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  1. admin

    Midseason "Blue Collar MVP"

    I’ve been so impressed by Caruthers. He is so tough. Also didn’t realize that he’s as athletic as he is.
  2. admin

    Ranking Prediction

    16 sounds good.
  3. I guess I am wrong. I see many writers moving us up. Good for us.
  4. I'm not sure we move up that much. There is a difference between us losing in the MAC and a P5 loss. We won at home so we should stay where we are. My only concern is what happens when we lose away in MAC. Will we drop out of top 25? I hope that's not the case.
  5. admin

    Reputation Level

    Yes, that was on my list of todos and I totally forgot about that. Next thing to look into.
  6. admin

    KJ to the U

    Not sure why we need to be angry. Good luck to KJ. He was a good player and hope he does well. KJ I’m sure is living his dream of playing for Miami in front of his friends and family. We all have dreams. The cupboard is full.
  7. admin

    Tyree Jackson’s future

    So I met a dad in my town (through kids soccer) who's actually the leading Economist studying the value of NFL QBs. He predicted that the Browns would draft Baker Mayfield over Sam Darnold based on the system of valuation that the Browns used. It was very interesting talking to him. Here are the things he values and many NFL teams are now stressing. Metrics on passing accuracy less than X seconds (I think it was 2.something seconds, but I can't remember) from snap time Big emphasis on mobility. This I found surprising, but mobility not necessarily to gain yardage but to gain time to throw. In the email below (this exchange is from October, not sure if it still holds), he says that if comparing Tyree to the class of 2018, he would be 8th. So that would put him behind, 1 Darnold, 2 Rosen, 3Mayfield, 4 Allen, 5 Lamar Jackson, 6 Lauletta, 7 Rudolph. I think the team that drafts Jackson will be less reliant on Analytics. Honestly, Tyree doesn't really have the analytics that NFL is looking for. His passing efficiency and and completion percentages are not that great. What he has is the eye test. He's big and has a big arm. We've seen that he can run, but I'm not sure that he's that mobile in the pocket. He's not really agile when the pressure comes, I mean he's 6'7". Well here's the email below ------- Kyu, We ran our model with his stats and you can see our methodologies explained in very technical detail: https://ideas.repec.org/p/geo/guwopa/gueconwpa~17-17-08.html And less so: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2018/beating-nfl-drafting-qbs https://footballmaven.io/nfldraftscout/news/best-qb-prospects-are-functionally-mobile-riVbed6uCk6QRArpZ1vQsQ/ Here is the short version: Very few college statistics are good predictors for how a quarterback will do going into the NFL for a range of reasons. More so, those statistics are more variable once you introduce the different collegiate levels of opponents (Division I vs lesser divisions as in the case of Buffalo). While we did not find statistical significance for division of football played predicting stats in the NFL, it does add variance to our predictions. In other words, we are less confident about the predicted number (and also because we haven't seen him in a full season this year). That being said, we agree with Kiper he is probably in the range of 3 to 5 in terms of prospects, but I would stress there is uncertainty on that estimate because of the division and we haven't seen him play all the games that scouts will have seen come draft time. Also, you might wonder how his predicted value would have done in this years draft...he would have been 8th. My opinion, he should stay for his senior year since games started does predict well positively to the NFL. Regards, Alex
  8. admin

    Tyree Jackson’s future

    Good for Tyree. For a buffalo fan this is much better than transferring. Looks so much better and Tyree can forever be a Bull. Now maybe Giants draft him in the 3rd round and he can be ready in 2 years.
  9. Round of 32 in the East South Bracket
  10. On 1/2/2019 Wikipedia homepage has international bowl from 10 years ago as the featured article. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_International_Bowl
  11. admin

    Tyree Jackson’s future

    Anyone know how ready Vantrease is? its good that he got some playing time in 2017. Hope he’s been working hard.
  12. admin

    K J Osborn

    Never thought this rule would hurt us. Always thought the rule would benefit smaller colleges as graduates look for a chance to get playing time. Hope he stays. But if he doesn’t that might mean we grab a different graduate transfer from a P5 school.
  13. Starting a new thread about Tyree Jackson. Three possibilities. Go pro - as many have said, he’s not ready. He was much better early in the year. Not sure what happened but his accuracy has gotten worse. I personally think that for the nfl, he’s got to rid his windup. The top pros seem to just flick the ball with their wrist. There is no time at the next level so he will need a year to change the way he throws. P5 transfer - I’m actually very surprised by this as the most likely option. Will it help him develop more going against better competition every week? Probably. It’s just that I can’t think of other QBs who went pro from non P5s do this. Roethlisberger, Allen, Wentz ... 1 year to learn a new offense and potentially not even start sounds like a big risk to me, the risk would be greater than benefit. NFL has shown it is not afraid to take QBs from non P5. Return to Buffalo - I hope he returns. The team should be good. I think if he returns and plays well, we have a shot at Penn State. Johnson is gone but the receiving Corp with Osborn, Nunn, Mabry, Jones and Scott are going to be good. Add in Patterson and Marks on the ground and this offense can be better next year. Hope his teammates can convince him to return.
  14. admin

    Buffalo #10 In NET Rankings

    I'm skeptical about this ranking and the use of it. NCAA always uses these metrics selectively when they need to. Once MAC season hits, we might drop down even if we win. Let's see.