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  1. Starks was my first thought when I saw his picture. Great get.
  2. He posted, "UB Class of 2024". Looks like he's coming this year, rather than next.
  3. His Father, George, is on staff at UB
  4. By the way, don't forget to wish Coach Leipold Happy Birthday today.
  5. 6 degrees of separation...Was talking to my Wisconsin In-Laws last night about this article. Forrest Perkins, that is mentioned in it, came to Whitewater from Merrill High School in Merrill, Wisconsin. That's where Red went to H.S. My Father-In-Law played for Coach Perkins his Freshman year of H.S. in Merrill. My F-I-L quit after his Freshman year because his Dad would still make him do the farm chores after he got home from the daily practices and games.
  6. Thank you. I didn't realize you could just purchase tickets and not make a contribution.
  7. Is it just basketball that's on probation, and has to forego recruiting for 5 days in the fall, or all UB sports? I didn't find that clear in the ruling.
  8. If you're a season ticket holder for any of the UB teams, aren't you automatically considered a booster because of the current structure that requires a donation also be made with said season ticket purchase?
  9. We're there with a "slug" of others.
  10. Do we currently have anyone with Montreal? I've kinda lost touch with who we still have in the CFL
  11. I consider it due diligence. Too many people think that looking at JuCo is looking at players that weren't D-1 caliber out of HS. In reality, a large portion of JuCo players are D-1 caliber basketball talent that hadn't been making the cut in the classroom. JuCo is their chance to get that in order.
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