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  1. Is playing basketball in November also too much of a risk? Would spring football also be too risky? What is the golden goose we are looking for so that play will be "OK" again?
  2. Every single person who is working in public, going to classes, interacting with other people is a guinea pig right now. You assess risk to the best of your ability given the information at hand...if you deem it too risky, you don't play.
  3. Nothing is likely to be learned about the long-term effects by February, either....yet basketball is on track to start by Thanksgiving. The world has to go on while taking precautions and mitigating to the best of ones ability...but things must go on.
  4. Shut it down...we just don't know. No innovation will mitigate the risk of Myocarditis enough.
  5. There is no leadership...it is purely institutions trying to cover their backsides and try to seem like they are doing the "responsible" thing. The message I would be getting if I were a student athlete right now is, "When things get tough, just fold up shop."
  6. Bingo....they will continue to string along the student-athletes yet still use the guise that these decisions are about "health and safety."
  7. When times get tough...just cancel. 🙃
  8. Collapse of the college game in all sports but football coming...sad. Most sports will just move even more to the clubs at the youth level. Would like to see some sort of innovation and contingency planning before just straight cancellation....that goes for all areas of life in this situation, not just sports.
  9. Season is almost certainly over...even if the CBI/CIT invite comes, it will likely be declined.
  10. Everyone is to blame for everything...that is the message I am hearing from this article and many like it that have been written.
  11. Only 8 turnovers was huge last night, 7 of which came from Fair/Hall. If T and the posts do not turn the ball over, this team will be very tough to stop offensively.
  12. If there is one thing I have learned over the past 7 years, it is to not doubt Coach Jack. The 2nd half last night was some of the best ball the team has played all season. If they continue at that level, they can win the tourney.
  13. Huge game tonight...a win tonight and we secure at least the 8 seed(I'm pretty sure given that we would then have split with Akron and be guaranteed a better in-division record). Also, a win tonight and a Toledo loss(they have lost 6 straight since beating UB and play Central tonight) should give us the 7 seed. I believe we could still get the 6 seed if we win both and Eastern loses both.
  14. Ohio coming in on a 2 game losing streak to Akron and BG, although both were on the road and they are 10-1 at home. I feel UB can score on Ohio for sure but have to defend the perimeter far better than the first meeting, which was also the game Fair sat out.
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