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    All, After I posted about CJ Massinburg possibly being the all-time greatest, I thought it would be fun if we did a tourney of some of the top players at UB basketball. I've come up with 64 players. Seeds 1-21 are based on players who have scored at least 1000 points. Seeds 22-38 are all players inducted into the hall of fame, not scoring 1000 points. Then 39-64 are players who have gotten some all-league award (I've also included Academic). Each week, we will have a poll and the winning player will advance to the next round. Here's my initial list. This is from this link. https://d2o2figo6ddd0g.cloudfront.net/1/9/93g4ebsaddbsf3/mbbrecordbook.pdf
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    Hey guys, I'm new to UB Fan but have been reading this message board for years. My name is Mike Bundt and I'm a former Sports Anchor who has worked for television stations in Ohio and Indiana. I'm originally from Buffalo and have covered UB athletics for Bull Run and QCS when I was in college. I recently decided to change careers and I wanted to get back into covering Big 4 Basketball. I'm credentialed to cover UB and Canisius basketball this season and I'm looking forward to posting a bunch about them. I'm starting a weekly Big 4 Basketball Update/Podcast that will recap each week, list some cool facts about each team and pump more interest into local hoops. I hope you check out my week two edition. Let me know if there's any questions you guys ever want me to bring up or if you have any suggestions to make the articles better. Here's a link: Big 4 Basketball Update: UB, Niagara pick up impressive wins
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    Not being a jerk. I think it is crazy that they, and other schools like them, are building those facilities. St. Mary's has great success with a high school gym. LINK The reality is that there are high schools that are building lavish facilities. But that doesn't mean that Alumni Arena is a problem for UB or that a renovation is a wise use of the limited money the program has.
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    What high school gym(s) look or feel similar to Alumni?
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    I'm surprised too but with football getting 1 vote and womens bball still getting 1 vote I'm thankful we are receiving votes on all fronts still. Win out the last 3 games and we have a chance to be ranked in the final poll in my opinion. One step at a time, let's take care of business friday
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    These things take time but we're on a good path so far this year. Let's keep it up. I feel like the culture has to be growing. (I don't live in Buffalo anymore but I keep my fingers crossed)
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    If Schopp can come around, so can the rest of WNY.
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