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  1. East first round poll. Poll will close on Wed midnight.
  2. Full bracket is set. Will post East first round later tonight.
  3. Good catch on having Javon meet CJ in the Final Four. I think if I reseed based on current points scored, it'll change that for both CJ and Perkins. Although I gotta say, this whole thing is going to be skewed to the modern era. I don't even know who Jim Horne is. Heard stuff about Sam Pellom, but because I never saw them play I will probably favor guys I watched.
  4. I'll give everyone 1 week to comment on seeding and inclusion to the list. If there is anyone that you think deserves to be in there, please post. Guys like Jason Bird, Daniel Gilbert, Parnell Smith, BJ Walker and Titus Robinson didn't make the list because they either didn't score 1000 points or didn't make the all-MAC team or get an special award.
  5. All, After I posted about CJ Massinburg possibly being the all-time greatest, I thought it would be fun if we did a tourney of some of the top players at UB basketball. I've come up with 64 players. Seeds 1-21 are based on players who have scored at least 1000 points. Seeds 22-38 are all players inducted into the hall of fame, not scoring 1000 points. Then 39-64 are players who have gotten some all-league award (I've also included Academic). Each week, we will have a poll and the winning player will advance to the next round. Here's my initial list. This is from this link. https://d2o2figo6ddd0g.cloudfront.net/1/9/93g4ebsaddbsf3/mbbrecordbook.pdf
  6. Man what just happened this game. Looks like we can’t stop the run at all. So surprising cause I thought they were so solid against the run in the beginning of the season. Well hope the team wakes up now.
  7. What a great win. Like most, I was fearing that our bubble would burst after being ranked. This team didn't disappoint. MVC is a step up from the MAC and it's a big win for us.
  8. I don’t think Idaho would be our top choice. If Dollar General gets the MAC champ, then that’s the obvious choice. Then I think the out of the MAC affiliate bowls, it would be Bahamas i would think. Not sure why we’re being being mentioned in Boca Raton, perhaps it’s because AAC won’t be able to get enough bowl eligible teams.
  9. I saw this being predicted by cbs sports. Which tells me how inept whoever that writer was. Does he think we are going to lose every game from here on out? https://mweb.cbssports.com/ncaaf/bowls/predictions
  10. CJ’ stat line 12/22 shooting, 9/16 from 3, 14 rebounds, 43 points. I mean, that is just crazy. Al lot of those shots with people in his face was James Harden like. Hate to say this every year but thank goodness for Shannon Evans going to ASU. Without that event, Massinburg is not at UB. CJ might end up being the greatest UB basketball player in history. I can’t think of another more worthy of being declared that.
  11. Wow, what a comeback. What a game by Massinburg.
  12. Nice. With Bowling Green on our schedule, I think we can book the trip to Detroit. Having said that, I think we need to win the remaining games including the MAC championship and am the bowl game against a quality opponent if we want to finish the season in the top 25. That would be quite an accomplishment.
  13. What a dominating win. We needed an easy win. We're 9 - 1. That is impressive. Man, wish we had that Army game back.
  14. Read the article. Crowdfunding sounds like a good way to enlarge the base. I also agree that they should pick things like buying tickets for students.
  15. I think we're getting a little spoiled. Myself included. I thought we would handle them but Miami really came out thinking they can take this game. Fought hard till the end. They are a tough team. Going to be tough for years. Looks like they are on the way up. Amazing game by Johnson. And Jackson running the ball makes us even more dangerous.
  16. Impressive. How many eyeballs does 7.8 in buffalo translate to?
  17. Ha. Yeah I would. My wife, never. So ... According to Wikipedia, dollar general has the highest payout at $750k. Boca pays $400k but I don’t think MAC is the first choice. It’s between AAC and CUSA. Bahamas pays $400k, the rest of the bowls are below $200k with one of them at $100k.
  18. I just checked flights. Flights to Fort Lauderdale is really cheap. $100 for roundtrip on Spirit Air. Flights to Mobile is $500 roundtrip from NYC. Multiply by 5 for family of 5, we're looking at a huge difference. $500 as opposed to $2500 for flights. Toledo got crushed by App State last year in Mobile. Akron got crushed by FAU in Boca. So I would guess Toledo doesn't get Mobile in 2018 which might mean UB in Mobile if it's between UB and Toledo. For the West, it looks like it'll come down to either Western or NIU.
  19. It looks like we will miss the big bowl because of our Army loss. What a bummer. According to espn, we are slotted to either Boca Raton bowl in Florida or dollar general in mobile alabama. Are those the two top bowls with MAC affiliation? Does anyone know which is for the MAC’s winner? Any chance another bigger bowl opens up and we fill it? Is it our choice? Boca Raton I think is a better destination but the date is 17th a Tuesday night before Christmas break. Mobile, I’ve never been to but it’s a Saturday game which might be better for fans.
  20. What a fantastic win. We came back at Toledo and beat perhaps the best team in the West. With that win, it’s official, we are the team to beat. Great game. Kids showed heart. We are 7-1. That is impressive.
  21. Athletic department states we had slightly less than 20k. Nice win. Can’t believe how good these freshmen RBs are. Imagine with 2+ years of college strength level training? Guys are already strong. Defense has been good since Army. I think we just don’t handle the triple option well.
  22. Hope they can get at least 20,000. After beating Northwestern, a team that beat Mich State and gave Michigan all they could handle, they lost big to Miami O. Not sure which Akron team will show. I would guess the good one. Tyree after starting the season red hot has been a little down the last 2 weeks. Let's hope he can bounce back and AJ is good to go. Kevin Marks has really emerged. If we have a balanced attack with Marks on the ground, we're going to be just fine in the MAC. Patterson, another surprise has been a great change of pace. These two guys are freshmen. We're set for 4 years on the ground. That is exciting.
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