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  1. So I drove up for the week and have my boys attending the UB b-ball camp. What a fantastic camp. I’m surprised that there aren’t more kids. They’ve done it for 2 days and I’m impressed by our athletes giving their time and working with the kids. Really impressive that the players do this. It shows what a great group we have. I’ve also been able to catch some scrimmages. I’ll post some of what I noticed later.
  2. Nice. Happy to hear that summer practices are going well. I signed up my boys for basketball camp. Going to be in buffalo in 2 weeks. Am looking forward to watching the players.
  3. dropped. Will subscribe when I need to.
  4. Ha, I'm almost 99% sure that he did it intentionally. He might not even have realized that he's doing it intentionally, but he did. There is no way you can pull someone's headband without actually pulling it off with your fingers. Think of playing flag football. You know how hard it is grab a flag? It doesn't somehow magically end up in your hand. I'm a Knick fan. Mitchell Robinson will do that to you. He blocked Perkin's 3 earlier. There is no one else who does that in the NBA; blocking 3s. Perkins has never seen anything close to that in 4 years in college. It's a tough cover with all the lob dunks also, so I think he had enough.
  5. Watching the game, Dakich said things like: "He was like the Zion of the MAC" After getting ejected "What are you doing? You're from Buffalo, you are fighting for a roster spot"
  6. Really happy for Perkins. Remember, he was the one player who stuck with us when Hurley left. So glad he’s being rewarded. It doesn’t matter if you go to a smaller program. It doesn’t matter if you are coming off the bench. Put in your work, improve your game and you will be rewarded.
  7. Lebron the GM is getting more coverage and airtime than the game itself.
  8. Lebron is at the game. I think if he impresses Lebron, he makes the roster.
  9. Man, this is high tech. I wish I was an athlete in college.
  10. This is an awesome summary. In the end, we ended up in a great place.
  11. Maybe you guys are related.
  12. I actually don't think he's a low recruit. Anyone who's had multiple D1 offers is good. Can't compare to CJ since he only had 1 other offer. Illinois State also plays in Missouri Valley which is a step up from MAC, so I think he's a quality recruit. CAA and Horizon are also pretty comparable to the MAC.
  13. We can cross off the Giants for Tyree. I guess it was wishful thinking (Giants addressing the QB position on Jackson after the 3rd round). On that note. What a horrible pick by the Giants on Jones. You could have waited till the 2nd round.
  14. Going to order something. Will take suggestions for glass plaque. Is there anyone here that knows CJ and wants to present the gift on behalf of the fans? Only caveat, you have to take a pic with CJ getting the award. I can ship directly to that person.
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