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  1. I hate to do this, but Tyree is getting some attention as a possible 2019 draftee. ESPN+ has a article and it currently has him as a sleeper at #4 ranked QB. http://www.espn.com/college-football/insider/story/_/id/24770371/picking-quarterback-risers-sleepers-2019-nfl-draft-mel-kiper-jr-todd-mcshay Here's the blurb. You need to watch Jackson and the Bulls, who are 4-0 and just walloped Rutgers. Jackson, a fourth-year junior, is huge -- 6-foot-7, 245 pounds. He has a big arm and can move, though he's not a runner. He takes care of the football, too. Jackson has 27 touchdown passes and only six interceptions over his last two seasons. I have him ranked as my No. 4 underclassman signal-caller for this class, and he could rise even further. -- Kiper I was thinking about this and how we can try to get him to return for his senior year. He's currently not in any Heisman discussions, but perhaps we can try to get a Heisman campaign so he could return to try to win the Heisman. Anyone have any ideas? Maybe the only thing that will have him return is the potential to improve his draft stock next year. He probably still needs to improve his reads and progression for the next level. Ahh, the joys of success.
  2. admin

    Hey Admin, what's up with your obsession?

    Alright. On to Army!
  3. Was curious to know how he's doing. https://goracers.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=7654 Glad to see he won the starting job. Just looking at stats, looks like he's doing ok. Not great and not horrible. Murray State is not winning. They lost to a top 25 team in Kentucky so far. Hope he can do well as the year goes on. Will be rooting for him and perhaps get a shot at the next level somewhere even if it's CFL.
  4. admin

    Big Ten every year

    Added the ADs who setup the game based on the year the announcements were made. Impressed with Alnutt. Looks like he's been busy. Nice job. So correction on my initial post. It wasn't White, it was a combination of ADs. Surprisingly mostly Alnutt.
  5. I would guess those votes are by two MAC coaches. I’m guessing Leipold can’t vote for himself. I also see Turner Gill there. Maybe he will vote for us after this week.
  6. I suspect that we will get some votes this week. Maybe ranked around 30.
  7. Wow Oklahoma pulls it out in OT. This Army team must be better than the team we faced last year. I am curious about fan turnout this week. We are 4-0 facing a high profile team in Army with good fan base. If we don’t break attendance records and sell out I would be very disappointed in the fans.
  8. Wow Army is tied with Oklahoma. 14-14. Army game is going to be tough. In one sense it’s good in that it’ll be a legit win.
  9. Buffaloes 42 - Rutgers 13 im trying to think back and I think this is our first win against Big Ten. It might also be the first against P5 since it was organized.
  10. Prediction? I predict a close fought game similar to how it went down at Temple. Rutgers is a mess right now, but I think their talent keeps them in this one. I hope they stick with their true freshman QB Sitkowski who's really struggled the last two weeks. I would think that gives us a better shot than their senior QB with less talent. I'll go with 38-34 Buffalo. If we win a blowout, Chris Ash firing talk will only grow. I'm interested in seeing what we do at around the 20 yard mark and 4th down. Leipold has really been hesitant to kick a FG. We need to convert them to points in these potential tight games. Let's hope Mitcheson gets going.
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    Crowdfunding Campaign

    Ok, which one of you clowns donated a $1? I guess it's better than nothing.
  12. I watched the Bears vs Seahawks game last week. I think it’s the first time I watched a football game and watched one guy whenever Seahawks were on offense. Heres what I saw. Mack expends a lot of energy. He plays so hard when he’s in there. He gets double teamed on passing downs and he’s still going all out. Most linemen will give up in this situation. It’s good that the Bears are substituting for him often. I see how he’s opening up for other guys to shine on the team. He’s really elevating the whole team to another level. On rushing plays, the Seahawks always ran to the left side. It’s almost as if they are playing with half the field. Even then Khalil would still chase the RB from the other side. We all know how good he is against the run but this is where most fans will not appreciate the greatness of Mack. Because of those two factors stated above, you can’t look at stats to measure how Mack is doing. I did the same and am always looking to see how many sacks or QB hits he got. That play when he got the strip sack was just amazing. He gets bumped by the TE then he gets double teamed and he’s pushing the OL with his legs and one arm and with the other arm strips Russell. He was great in college but he didn’t stopped working in the NFL. The guy is still getting better. I still can’t believe he was at UB for four years. He is a generational talent and we had him. I still can’t understand how that happened. I am adopting the Bears as my second team for the year. And I am really rooting against the Raiders for trading Mack away. I hope this goes down similar to the Red Sox trading away the Babe. I think the Bears have a good chance at the playoffs. Vikes look great, but Packers might be vulnerable. Lions, I can’t believe how bad they were against the Jets.
  13. admin

    Hey Admin, what's up with your obsession?

    Hey I have no ties to Danny White. I am just happy that our program is doing well. I was thinking about how we got here. Not sure where I said this though -> "everything great is because of him and how anything that didn't go well is because people didn't fall in line.". Just trying to give credit where credit is due because some jobs you don't see fruits until years down the line. Anyway, the Big Ten post and the 4 hires post was just coincidence (timing wise). It started with me trying to give credit to Leipold. Then I had to give credit to the guy who hired him and realized how the guy hired Oats and Jack. Won't mention DW much going forward. From time to time it will come up. Just like I mention guys like James Starks, Khalil Mack, BO Oliver (one of my favorite UB players), Modie Cox (my personal friend in college) and some random players and coaches. Anyway, no need to have hard feelings towards any former Bull. I think all former guys are part of the UB family. Not sure why DW should be any different.
  14. I just realized that we have a big ten team on our schedule every year going forward. The trend started last year with us playing Minnesota. So we didn’t join the Big Ten but it looks like we have set the expectation to compete at that level by Danny White and Lance Leipold. I suspect Alnutt will keep the same philosophy or take us to the next level. 2017 - Minnesota (White) 2018 - Rutgers (White) $900k 2019 - Penn State (Greene) 2020 - Ohio State (Alnutt) 2021 - Nebraska (Greene) 2022 - Maryland (Alnutt) 2023 - Wisconsin (Alnutt) 2024 - only 1 game scheduled. SEC team Mizzou (Alnutt)
  15. Lance Leipold was hired by Danny White. See my other post. We were all somewhat disappointed in season 1 when he went 5-7. Somehow, we all though this guy wouldn't lose. Well when he lost 7 games, we realized that he's human after all. So we cut him some slack. In year 2, the bottom fell out and we finished the season 2-10. We even lost to lowly Albany and it seemed like Buffalo had made a huge mistake in hiring this DIII coach. It looked like he was in over his head. Well in year 3, we saw things turn around. It was a mediocre 6-6 season, but we saw things we hadn't seen in years. A competitive team. A fun team with a high scoring offense. A bright future with a young stud QB. A team that fought all season and finished strong winning 3 games in a row. Here we are in year 4 and the team dare I say it looks great. This offense matches the team that went to the International Bowl that featured Drew Willy, Naaman Roosevelt and James Starks. Perhaps that team with Starks had a more balanced attack. Starks was a HR threat when he touched the ball. Naaman was also a threat to take it any time he touched the ball. I think LL has made some nice adjustments along the way. The hiring of coach Zebrowski was a key ingredient in turning this around. He's done a great job in developing Tyree and serving as the co-offensive coordinator to Kotelnicki who does not have as much experience and perhaps was not ready to be the sole OC for a D1 program. It's still early, but I hope we can lock up LL for many years. I suspect that he will stay for a bit from looking at his history at Wisc-WW. Alnutt will probably need to raise some funds and redo LL's and the Assistant salaries at this rate.