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  1. So I am a graduate of the University of Florida. some of you may recall the point guard for the 06/07 National Championship teams named Taurean Green. Malik's game is very similar. He is always in control but if defenders don' respect him then he will score again and again. he has a fantastic mid range jumper. I am telling you in preseason practice this past year before he hurt his knee (minor injury that has completely healed) he had taken his offensive game to another level. In fact in a preseason tournament in Dallas he was clearly one of the best payers there. It is a shame he lost the year to a freak accident (damn you pork and beans) because we were so excited to see what he was going to become. good news for Buffalo though is because of that freak accident he now has 3 years to shine! Look forward to sharing the next 3 years with you all! Go Bulls and Go Gators!
  2. he has 3 years...he took med redshirt last year
  3. Folks, I have gotten to know this young man over the last 2 years as my wife and I have mentored him during his 2 years in Juco. He is a much better person today than hew was 2 years ago. He has grown up a lot and is ready to be a leader. You will get a ferocious competitor and one who will absolutely make everyone around him better. He is a pass first guard but make no mistake, when Chipola needed him to score he could get to the basket at will. Also understand that he was playing in the best Juco conference in America against really good talent. You guys are gonna love Malik. Cant wait to make my first trip to Buffalo for his first home game in November! Congratulations to Malik and Buffalo!
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