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  1. For those who think about where UB may end up he is a major overhaul from Pat Forde in SI. https://www.si.com/college/2020/06/29/ncaa-college-football-conference-realignment
  2. First there was a COVID issue, https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/25/sports/ncaafootball/college-football-coronavirus-cases.html?searchResultPosition=8 Now there is a protest over what a student tweeted https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2020/06/28/sports/ncaafootball/ap-fbc-racial-injustice-kansas-state-tweet.html?searchResultPosition=1 It will be an interesting 70 days.
  3. Makes you wonder if the school know something about the 2020 Paradise Jam. I do not think either school would want to play each other twice within two weeks. Even if the schools are on opposite sides of the bracket they could meet in the Championship or 7th place game on November 23.
  4. Official game will be on Halloween. https://twitter.com/MACSports/status/1275141553510645760
  5. Anderson will play his last season for Western Illinois. https://twitter.com/Teezus4k/status/1273777302812479489
  6. Are there technical issues withe the site? Tweets no longer appear. Now links are no longer hyperlinked.
  7. This will be a loss on the academic side. https://twitter.com/OBN_Radio/status/1273284581437964289 https://twitter.com/Joseph_Duarte/status/1273286598747176966
  8. U Sports (the Canadian NCAA) has cancelled all of its fall championships over COVID-19 concern. I do not think that collegiate sports are as big in or have as big financial benefit (define that any way you want) as they do in the United States, but this development is interesting to say the least. https://usports.ca/en/news/2020/06/4079288233/u-sports-cancels-2020-fall-championships-due-to-covid-19 Thoughts @verandaman.
  9. A conference will not take only part of a school's athletic programs. If a school changes conferences it is for all sports offered by the new conference. The one offs are for sports that the new conference does not offer. That is why wrestling would have to find a new home (and I doubt the MAC would keep them since the school would otherwise be leaving the conference). It would be like Notre Dame being in the Big 10 for hockey because the ACC is not a hockey conference. Or Missouri in the MAC for wrestling because the SEC does not wrestle.
  10. Speak for yourself. It is unlikely that the additional TV revenue would cover the added expenses. Where would wrestling go?
  11. Three best academic schools in the conference.
  12. Unless she gets waiver, she has to sit.
  13. The MAC announced that he game against Northern Illinois scheduled for election Day will be moved. This is part of a national trend within the NCAA for nothing to take place athletically on Election Day. I will now not have to watch election returns on TV with the game on my laptop as I did in 2008. Progress. https://twitter.com/MACSports/status/1271560144594374660/photo/1
  14. The goal was reached. The full match will be made. To those who gave thank you. It also looks like Athletics will pick up an additional $7,500.00 from President Tripathi and his wife for having the most donors.
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