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  1. Anyone notice how so many of our coaches have been packaged deals with recruits? We sure have been paying a lot of coaches to bring players with them to Buffalo...
  2. They should play each other but they don't have the budget to do conference challenges The issue is that most of those conferences only have between one and three teams that are going to benefit from the games. Yes, Buffalo playing MTSU would be big. But does it make sense for San Jose State and Eastern Michigan to play? Neither team is getting an at-large. It is expensive to fly. That's why I was pushing for Oats to sign home/home deals with programs like Buffalo. Good teams year after year that are always playing for their conference title. But he wouldn't sign any deal that had Buffalo playing the first game in the series on the road. We now know that is because he wasn't going to be around for the home game in the deal. Edit: And the mini tournament wouldn't work. You have a limited number of games to play. You would have to have every team schedule two fewer games so that they could play in a two game tournament. But only four teams would play in the tournament. So everyone gives up games and even less home games. Not going to happen. No one is tuning in to watch that tournament when it is the week of big rivalry games in major conferences.
  3. Yes, they could. But we should hold ourselves to a higher standard (and we did).
  4. This is the sat truth. The MAC isn't a major conference and even in the rare occasions when there is an at-large contender it isn't a multi-bid league. It doesn't really matter what OOC games because there aren't a handful of at-large contenders in conference on any given year. We aren't the American, A10, MWC, or even the Southern Conference or CUSA. Playing a fully balanced schedule is the best thing for the conference and we need better home games if students and fans are going to care.
  5. I wish him the best. I want people to learn from their mistakes and get in the right track. But he was a cheater and committed fraud. Let’s not act like it was a noble act. Maybe he will grow up. He is getting another chance. Hope he learned his lesson and starts following rules.
  6. SMU football boosters in the 80s... trying to be the best they could be for the program. Dave Bliss at Baylor... trying to be the best he could be for the program. Nevin Shapiro at Miami... trying to be the best he could be for the program. UNC Afro-American department... trying to be the best they could be for the program.
  7. I don’t see what that wouldn’t be appealing most years. It would be great to play those two twice a year—especially if we could play early in the year and then late in the year when MAC games typically happen.
  8. Teams can play 31 games with three coming in the tournament. there is no way we don’t schedule Bonas. We need that game. Can’t put off getting them at home one more year and there is no guarantee we meet them in the tournament. The tournament might not be played in STVI but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. In 2017 the hurricane made it so it couldn’t be played and it was moved to Liberty university who was one of the teams in the tournament and offered to host. With Bonas joining us there are two local teams in the tournament so maybe we can get to host it or some local arena will get to host it since between the two of us we could sell some tickets. Could work out better for us.
  9. I think I saw mention that Ohio State has six games to schedule this year because all the others were scheduled for them in the different ways you mentioned. very few games out there to be had. Which is why we play Nazareth and other no name teams. the reality is that if any MAC team can get a big game against a big name school or into a top tournament then all the other schools in the Mac would be happy to move the schedule around to accommodate those rare games. But instead of playing a few more MaC games we are all trying to fill our schedules and have no decent teams to play.
  10. Playing two more MAC games would have made the MAC one of only three conferences with complete double round robins. It still would leave open slots for nine games OOC. I agree with others that said they should just play 22 conference games.
  11. Any word on who we are playing? Any big games? Will we play Canisius and Niagara? Will we play St. Bona even though we could see them twice since they are in the tournament with us?
  12. There is no post season ban. They found the athletic department identified the issue and responded appropriately. One bad actor which was removed.
  13. Anyone who would try to connect this to the coaching staff clearly has an agenda. The task of getting the waiver documentation was delegated to an assistant and the assistant wasn’t getting what he needed. Rather than speaking up, he didn’t want to fail at the task and look like he couldn’t do his job. So he forged the documents and submissions. This was a young kid who felt he had a big break to land a good job and didn’t want to ask for help because he was afraid it would seem like he was in over his head.
  14. The claim was that he was pushed out of the program by the staff and made sure that he wouldn’t feel welcomed back (harassed and abused you might say) to ensure they could give his scholarship to a more worthy player. So they needed evidence that his leaving TT wasn’t simply a typical transfer if he wanted to get a waiver.
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