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  1. McGovern backed Eagleton 1000% in 1972. How did that workout?
  2. If he is a transfer from Holy Cross, that could be the reason he changed schools. UB plays Holy Cross in week two this fall.
  3. Not yet. The spring semester begins January, 31.
  4. This is not new. Verbal commits changing their mind is nothing new. Nothing is real until they sign the NLI.
  5. Time to move on from Ball State. 8:00 PM on CBS Sports Network plus the radio and streaming.
  6. Game tonight at 7:00. In addition to the radio streams and ESPN3, it will be available on the ESPN College Sports Extra package on DIrectv, Channel 790 or 791.
  7. He would be the third player from City College of San Francisco to come to Buffalo after Khalil Hodge and OJ Simpson.
  8. Silver lining I will not be watching them on my phone while at the wrestling match at Hofstra.
  9. Except their portal is to the NFL.
  10. No it has not. The area has 2 baseball teams, two football teams (allegedly), two basketball teams and three hockey teams. It is not a college sports area. It will not become a college sports area. Rutgers, which is 20 minutes from the southern most part of New York City, despite being in the Big 10, is a non-entity on the New York sports scene. Stony Brook will not take the area as the college team.
  11. Today UB was named the co-flagship university within the SUNY System along with Stony Brook. Both are the only AAU institutions in the system. Would have preferred being the only one, but this is better than not having the designation. http://www.buffalo.edu/home/story-repository.host.html/content/shared/university/news/news-center-releases/2022/01/007.detail.html
  12. The who sets the rules? No one? By the way the most hypocritical thing going is schools complaining about the NCAA rules. They voted for them.
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