poor home fans), the energy was lacking heavily at times, the lineups and end of game coaching decisions were off, defensive disappearance (309th), FT shooting (262nd), and the allowed stretches of ice cold iso ball that every single person on here knows was a problem. That's plenty more issues than them not reaching 25 wins. But if you want some magical number to make yourself feel better, I wanted 23-24 wins and at minimum and a MAC semi-finals game (which no one should tell you is too lofty). If you were at senior night 2019 and at the home Miami MAC game and think that general fans/public haven't taken a big step back, I'm not sure what to say. What are they going to do with my money? They earned 1M for grooming Oats for a P5 job. Do we know where that was allocated? So in order to criticize the program, I need to donate a certain amount to help them reach MY goals? That's exactly what I'm talking about. I've spoken with many casual UB fans that are bummed by the Oats departure (more than players), the issues with recruiting (that looks way worse to the average person) and the scare to go back to days prior to Hurley. To your shocking understanding, I am generally the one that "sells" the team back to these more casual fans. I can post my thoughts on UBFAN.com/bb/and still root for the basketball team to win games, regardless of how much you claim on hate the team and players. I'm done hijacking the transfer portal thread though to argue with you again on how negative or positive someone is allowed to be on a fan board.
  10. Always? That's inherently false. Is 20 wins a goal that I'm misunderstanding the importance? 107 teams finished with 20 or more wins, UB finishing tied for 107th. Is that their goal? 107th and no bid to Cleveland? Seems like we've set goals back to the Reggie days then. You allow for a 95-5 positive to negative ratio. I'm probably closer to 50-50, which is apparently "ALWAYS" to you. I don't think I'm allowed to post without you needing to claim now "negative I always am." Your positivity fan board post-ratio or how much you do or don't donate, doesn't make anyone a better fan than someone else, as much as some on here don't like to believe.
  11. Was anything I said wrong? Those were facts posted, not opinions. Another "how you should be a fan" post. Thats your schtick though. I'm allowed to post my thoughts, just like you are.
  12. Having the worst home record in the MAC is a good place to start too. Worse than the 12 seed in the conference and not "qualifying" for Cleveland for the first time in 15 years are all valid criticisms without being accused of hating the program.
  13. yeah, but that's better than the 7 + 4 that it was during the 18 game stretch, but the 4 of them being in the MAC West. removing the divisions and playing everyone but two teams is nice
  14. https://www.wtol.com/article/sports/major-changes-coming-to-mid-american-conference/512-0e4f0d45-546b-432f-89a1-67a5a6d8fe3c
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